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TOOL: NHL94 Image Updater (Genesis)


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NHL94 Genesis ROM Image Updater version 0.2

This Python app will take image assets supplied, and import them into a Genesis NHL'94 ROM. It can also export the image assets from a Genesis NHL'94 ROM and store them in byte arrays. It is useful for exporting assets from a previous ROM and importing them into a new one.

The app is designed to either update or export the following image data:

  • Team Logo and Palette
  • Team Rink Logo and Palette (also the Home Jersey Palette)
  • Team Away Jersey Palette
  • Banner and Palettes

NOTE: The image data is in byte format. It can't be opened in any program other than a text editor.

There are 2 options to use:

Before running, please make sure the team names and rosters are already set in the ROM!!

  1. Extract Images
    • Choose a ROM, set the number of active teams, and click the Extract Images button. The app will output a folder with the ROMs name containing image assets for each team (listed by team abbreviation).
  2. Import Images
    • The program will use the image asset data located in the import folder (listed by team abbreviation). It will only import the image assets that are present in the folder, and the program will notify you of which teams in the ROM were updated, and which were not. Once done, it will ask you for a location and a name to save the modified ROM.



1 - Create a new ROM and set the rosters and team names using NOSE or similar. 

2 - Find the ROMs that have the image assets you would like to use in your ROM. You can find many ROMs on the forum from this post, or by looking in the league section of the forums - 



3 - Start the app. Load the ROM, and click export. A message will pop up once complete. Look in the app's folder to find a folder with the ROMs name. Inside, each team's image assets will be separated in a folder with the respective team abbreviation. Continue exporting other ROMs if needed.

4 - Add the team folders you wish to use to the import folder located in the app's main folder (if there is no import folder, create a new folder with the name "import" (no quotes)). You only need to add the teams that you wish to change. You can also remove the data in the team's folder that you do not wish to update (for instance, if you only want to update the rink logo and palette, leave them in the folder, and delete the other files). 

5 - Load your new ROM into the app. Then, click the Import button. The app will notify you which teams were updated, and which teams were not. Then, it will prompt you to save the modified ROM. Afterwards, check in an emulator to make sure the image assets were transferred over.


Zip file contains a Windows executable. You can get the source code from my GitHub - https://github.com/Chaos81/nhl94-image-updater


Sorry, I've had this for over a year, and never posted it on here!!!


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