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  1. Is there really a 3 trade cap? If so, hokk's gonna be hurtin in a few days!
  2. I'd be willing to bet hokk won't sleep a minute tonight.... boy is like a crackhead that just got his disability check
  3. Finally!!!! I thought this would be a guaranteed 6/7 gamer. The way ice has been playing, he's gonna be tough for anybody to beat.
  4. =opinion what are we, 12? If you've ever played on any kind of team or worked/hung around a group of men, you'd notice their speech isn't exactly g-rated. Please don't tell me you're going to go protest Tropic Thunder this weekend
  5. Nigga please ps-hokkee's frustration is completely understandable............Lighten up, Sebe, he has just as much of a right to voice his opinion (however indecipherable) as you do!
  6. Here Here!!!!!!!!!!!! Hokk, you've got my vote (the season over in 2 days)
  7. The Boston Bruins release: C-Igor Larionov #8 rookie draft pick 3yr/5million per Wgt-4 OV-71 Ag-5 Sht Acc-5 O Awareness-4 Pass Acc-4 Free(not really) to a good home-he just doesn't fit my style of play. Now's your chance, hokkee!!
  8. Something tells me kgman's cockiness isn't a recent phenomenon
  9. Boston selects I. Larionov(sorry hokk)
  10. No "selling out" here, Sebe. I am honored/priveleged to be the first graduate of the elite school of KG. As head of Offensive Team Management(OTM) I will uphold the standards i learned during my grueling training with KG. My students will learn the devastating art of run and gun offense, while maintaining defensive responsibility. Through a series of intensive clinics, students will become proficient in many forms of offense, including(but not limited to): floater/rebound shots, give-and-go one timers, and pass shots. As for AJ, i'm sorry you don't agree with me being chosen as OTM boss, but the champ has spoken. On a side note, i would strongly recommend icestorm for Goalie Coach for the school. If he can make Kelly Hrudey look like a wall, he must know what he's doing.
  11. In a minor upset, the upstart Winnepeg Jets beat the top seeded Sabres in a grueling seven game series. The series was marked with tension, lead changes and injuries on both sides. Road teams prevailed, as the home team in the series went a combined 2-5. In the deciding 7th game, kg's Jets showed why they are defending champs. They completely shut down and frustrated Jrod and his high flying buffalo offense. Game 1-Winn 7 @ Buff 3 Game 2-Winn 3 @ Buff 6 Game 3-Buff 6 @ Winn 9 Game 4-Buff 3 @ Winn 2(OT) Game 5-Winn 8 @ Buff 4 Game 6-Buff 11 @ Winn 5 Game 7-Winn 6 @ Buff 1 Series mvp-Bob Bassen(devastating in the series-13g 7a-3GWG) Series goat-Andy Moog(except for game 4, choked in the clutch-~45% SvPct in series) Game of the series was game 4, which went a full 5 minute ot and continued into another game.(we didn't use playoff rom for that one) It was tense as hell and felt like we played two games! Whenever i felt i had a safe lead, kg would string together a few goals in the blink of an eye and get back in the game. Great series, kg. You would vie for the cup with a lineup full of 3rd stringers. I have witnessed the Bassenation first hand.
  12. I hesitate to even comment on this situation because i think it's retarded in many ways. From the get-go, i've suggested to AJ to find a way to play the series with sunny, even if it meant somebody playing dead tired. From my outside perspective, neither guy really seemed to want to resolve this fiasco. Did i agree with sunny bein booted?- No Do i think the decision should have been made by an objective 3rd party?- Yes However, it's AJ's league and i can't make his decisions for him. Personally, i wouldn't want to even play in a league that was run by somebody i couldn't stand, but that's me. I have to agree with VC-i refuse to quit a league i have fun playing-if that warrants me being kicked out of dynasty, so be it.
  13. Thx dmac, great write-up Great series, too I was nervous every time capt. Canuck got the puck
  14. Hey yall At the request of the mighty kgman, i have decided to remove my "FCANADA" avatar out of respect for our friends to the north. Happy Canada day, bitches!!!
  15. LMFAO @ "You're lucky i'm not black or mexican, or else i'd come over to your house and shoot you" He's insane, but funny as all hell *edit-just read another thread about the pics he posted, yeah he cuckoo the boy ain't right- i wonder what he drinks/smokes before these rants?
  16. Tough situation, AJ Maybe a reasonable compromise would be to split the series in half- play the first 3 or 4 games on a shitty night for you, and the rest of the series on a shitty night for Sungod. It sounds crazy, but that may be the way to go. That way, the whole series won't be influenced by one guy being way more tired than the other.
  17. LOL thanks guys The Red Wings are a machine. I completely forgot about your picks, AJ. But i guess it did motivate me to play harder, especially early on in the playoffs, so thanks for the incentive!
  18. Det(Jrod) vs VC(Buff) Det 3 @ Buff 2 Det 6 @ Buff 5 Buff 4 @ Det 6 Buff 2 @ Det 4 In an unexpected turn of events, human sieve Tim Chevrolet stepped up and made a difference in a playoff series. Instead of choking, the Detroit goalie actually made the big saves when it counted, shutting down Buffalo's high-powered offense. Detroit's lightweight and smart duo of Lidstrom and Racine teamed up on super-sniper Alex Mogilny, hardly allowing him any room for shots. For Buffalo, Dale-can't hit the side of a barn-Hawerchuk missed his usual one wide open net per game. Each game was either tied or within one goal at some point in the third period. Each game was tense and hard hitting, with lots of penalties, faceoffs and bone crushing checks. This series was a lot closer than the end result and could have gone much longer or even the other way. Congrats to VC on a successful season and bruising series.
  19. Det(Jrod) vs Pitt(Habs) Pitt 0 @ Det 7 Pitt 8 @ Det 3 Det 1 @ Pitt 4 Det 4 @ Pitt 2 Pitt 4 @ Det 5OT Det 6 @ Pitt 2 Hard fought series that went down to the wire. Turing point was the five minute OT in gm 5 that seemed like 5 hours! Great series, Habs!!
  20. In my quest to eradicate every remnant of my pathetic Bruins, a few of my remaining pussies players are on the trading block. Steve Smith Geoff Courtnall Terry Yake ps-I'll even take offers from teams other than Hokkee!!!!
  21. You damn right. (But god, your chicks are hot)
  22. Boston(AP)- In an epic seven game series, the #2 seed Quebec Nordique led by FPB upset top seed Boston. The series was hard fought from beginning to end, with a couple of games not decided until the remaining seconds of the third period. After trailing 1-0 and 2-1 in the series, FPB played it smart by juggling his lines and changing his strategies. These moves led to convincing Nordique wins in games 4 and 5. A desperate Boston team had to pull off a last-second come from behind victory in gm 6 to force the final game. Game 7 was tense as expected, but Quebec controled the play and capitalized on the Bruin's mistakes. Without a doubt, the difference maker in this series was Gretzky, who seemed to score a timely goal whenever Quebec needed one. He cut through the hapless Bruins d-men like butter, and left Darren Puppa hanging out to dry on numerous occasions. Congrats to FPB on a hard fought series(and title) win. He's certain to be vying for the Stanley Cup next season. MVP-Gretzky(by a mile)
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