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  2. This is a half baked ROM hack from 10 years ago that I never finished but was considering completing it little by little as my last project ever. The concept is this: the fate of the world depends on winning the Stanley Cup... Plot is a little thin, but it's a work in progress Here are the teams so far: Wu-Tang Clan Cosa Nostra Predators (invisible skaters) Tech Support NHL'94 All-Stars Jeremy Roenick with no goalie Middle Earth Lizard People Storm Troopers Chicago Gangsters Retirement Home Seniors Hades Undead Skeletons Vaticans San Quentin, Death-Row Fugatives (from old 2on2, league rom) Woodstock Hippies Japan Yakuza WWF Bloods Crips Marvel Super Heroes DC Super Heroes Russian Mafia Open to any suggestions. The crazier the better. Maybe we can squeeze in a Mutant League Hockey Team.
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  4. FYI -
  5. For the installer, did you drag everything over? If so, you should see a ROMs folder in your Documents/RetroArch folder I can see this time, you dragged the retroarch.cfg file over, since the menu changed. There are 2 other things (cores and ROMs) in the installer you have to drag over. EDIT: After dragging the ROMs and cores to the right spots, check that they copied over (in Documents/RetroArch folder you should see a ROMs and cores folder). If not, just right click on the ROMs folder in the installer window, select "Copy", then go to the Documents/RetroArch folder, right click in the Finder window, and choose "Paste Item". When you go into RetroArch and Load the Core, then go to Load Content, select "Start Directory" and you should see a Genesis and SNES folder in there. Then select the folder to find the ROMs.
  6. Cool site! The expansion teams coming at the end makes sense. The WSH WPG reversal on the team data is funny. I wonder if that was the same in '93 and they just kept it? I can check when I get back on my home laptop.
  7. thanks for the reply...I had actually adjusted my security settings to allow download and install. I just read on that "Currently, the Mac Package supports SNES online play only." Even still, I should still see the SNES folder in there... So I uninstalled RetroArch and re-installed the Mac version...this time, it displayed the menus differently from the above screen shots that I posted. I loaded the SNES core, then tried to load content. Again, no ROMs listed. See attached screenshot.
  8. The download package on includes everything you need. If you used that package, it looks like you didn't drag over the ROMs folder. You may have to adjust your security settings to allow installation of third-party programs.
  9. thanks for the help...I've installed RetroArch and followed the instructions, everything went well...I load the core (Genesis Plus GX) and then click Load Content>Start Directory....but I don't see anything listed in there. No ROMs folder nor ROMs. Any idea why? I've attached images here... Thanks again!
  10. Gretzky no doubt. His playoff stats should have boosted him. He should have been on a level closer to Lemieux but as it was he was weak in the game. You didn't even want him at center due to his shooting limitations. Sometimes you would even not have him on the first line due to his limitations and that strong passers not getting much rewarded for that attribute compared to shooters. Look at his playoff stats that same year. He took LA to the Stanley Cup final scoring 15 goals 25 assists 40 points in 24 games. Shooting percentage of over 19%. Scored most points of the playoffs. Yes, he was hosed. Gretzky was still Gretzky back then and it is not reflected in the game.
  11. Mustard, lettuce, harpoon, Steven Seagal, warrior, this rifle, in me... THE FISH MASTER!!
  12. Probably. Every time I see this thread my eyes read, "Law and Order, in NHL'94 ROM." I need new reading glasses.
  13. Do you mean Anaheim and Florida?
  14. I think the fact that he was pretty much the first guy in the space, in 2005, helps him a lot.
  15. It's tricky to do, but I'll do a 2on2 one, probably with ppl getting stapled to the boards. But the team is the Mickey-Mouse-era-Devils.
  16. I legit was concerned buying product from there when I saw that site. I wonder if that turns away business.
  17. It gets funnier when you compare that to the order of the actual team data. The two expansion teams come at the end after Washington, who apparently come after Winnipeg for some reason. And Dallas is again slotted between LA and Montreal, suggesting the move from Minnesota was a late development. The Islanders are properly positioned, though.
  18. @clockwiseIf there is no 4 star graphic representing GA, then what is this life for? Am I missing something, or are you scoring on the Minnesota Wild?
  19. Kind of funny that they'd insert Ottawa and Florida in the alphabetical order but not fix the other ones.
  20. That is nice factoid. As an aside, I've always wondered if why Anaheims' uniforms are so far off the mark. Also, I guess it's still Campbell and Wales All-Stars teams because the league didn't announce the change yet.
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  22. Hi all, new to the community (and to emulation/ROMs in general) and planning to start a little project using Jkline3’s ECAC college hockey ROM in which I’ll play out the 2019-2020 season. (Many thanks for the awesome college hockey ROMs, Jkline3...I’m in heaven!) I’d like to keep track of stats throughout the season, and I’m wondering if anyone knows an easy way to do that, perhaps using save states and some kind of existing program to do the stat tracking? I’ve never played in any of the NHL ‘94 leagues, but from what I’ve been able to deduce on this website/forum, it seems the leagues keep track of the NHL players’ stats (goalies and skaters), so is the program that does that available for use outside the leagues? Thanks!
  23. Fun fact - the order in which you find the team logos in the NHL'94 ROM (original, not the 30 team ROM) isn't in order. Two teams are off - Dallas and New York Islanders. The reason, I am guessing, is they lifted these logos straight from NHLPA ("93"). Dallas was Minnesota, which was right after Los Angeles and before Montreal. And New York Islanders was "Long Island", which was after Hartford, but before Los Angeles. If those team names are changed, they end up in the right order. I guess I can reference '93, but I'm pretty sure this is the reason. That's it, just thought that was fun to see.
  24. This is cool! I'll have to check it out later today. I too grew up on NHLPA '93 on Genesis but had 94 on SNES. Loved 93!
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