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  1. Do you mean as a default or "on the fly" within the actual gameplay? Right now, it is C/LW with a d-man behind. This is actually the "fix" I have to put in place as they are not labelled correctly in the hex code (my bad). When you make line edits, in the game, I believe it is showing up as D, RD & LW. I will re-label them to be D/W/C (as I have done in my 2018 & 2019 versions). Easy fix. I'll have it updated in a little bit.
  2. Thank you and, I agree! While it doesn't impact gameplay, I just noticed a position labeling mistake in the game, when you edit who you want on ice, before or during the game. I had it correct when I posted for other seasons but it was the one thing I forgot to do this time around. It's an easy fix. I will correct it later and re-post this rom tonight. Update to come...
  3. Hi Everyone! I took my latest version of my NHL94 2020 ROM and converted it to 3-on-3 play. The biggest change/update is that Team #32 is now the fictional skaters/team from the movie Mystery, Alaska. Because, in the movie, the team only had 11 players, I added an extra forward (Scott Gomez) and an extra Dman (Matt Carle). Both of them are no longer in the NHL but both are from Alaska. The arena name that I assigned to the team is the one that was used by the Alaska Aces before they moved to Portland. Here's what you need to know about the rom: *Includes the weight bug fi
  4. Nice job @Genesis Does! That's a really cool idea and it looks natural! I just posted a updated version of the playoff edition of the 2020 rom (replaced the previous PO edition). It's still the same playoff brackets as before. I will do another post once we get past round one of the newly proposed 24-team NHL playoff bracket. I will post round 2's brackets as well as update lines and d pairings as many injured players will be back for the playoffs. With this re-post, I took the encouragement/advice of @Jkline3 and updated the majority of the center ice logos. Many of them were stret
  5. What @chaos said... You can certainly play with a keyboard but, I recommend a controller as it makes it a heck of a lot easy to play. There are several posts, on this forum, of recommended controllers that can be bought online and won't break the bank (on cost). That is, if you wish to go that route.
  6. There are few players who have juiced attributes. It's ok though. It adds an element of fear/concern/strategy when you play against them. In some cases, certain players have attributes that are incorrect (e.g - Robitaille was not a fast skater, Leetch was a quick skater, etc.). I don't think it hurts the game play experience very much. Yes, they did make guys like Ed Belfour super human. He was a good goalie who was solid in the early 90s, and had a good year in 1992-93, but he wasn't better than Roy, at that time. But, whatever. It's an easy thing to debate (as stats can be misleading
  7. JK3 is killin' it with these awesome quarantine-era roms!!! Nice job buddy!
  8. Nicely done, per usual!
  9. Gretzky had a bit of a muffin shot in the 90s. His accuracy was based on his 92-93 shot % so it might accurate. Although, a little bump would be nice due to rep. Brian Leetch should be a four speed not a three. Dude could fly and was one of the best puck moving dmen of that era. Whereas, Luc Robitaille, for example, was a slow skater and yet, is rated a four. Things like that can be “annoying” but not a deterrent from playing. Ray Bourque is rated too high in shot accuracy, for example, based on how he did in 92-93 vs how others were rated. So, the rating logic is inconsistent there
  10. Howdy! Caught two mistakes in my latest rom post. I have fixed them and re-uploaded it. I also added a couple of players and touched up some CI logos (for kicks and giggles). Cheers!
  11. Hi All! So, unfortunately, due to the coronavirus scare/situation, we now have a suspended NHL season with no certainty for it's return. So, to alleviate some boredom and/or hockey withdrawal, I am releasing a "Playoff Edition" for my rom ("NHL94 2020 vPO"). It's the playoff brackets as of 3/12/20. So, if the season doesn't reconvene, these would be your playoff brackets (assuming there would be a playoffs). What to know: *There are two playoff brackets within this rom. One, for the teams that would be in the playoffs as of today. Two, those teams that didn't make it into the p
  12. I'm probably reiterating stuff already said but, it would be great if each tourney had two competitions - Hardcore Gamer Brackets & Causal Gamer Brackets. Hardcore would be for the folks who enter because they are hellbent on taking down a @kingraph or @angryjay93 or whoever is the best at a given moment. Basically, those who buy into Rick Flair's "if you wanna be the best, you need to beat the best" mentality. But, also, a competition for those causal players who don't play in online leagues or maybe in even "walk-ins" who remember the game from their youth and wanna see how they'd do
  13. Hi Gents! I don't have any bullets to add as I have only attended one event but I do have a suggestion (if you don't mind...). One thing I would suggest is name tags. Yes, it is corny. But, it helps folks who are new to the crowd to have some names with the faces. Maybe a tag with their real name and forum name. I got to meet some cool folks like @kingraph, @chaos, @Evan and @CoachMac when I attended NYC 2019 and definitely agree that friendships can be forged at such events. Me, I'm fairly out-going so I'll just walk up to anyone and introduce myself but not everyone is that way.
  14. Thanks! The Isles were one of the center ice logos that I fixed to no longer be "stretched". Hat tip to Jkline for that suggestion. I also updated their home jerseys (as best I as I could). The blue may be a hair too dark, not sure... I need to play around with it.
  15. Cool! Hope you enjoy it! It was fun to update it. Of course, as soon as I replace Lundqvist with Shesterkin's headshot, for NLC rotating images, the kid gets into a car accident and is sidelined with a fractured rib(s). The curse of the NY Rangers!!! It's why Rangers fans can't have nice things. LOL
  16. Ok, so my Trade Deadline ROM has been posted on page one of this thread ("NHL94 2020 vTD"). What to know: *Updated rosters and jersey numbers are of 2/24. No Evan Rodrigues on the Pens due to roster structure limits (and Guentzel still being on the game roster). *Lines and D-pairings are not exact in each case. Feel free to change as you see fit. *All injured players, who have not been officially ruled out for the year, are still in the active rosters. *Players who are out for the season are in the game but not active. Some, are still in the NLC lines (Erik Karlsson, Tomas Her
  17. Trade Deadline ROM will be posted tomorrow. It is essentially done. I am just awaiting a few confirmations on some jersey numbers. File and details to come...
  18. Awesome! Thanks for putting this all together!
  19. Agreed... it does look better than before. Nice job bud! I’d be curious to see what it would look like with the red line extended. Oh, small detail, the center ice logo needs to be rotated (if you ever go this route on a ROM). The logos face away from the team benches. But again, nice job figuring a way to make it less “squished.”
  20. I agree. It doesn't look as nice when re-arranged. As you said, the whole playing from top to bottom to top makes it look off.
  21. I apologize as I misplaced the notes. It definitely can be done and if memory serves, you just rotate the team center ice logo, in TM, and then alter some hex code in the rom file (where the center ice logo placement exists for each team). Unfortunately, I just can’t recall the specifics. @Jkline3 if possible, would you mind chiming in with your knowledge of the subject? Assuming that you remember the how, of course.
  22. Yes, it is absolutely possible to have center ice logos go horizontal vs vertical. @Jkline3 figured it out once upon a time. We had PMed back and forth about it. I’ll check and see if I still have the notes. Stay tuned...
  23. Nicely done @lendogg81! And, welcome to the NHL94 community!