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Here is the draft order:

1)drinnagh - Toronto Maple Leafs - Mario Lemieux

2)metzgerism - San Jose Sharks - Ed Belfour

3)nhltrippin - Dallas Stars - Wayne Gretzky

4)houlanov - Pittsburgh Penguins - Patrick Roy

5)PondHcky1 - Quebec Nordiques - Ray Bourque

6)gihtarman - Montreal Canadiens - Pavel Bure

7)BobKudelski26 - Ottawa Senators - Steve Yzerman

8)prodigyof94 - Chicago Blackhawks - Teemu Selanne

9)masterof94 - Edmonton Oilers - Alexander Mogilny

10)theval99 - Boston Bruins - JR

11)fenty62 - Los Angeles Kings - Adam Oats

12)xgrad06 - Vancouver Canucks - Pat Lafontaine

Please reply to this thread with your pick IN THE ORDER IT APPEARS ABOVE! To help other people connect forum names with AIM names, please say "The Toronto Maple Leafs select ________" with your own team name inserted. We will try to update this thread as often as possible with the selections.

Good luck with the picks for Round 1!

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Sorry for the delay everyone.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are honored to kick off the inaugural SNES draft league of 2008.

As the very first pick in SNES draft league history, the Toronto Maple Leafs choose...

drum roll........

....Mario Lemieux!

good luck everyone.

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The Ottawa Senators would like to thank the draft hosts gihtarman and xgrad06.

We would also like to congratulate the Montreal Canadiens on winning the 1993 Stanley Cup.

Hello to our fans watching back home in Ottawa....

With our 1st selection, 7th overall in the inaugural SNES Draft League, the Ottawa Senators are extremely excited to select ......

our own hometown hero....


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At the request of both LA and Vancouver. i will be making their round 1 an round 2 picks.

LA chooses to draft: Adam Oats

Vancouver chooses to draft Pat Lafontaine

This concludes round 1. round 2 begins right now.

since i pick for both xgrad and fenty, the val is up next

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