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  1. You can now register for the 5th nhl’94 world championship tournament, the King of 94! Sign up for SNES (Dec 5-6) or Sega (Dec 12-13). This is year’s tournament will be played online. There’s also a 2v2 bracket! Tag a buddy! You can register here-> https://bit.ly/2UoKkJq Welcome to the World’s Greatest NHL’94 Tournament! Register now for Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo for your chance to win trophies/prizes, and the title of King of ‘94! Due to Covid19, this year's tournament will be played online! Please read below for additional details about r
  2. Yes. The lack of online play is extremely disappointing. I get they have to come up with new ideas to sell the game every year. But adding in nhl’94 rewind is targeting gamers 30,40,50 year olds. We want to play this against the people we played the game against 27 years ago but we can’t because they live too far away.
  3. Thanks for putting this back up. I get asked about this frequently. People love it. ill post it back on social media.
  4. Click on the link below and set a reminder for yourself as the #nhl94 documentary will be available Sunday!
  5. Hi Community, There used to be a website where you could create nhl94 players but it seems to be gone now. Would anyone be willing to create sprites for a minor hockey team? The coach wants to get his kids player's put on T shirts Washington Capitals White Jerseys 27 - D 77 - L 6 - D 86 - C 71 - L 4 - R
  6. I think we are getting the greatest remake of a video game of all time. With online play. https://comicbook.com/gaming/amp/news/nhl-94-rewind-ratings-board-listing-leaks/
  7. This is awesome! (You made this rom for me. didn’t you. )
  8. I think you're fine. hacking is a generally collaborative community regardless of the game. welcome!
  9. I might be biased but when I made the SNES WHA Rom I out guys in multiple teams. It’s a much smaller sample size but I gave those guys different rating depending on how they performed on that team. much like you’d give gretzky a higher rating in Edmonton vs Los Angeles.
  10. evan needs more love from you guys.
  11. Saw these today. Thought it was interesting choices
  12. @Sauce sent you a pm. Kindly respond today if possible
  13. I love the kraken name! Thanks for doing this @Sauce I social media’d that out there.
  14. Happy that you made your way here! most times when I tag guys in on Twitter they don't bother. Great having you around!
  15. jmomo assigned the leafs
  16. hokkeefan is assigned toronto