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    Vegas Golden Knights '94 GIF

    Custom ROM, Naples' base.
  2. kingraph

    NHL94 - Set plays, and how to pull them off.

    I have a lot I'd like to write on this, but as far as set one-timers, here's my instructional vid/graphic on one-timers, including the set play you mentioned: I try two different ways to defend this. One is to immediately charge with the center to get in the way of the pass/one-timer. The other way I try (and have seen others like @IceStorm70 do this successfully) is to immediately change to goalie to reposition up, cutting off the angle and increasing the chances you make the save. It's a nerve-wracking moment and sometimes you can't do jack about it. The most common move I see people do off a faceoff win to their defensemen is to pass to one of their wingers. You see it all the time. If you can anticipate this pass, switch to a defensemen and crush the winger. At worst, even if your opponent doesn't make the pass, you can still take out the winger, eliminating one option for a few seconds. Depending on who I'm playing, I would give different advice on how to handle winning and losing a faceoff. And on @clockwise's play, I think you will have more success if you pass it softly (backhanded) around the boards vs. hard (#4). The slower puck makes it more likely your winger will get the puck. Also, if you have a speedy guy, you can usually dump it right into the open net if the goalie gets caught chasing.
  3. Good question! I borrowed @chaos 's Framemeister to upscale and output the Sega Genesis to HDMI. Then, the tech guy at Prudential had another converter to change from HDMI to HD-SDI. Then, from what I understand, somehow they ran a cable all the way somewhere to get it to the jumbotron main controller, which may have also broadcast it again. The result was a deathly 1-2 second delay, lol.
  4. Here's the feature:
  5. Cool! I don't collect games, but I'd be interested to hear more about games collecting and what you know about the '92-'94 series in particular, maybe even share which versions you have? Interestingly, I did just recently did pick up a sealed NHL'94 for Sega and SNES. My kids asked if I was going to open them, and I tried to explain what a collectible was, haha. From what I know about '94, there is the * Limited Edition 1st Sega * Sega Genesis * Sega MegaDrive (Europe) * Super Nintendo * Super Nintendo PAL (Europe) * Sega CD * Sega MegaDrive CD (Europe) * Super Famicom Missing anything?
  6. kingraph

    Technical differences (not gameplay)

    After playing a lot more SNES with an SNES controller, I realized that the D-man buttons are anything but "instant". I wish they were, but if you are controlling a player who gets knocked down on defense, you can't instantly switch to a D-man by pressing the L-R buttons. You will switch only after the knocked-down player gets up, which is always way too late. It's a tough lesson to learn, but important to note.
  7. kingraph

    NHL 94 Fighting

    The fighting sprites aren't in '94 either, so it's not as simple as it seems. @smozoma thinks 100 hours, I think more like 500, but I don't have a programming background.
  8. kingraph

    NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    You can set the playoff matchups however you want through NOSE, which is cool. As far as actual lines with players, I haven't spent any real time working on that. My goal is to create a base ROM that people can use to update for future versions. The current ROMs I posted have a copy/paste player stats/lines from an early 2018 '94 ROM from @naples39, just for the sake of having differentiation. If I manage to finish this thing before the playoffs, I may spend some time updating for 2018, but that would be some time.
  9. kingraph

    how to play a season?

    No, nothing like that has been created.
  10. kingraph

    how to play a season?

    Correct, there is no season mode in '94. Season mode started in '95.
  11. kingraph

    NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Slooowwww, lol. I think I have the cup issue fixed, and last big step that will take a bunch of time is the season data.
  12. kingraph

    NHL94 Twitter accounts

    Who indeed? First, he has gorgeous hair: Apparently he played 13 games for the Kings during the '92-93 season, enough to immortalize him in the game. Solid 32 overall rating
  13. kingraph

    NHL94 Twitter accounts

    Here's a list of what I believe to be the shortened names in '94, looks like a 10 letter max: Vladimir Konstantinov - Konstantov Glen Featherstone - Feathrston John Vanbiesbrouck - Vanbiesbrk Mark Fitzpatrick - Fitzpatrik Frank Pietrangelo - Pietrngelo Rene Chapdelaine - Chapdlaine Scott Niedermayer - Niedrmayer Peter Sidorkiewicz - Sidorkwicz Peter Taglianetti - Taglianeti Mike Krushelnyski - Krushelski Nikolai Borschevsky - Borshevsky Ken Baumgartner - Baumgartnr Steve Konowalchuk - Konowlchuk
  14. kingraph

    NHL94 Twitter accounts

    Mike Krushelnyski, or as he's known in '94, Krushelski. @MKrushelnyski
  15. kingraph

    Game Stats online

    Yes, as far as I know.
  16. kingraph

    Game Stats online

    Yes, as a base. There are factors that can make them change slightly each game -- home/away advantage, hot/cold, PP/PK, etc. Not sure how it works in '96, but in '94 it was found that the hot/cold ratings that are displayed don't match the actual in-game adjustments (essentially the displayed ratings are irrelevant). There are some threads that go through this that we can dig up, but in general a 5 is a 5.
  17. kingraph

    Game Stats online

    Check this page out, it explains how values work in the game:
  18. Video of the finals: Game 01 & 02: Game 03 has commentary by me and Arda Ocal. Lots of fun, and quite an amazing series overall to cap out a great tournament:
  19. We will be hosting another live tournament as part of the Retro World Expo in Hartford, CT on October 14th, 2017! Registration / Cost: The tournament is free as part of your admission to the Retro World Expo! Date/Time: 1:00 pm, October 14th, 2017. Prize: TBD, something fun. Livestream: Format: 32 player cap (registration continues after 32, but can't guarantee a spot) Round Robin play will be 8 groups of 4 players in a 3 game round robin. Groups will be random, but we will try to accommodate requests for friends/groups to be in separate groups as best we can. Top 2 players from each group move on to a 16 player elimination bracket. 16 players are eliminated after Round Robin play. Players will be seeded by win total, followed by goal differential, followed by total goals for. This is the same tiebreaker rules. 16 team bracket will be single elimination format, best of 3 series for all rounds (16, quarters, semis, final). Game Settings: 5 Minute Periods No Offsides, Penalties On No Line Changes Manual Goalie Control Selecting Teams: A coin flip will take place between the 2 players. The loser of the coin flip will choose 2 different teams. The winner of the coin flip will choose to play as 1 of the 2 teams chosen and play as the Home team. If the same 2 players meet again later in the tournament, no coin flip will occur. The players will simply reverse the coin flip results from the first meeting, and so on for further matchups. You can't pick the same teams, so no CHI-CHI or DET-DET matchups All Star teams are ineligible Preset matchups cards will be available for everyone to see and use if wanted. This is for those who are not familiar with every team, or players who just want to reduce the stress of selecting two teams! The cards will have matchups that have two teams that are reasonably similar in strength. @chaos and I will be running the tournament, and will be head referees if needed. We expect the 32 spots to fill up easily (the crowd will be up to 50% larger than Long Island), so it's unlikely either of us will be actually be playing. LET ME KNOW IN THIS THREAD IF ANY VETS ARE PLANNING TO GO!
  20. kingraph

    Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    I just read this topic for the first time. Sounds very promising! I'm down to give it a shot, hopefully it opens up to new accounts soon.
  21. kingraph

    editing player images - player cards

    That's a good point -- each tile is actually an 8x8 pixel image, so 8x10 tiles would be 64x80 pixels. Glad I was able to help.
  22. kingraph

    editing player images - player cards

    The palette is decimal offset 80706: The first player photo is hex offset 1306CC and the player cards are 8x10 tiles. They are organized pretty nicely, doesn't look like any shared tiles, so it should be pretty easy to edit: I found this through a visual search. First, I used the VDP debugger in GENS to get the palette that is being displayed (I believe Fusion has this as well): It looked like the 2nd palette was the player cards. Now that I knew how the palette looked, I could try two things. First was to do some quick eyeballing in Hive Pal, which worked. I found this: 13B42 in hex is 80706 in decimal, which is what TM needs for palettes. So that's where I stopped. If you were unable to eyeball in Hive Pal, the other method to try would be to replicate the first 4-6 colors in the palette in a test ROM in TM, copy the hex values and do a search for those hex values in the game. It'll likely only show up once, which would be the location of your palette. Good luck!
  23. kingraph

    Game Stats online

    I THINK these are the ratings for '96. I grabbed them from an old dynasty league where we had player ratings from 94-98. I assume they were direct pulls from the ROM, but I'd spot check this to make sure since I didn't pull them myself: NHL96 Players.csv
  24. kingraph

    editing player images - player cards

    Hey dude, there is a great tool called Hive Pal that I use to help find palettes for images: If you know the location of the image, the palette is usually located near that area. Hive pal gives you a visual display of the ROM and you'll be able to spot palettes by noticing color strips (usually a length of 16). If it's anything like the NHL games, the palette will usually follow the image data. Most images follow the pattern of header graphic/tile data palette size tile layout Now, the one place where this gets tricky in the NHL series is player cards. The images are 8 color b/w, in a 3bpp linear codec format. The palette is found in the first player card data set, and each player card that follows shares the palette from the 1st card. Hope that helps, let us know how it goes. If you still get stuck, post the ROM and image offsets that you know. I'd be happy to take a crack as well.
  25. kingraph

    Complete in box GENESIS 2018 remake of '94

    This doesn't exist, best bet is to download the ROM and put it on an Everdrive: