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Rd 1 Recap
1.1 Mogilny to Tex
1.2 Yzerman to Raph
1.3 Selanne to Chef
1.4 Jr to Atomic
1.5 Bure to Seamor
1.6 Gartner to Lupz
1.7 Dino to Coach
1.8 Klima to Dcicion
1.0 Mario to Skip
1.10 Oates to Chaos
1.11 Laffy to Brutus
1.12 Fleury to Spaceghost
1.13 Housley to Ice
1.14 Eddy to Aqua
1.15 Recchi to MikeGartner
1.16 Gilmour to J&J

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Rd 2 Recap
2.1 Modano to J&J
2.2 Gretzky to MikeGartner
2.3 Russ to Aqua
2.4 Ronning to Ice
2.5 Roy to Spaceghost
2.6 Ray Ray to Brutus
2.7 Sakic to Chaos
2.8 Fedorov to Skip
2.9 Sandstrom to Dcicion
2.10 Sweeney to Coach
2.11 Hull to Brutus
2.12 Fuhr to Seamor
2.13 Savard to Atomic
2.14 Messier to Chef
2.15 Bondra to Raph
2.16 Coffey to Tex

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Rd 3 Recap
3.1 Robitaille to Raph
3.2 Essensa to Tex
3.3 Potvin to Chef
3.4 Joseph to Atomic
3.5 Chelios to Seamor
3.6 Suter to Lupz
3.7 Hawerchuk to Coach
3.8 Bradley to Dcicon
3.9 Svoboda to Skip
3.10 Stevens to Lupz
3.11 Sundin to Chaos
3.12 Leetch to Spaceghost
3.14 Kovalenko to Aqua
3.15 Ranford to Gartner
3.16 Zhitnik to J&J

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While making my old roms, I discovered Dino must have friends at EA as he was not a 5/4 skater, but he is a Coach kind of guy!

At 5'10", 180 pounds, Ciccarelli looks chunky out on the ice, an image enhanced by his hopping, staccato stride. He says that end-to-end he's among the slowest skaters on the team. "But put a loose puck in front of the net," he adds, "and my money's on me." He cannot explain his goal-scoring talent but gives two clues, one of which is his stick. While the blade of a normal NHL stick has a slight loft, Ciccarelli's looks like a nine-iron. This gives his shots exaggerated lift, which helps him hit high corners even from in close. Second, between shifts he seldom follows the play. He keeps his eyes locked on the goalie. "A lot of the time I'll be in sort of a daze, watching him, thinking how he bothers me so much," he says. "I can't stand missing a scoring chance. It haunts me and makes me stare even harder at the goalie."

Dino Ciccarelli was a gritty goal scorer who scored most of his goals from fairly close in. He was effective despite his lack of size, often absorbing hits and cross checks while stationing himself near the opponent's goal.

In addition to his lack of size, Ciccarelli was never a great skater, and his lack of foot speed would have an adverse effect on his ability to play in this era as compared to the 1980's and 90s


I also demand that he be allowed to wear #20 just to screw with Raph's mind.:big_smile:

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Rd 4 Recap

4.1 Hogue to J&J
4.2 Tikkanen to Gartner
4.3 Damphousse to Aqua
4.4 Makarov to Ice
4.5 Eklund to Spaceghost
4.6 G. Courtnall to Lupz
4.7 Zalapski to Chaos
4.8 Wesley to Skip
4.9 MacInnis to Dcicion
4.10 Moog to Coach
4.11 Soderstrom to Lupz
4.12 Jagr to Seamor
4.13 Juneau to Atomic
4.14 Larmer to Chef
4.15 S Smith to Tex
4.16 Iafrate to Raph

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Who should I take?

Andy?  or  Chevy?  or Tommy?

All 4 Agility, 4 Puck Control, Glove Stick ratings essentially the same.

172 lbs                              188 lbs                             164 lbs


THE WINNER IS.......................................................................


It is hard to call someone with the skill set of Andy Moog unfortunate, but he did emerge as star goaltender around for the Edmonton Oilers around the same time as Grant Fuhr. As such, Moog did not receive as much playing time in Edmonton as he would have liked and despite being a valuable component to three Stanley Cups he would seek more responsibility elsewhere. He found it in Boston, where he enjoyed the best years of his career posting personal highs. Moog was known for his outstanding reflexes and despite being very well known he was a touch underrated. Moog finished off his career with an impressive 372 career wins, and though he played with some outstanding offensive teams he certainly did his part in between the pipes to earn them.

Another Coach kind of guy!!!!!

He also has the Best Hair!

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Rd 5 Recap

5.1 Manson to Raph
5.2 Lidstrom to Tex
5.3 Blake to Chef
5.4 L. Murphy to Atomic
5.5 Granato to Seamor
5.6 G Murphy to Ice
5.7 D WIlson to Coach
5.8 Barraso to Dcicion
5.9 Cheveldae to Skip
5.10 Zhamnov to Lupz
5.11 Hextall to Chaos
5.12 Kamensky to Spaceghost
5.13 Numminen to Chaos
5.14 Neely to Aqua
5.15 Schneider to Gartner
5.16 Vernon to J&J

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Rd 6 Recap

6.1Emerson to J&J
6.2 Ellett to Gartner
6.3 Ulf Samuelsson to Aqua
6.4 Turgeon to Chaos
6.5 Hatcher to Spaceghost
6.6 Reichel to Brutus
6.7 LeBeau to Brutus
6.8 Skip is on the clock

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