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  1. Yeah, like old WWF....A retirement series!!
  2. How about you get it started, you drunken bastard?
  3. For the record, watching soccer isn't exactly thrilling either :/
  4. My prediction: enraged hokkee in 4!!!! (or a broken new pc)
  5. Awesome pics, man, Congrats to you and Angie ps. you still look like a soccer hooligan to me
  6. Lemieux= Wayne Gretzky skill with size Bobby Orr-greatest dman, maybe greatesf player, imho
  7. Yeah, especially since they unloaded their mediocre coach to NJ :l
  8. Ahhhh, beer. Hello, old friend. P.s. put that controller down, Hokk!
  9. I was about to say....I imagined 'fax having a deep, Barry White-ish voice!
  10. That would be insane. (insanely awesome, I mean)
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