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What the hey, just felt like it :P

Anyway, here's the official site for the league, where you can sign up and get all the latest info. More concrete details will come at a later date.

This is a GENS league.

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no worries..I just saw that your preferred system says 'snes' and was about to barage you with questions on how you were able to create an 08 rom for snes with 30

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I just realized that it would be the 2008 ROM. Is there any way I can get changed to the NY Islanders??? Sorry....

Sure, not a problem.

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My controller works in Fusion, and I read in places it is better than Gens for online play. You using the gens emulator exclusively?

Most people prefer Gens, so we will probably use that exclusively. If Fusion has a Kaillera client for online play, you'll be fine.

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1 slot open! Get it while it's hot!

Also, FYI, I have decided on a schedule structure:

  • 4 4-team divisions
  • Division rivals play one another 4 times
  • Conference rivals play one another 2 times
  • Each team plays every team from the other conference once (4 at home, 4 on road)

And the rules:

  • Line Changes: Auto
  • Penalties: On, No Offsides
  • 2 points for a win, 1 for an overtime or shootout loss, and 0 for a regulation loss
  • 5 minute periods
  • Playoffs are best of 7

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I for one like the idea of playing with line changes. People just have to not over do it on the speed bursts and play a bit more defensively. I would like to play with offsides ON too but i understand with lag and all why people don't.

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Bah, I was thinking "hmm maybe the Wild suck to bad, oh well Ottawa is open" hehe. Oh well. I cannot get this logitech working with Gens, the diagonals are their own input and not just up+right etc it seems. Can anyone recommend a working pad? Ill just go get one.


I got it working, I had to dig in and turn on "FPS Style" and it just does combinations of up,down,left,and right, works fine and I'm ready to rock WOOT!

***EDIT 2***

Brian Rolston, Shot Accuracy 55??? wtf??? dude slaps em from up high into the corners on a daily basis :) hehe

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As far as line changes go, would Auto suffice? I'll change it to off if there are enough people who want it that way.

auto line changes is much worse, this wont make the game faster at all just gives you less control of who you want on the ice. I don't mind line changes, but prefer off.

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