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NHL '94 mention in The Hockey News


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In the latest Hockey News, they did an article on the evolution of hockey video games. It's a fun, nostalgic read (7-8 pages) starting from Ice Hockey & Blades of Steel all they way to the current NHL 20.

2019-12-11 20.53.56.jpg

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On 12/12/2019 at 1:14 PM, halifax said:

Thanks for sharing bud. 

@Bob Kudelski sent me a text yesterday showing me that. I then proceeded to call him from to talk about it and everything else nhl’94.

It was a good chat, but I still can't believe all that awful stuff you said about @chaos  :unsure:



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@Handzus Chapters should have copies, same with Indigo and Coles. It's a pretty sweet read not only on NHL '94, but the evolution & innovations of hockey video games we all grew up with. The cover looks like this, previewing the World Jr.'s.

Hope you can find one, cheers bud!


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On 12/15/2019 at 12:01 AM, Handzus said:

@Fiddz - Are you a subscriber to The Hockey News? Do you know if Chapters carries the magazine? I'd be interested in having a read! I'll try to pick up a copy somewhere.

Hey Zeus, last week, I saw about 15 copies of this at Shoppers Drug Mart on Merivale Road. So it must be available everywhere. 

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Well I hope you guys give some credit to Chris Alaimo at Classic Gaming Quarterly.  For the NHL'94 feature, even Sal Barry, the author of the article admitted that he was inspired by Chris' work even though he didn't give him any credit in the article itself which I thought was strange and a bit sketchy.  Chris gave your site love a long time ago in his history of NHL '94.  As a long time Hockey News subscriber I had fun reading it and gave my copy to Chris because I felt he deserved the credit to see what his work had inspired.  

But it was great to learn about this place through his work and I'm glad to make myself a member.  


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