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  1. Thanks very much for the welcome back halifax, and it sure is great to be back. I'm shakin some hardcore rust off but it's great to be back in the community nonetheless. I thought that adapter would never arrive! Lookin forward to playin both the old gang and the talented newcomers.......... one of whom yesterday showed me the hard way just how talented he is. Thanks for the spankage jeff94rules1.......... lol.
  2. I bought my USB-to-SNES adapter off of E-Bay over a week ago but nary a sign of it has turned up in my mailbox yet. With the first checkpoint coming in a few days on Sept 24, my situation isn't looking too good.
  3. Just bought a USB to SNES adapter off of E-bay. When it comes in (hopefully not long), I should be up and running as long as it works. I hope it's OK that I may be off to a bit of a late start this season, and I apologize for any inconvenience.
  4. ZOMG I got the Nordiques?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OK I must stop hmming and hawwing and order that USB-to-SNES adapter NOW!
  5. Hey guys My first post on here in months, and I'm glad to be back. Just reading some of the threads and debates on the forums for Halifax's currently active Nostalgia league is really giving me the hunger to play 94 online again. Thanks very much Evan for the e-mail. I really hope to be able to play in the Fall 2007 League, but it just depends on my "controller situation". The laptop I used to play league games on is now gone, and the controller I've always used doesn't plug into the laptop I'm using now. I have to look into whether or not it's possible to get some sort of adapter so that I could plug my controller into my current laptop. Does anyone here with some computer savvy (I have practically none) know if this type of thing would be possible? Anyhow I hope to be able to play against all of you guys again soon! And whether or not I'm able to play, here's to a GREAT Fall 2007 season for all.
  6. So even though one was won by forfeit, hokkeefan wins the Cup despite trailing 3-0 in two different series along the way? That's unbelievable! Has that ever happened before in the history of ANY kind of sport or fantasy sport or anything like that? WOW!
  7. Real sorry to see my man the kid go down. Especially after climbing such a huge hurdle in knocking off shakazuzu and avenging his Caper brethren. But man oh man what a playoff beast that JotaC is. The guy is now 8-0 in playoff series! He wins em in sweeps. He wins em in 7. He wins em when he's down 3 games to 1. He wins em when he's down 3 games to 2. He is the king of the one-goal wins. Doesn't seem to get rattled at all by a loss, even a blowout loss (lost 9-2 and 7-2 to pokerchamp in the semis and still came away with the series). There are tons of awesome players in this league that have lost playoff series because their nerves got jittery. I know it happened to me for sure back in rd 3 of the Spring 2006 playoffs, when I lost in five to the94kid himself. Totally beat myself in that series, hands were shaking and I could feel the pressure huge. I was also pretty nervous against shakazuzu this year, although I don't think it ended up getting out of control to the point where it cost me any games. Happened to Biff in two finals in a row. Pokerchamp admitted to nerves in the first round this year. Happens to everyone.......... except JotaC. The man has nerves of steel. Who'da thunk a below-.500 regular season player (well at least before forfeits and DNP's) would come away with the title? I had a feeling he was playing possum on us! I'd like to say great season all, but it was actually kind of a mess with tons of guys dropping off and not showing up. It was an ugly season but we made it through it, and we can only hope that we never have a season this ugly again. Kudos to the admins for keeping the ship going despite some real rough waters. Congrats and thank you as well to all guys who played to the bitter end. Two-time defending champ, can anyone knock JotaC off next season? Stay tuned!
  8. Congrats to both guys on what looked like an unbelievable final! The full seven games, tons of one-goal games, an OT game, wow boys it doesn't get much tighter than that. A great testament to the very impressive parity that exists in the GENS A League. Awesome seasons both of you, and way to go Marc on beating a guy who many considered almost unbeatable. I'd also like to point out that in the Spring 2006 Gens playoffs, Marc was first seed with Calgary and kgman was 8th seed after taking Dallas over late in the season and turning on the jets to sneak them into the playoffs. It was a shitty deal for Marc to be rewarded for his first place finish with a date with an unreal player like kgman (I know it all too well, I suffered the same fate this year when my reward for finishing first overall in SNES A was getting shakazuzu in rd 1), and Marc ended up getting swept, including being blown away in a couple of games. How huge was it for the guy to come back this season, make it all the way to the final, and defeat kgman for the Cup as revenge? Huge! I only hope I can duplicate such a storyline next season when I come back with fire in my eyes trying to avenge pretty much the exact same thing. Way to go boys, now let's get that SNES A final underway! Can ANYONE, even the unbelievable 94kid, take down JotaC in a playoff series? Stay tuned! It's a rematch of the Spring League SNES Final!
  9. Deer just downloaded the GENS emulator a little while ago, but had only played like 3ish games total on it, and they were all about a month ago. Deer gets a msg on Saturday from kgman- exhibition GENS game! Final score- kgman 5 Deer 4 OT I don't like to brag much on these boards, but I'm going to this time- this was one of my first GENS games ever and I almost beat the unbeatable kgman! Was down 4-2 in the third but ended up tying the game with 9 seconds left on a goal that absolutely came out of nowhere.......... I had already resigned myself to a 4-3 loss and a good effort........... then next thing I know the puck is on Sundin's stick with a wide open net. Unfortunately I lost very quickly into OT, he went through my entire team and scored a goalie smash goal. We then tried a rematch, and he was stomping me in that one, 4-0 in the first when we had lag problems and just aborted it. But screw what happened in the second game, I was too happy with how the first one went! I would like to try a few more GENS games in the not-too-distant future. Edit: Played Angryjay in a couple games after that. Just like the kgman games, almost won the first one, was up 4-3 late in third and lost 5-4 heartbreaker with 2 secs left. Got killed in the second one, 8-2. Still don't really know hwo to use the goalie in GENS!
  10. Great thread! Although I'm using Winnipeg in the Winter League, my team is Quebec. My lineup 95% of the time is: LD - Duchesne RD- Lesyschyn (sp?) LW- Nolan C- Sakic RW- Sundin With WInnipeg, it currently is: LD- Housley RD- Numminen LW- Steen C- Selanne RW- Zhamnov But Quebec is my team by nature.
  11. Congrats boys on what looks like it was an awesome series. Two really closely matched players, I had a feeling this one was gonna go the distance. But man nobody can seem to solve Jota in a playoff series and especially in a Game Seven. The man is teh Claude Lemieux of this league (to steal a quote from someone else, forget who though), and is unbelievable under pressure. Has to be the most "clutch" player on either console, it's amazing how he finds a way to win every time. 7-0 in playoff series now. pokerchamp, congrats on an awesome debut season, it's gonna be a while before a totally new player comes into the league and has the kind of immediate success and impact that you did. No shame losing to Jota, nobody's found a way to beat him in a playoff series yet. Can kid or McMarkis do it? We shall see!
  12. I'm totally sick of the whining about teams from GENS players in particular. These two guys made the conference final because they are top notch players. Teams help a little bit, but they don't decide the whole game- my God.
  13. Don't even try to rationalize it. Try too hard and your head will explode, adding to the blood and carnage still festering at the Igloo. Will the Penguins' home games have to be played at a different locale due to the blood splatter and general "headless corpse problem" in the Civic Arena seats?
  14. on advancing past an extremely tough opponent in shakazuzu onto round 3 of the playoffs!!!! I couldn't let anyone else be the first to congratulate you man, you did what I just couldn't quite get done this time around. Way to be the last Caper standing for the second year in a row, but this time, we wanna see........ well I won't say what cuz we asked for it so many times last year and it just wasn't meant to be, so I shall lead the "NO HYPE" parade this year! Sorry to see a great player like shaka fall in rd 2, due to some problems in the league this year we had to have two of the very top players compete in rd 2 like this, and one of them had to go down. You played an unreal series against me man and here's hoping that you find time to play in the spring league next season.......... league wouldn't be the same without ya and any championships won in a league without ya woulda kinda feel tainted. Just saying this outta concern the league'll lose ya what with how busy you were this fall and all. Biff you came thru in the clutch man, and you avenged the death of your fellow Caper, beers this weekend will be dedicated to your triumph and gl against a rapidly-improved McMarkis (much diff man than I faced in the regular season) in rd 3. I hear rumours that this series was recorded, and that highlights will be shown........... which wouuld be unreal, as the world would get to see SNES played at its VERY finest. Anyway enough gushing from me, everyone knows Biff and I are gay but I don't have to be going around rubbing it in anyone's face like this.
  15. Looks like it was an unbelievable series, way to go boys!
  16. Great writeup Schwartz, and sorry to see that you've joined me on the sidelines. You still had a really good season in which you showed a lot of improvement from last year, and you were the biggest thorn in my side during the reg season for sure. However, congrats to McMarkis for finding a way to move on to rd 3 after a trying season! Makes me even happier about my choice for "Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times". You seemed to struggle with the Flyers all season but found a way to make them work just in time for the playoffs; I noticed a big diff between the regular season games I played against you and the exhibition game we had just the other day. Congrats to both guys on what looks like a tight, exciting, and well-played series. Good luck McMarkis against the winner of 94kid/shakazuzu!
  17. Ah Leafs fans.......... always having to laugh at the misfortunes of others to get satisfaction, because their own team doesn't do enough to make them feel good. The Leafs will never win the Cup in my lifetime- I'd be willing to bet a cool hundred bucks on that........... well except for the rather inconvenient part that I couldn't really either pay up or collect, cuz I'd be dead. And I didn't make this post to defend the Sens- I hate them too.
  18. Paul Coffey is supposed to be a real happy-go-lucky guy................ how could his son be so angry?
  19. 01 Best Overall Coach - I'll go with Rudy, despite his relatively early playoff exit. He made a mess of a lot of opponents this season. I think that 94kid, shakazuzu, and Rudy are the best players in the league, but 94kid didn't have as dominant a season as usual (saving it for playoffs? ) and shakazuzu didn't play nearly enough games to possibly be voted for. Rudy played and dominated all season. Nobody stands out as the absolute clear-cut best coach though, unlike the Gens league with kgman. 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Too many guys you could possibly pick here, which is great of course. Pretty much everyone in the A League is a very good sport. There are a few guys who are pretty much equal, so I'll go with the guy who played the most games, which I think is Schwartz. 03 Best One-Timer Coach - FENTY. The c***sucker can beat you on one-timers alone some games. 04 Best Deke Coach - 94kid, he's one slick bastard no? If this category was broken down a bit into "best spinorama coach", I'd go shakazuzu, 7 games played or not. 05 Best Slapshot Coach - I'm gonna go McMarkis- he seemed to perfect the low slapshot glove side this season. 06 Best Defensive Coach - Mike, Chicago....... honourable mention to shakazuzu........... in my playoff series with him, his defence was so good that I don't think I succeeded in scoring any one-timer goals until the third period of Game 7 when my back was totally against the wall. 07 Best Offensive Coach - Again I'll go UDY on this one 08 Most Improved Coach - shakazuzu, rebounded from a disastrous 3-25 season to knock off the #1 seed in the East. hahahaha no seriously, my vote on this one will go to Schwartz. He was a much more dangerous player this season than he was last season. 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - My God, what's up with my love on for Schwartz here? I'm gonna pencil him in for yet another category. "Deer stop kissing moderator ass" - yeah I know seriously hahaha 10 Best Replacement Coach - Hm this season didn't exactly have the star replacement coaches like last season when we picked up unbelievable players like JotaC (eventual champ) and Mike halfway through the season. I guess I'll go with BloodyThroats (Boston); he didn't win many games, but he sure played a lot in a short time, and he improved quite a bit in that short time and showed that we've picked up a pretty reliable replacement coach who I think will be a good member of the league next year. 11 Best Rookie Coach - pokerchamp should be the unanimous choice here. Great addition to the league. We rolled the dice allowing an unproven newcomer to jump right into A but he's been a perfect fit. 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - McMarkis had a shitty go of it with the Flyers but kept on playing and looking for people to play games against, and if he can knock off Schwartz, suddenly he'll be in rd 3 of the playoffs.
  20. It's so true man that it didn't matter who had the lead or how big a lead they had, both guys were totally capable of erasing almost any lead. Game 4, I had a 6-2 lead early in the second period, but by the midway point of the third you had tied it 6-6. Game 7, you led 3-0 after two periods and it looked like it was over, but just past the halfway point of the third period it was 3-3 and next thing you knew we were headed to overtime. Both of us totally emptied the tank in that series, it was the classic I was looking for, just that I could have done without the gutwrenching end result. You were total class the whole way. On at least two occasions, you got directly screwed over by lag, and never complained. Once I even offered you an empty net goal on me to make up for one total bullshit goal that I scored only because the lag fucked with your goalie's ability to get across, but you declined and just played on. I honestly don't know if I could have done the same had I been in your shoes. GL against Biff, I expect that to be pretty much as close and as heated a series. As for meeting in the playoffs in the future, it seems like we always run into each other come playoff time, so I fully expect it. I guess that one would be the rubbermatch........... for now.
  21. Psssst......... this is the NHL 94 Forum......... and back in 1994, Fedorov was the man, and Enrique Iglesias was probably living on the street selling watermelons.
  22. Fedorov is banging Kournikova now............... the end. That's the post-playoff story.
  23. Considering Jota's never been beaten in a playoff series yet (and he's played six of them), I guess everyone's a choker.
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