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  1. I would love to have it if no one else wants it. message me your address and amount for shipping and i'll mail you a money order or something.
  2. The guy is a legend. Probably one of the most talented, clever and unbiased fellers on the east coast. I see him enjoying a poorly played Flyers game and plotting revenge on the worst looking couch you have ever seen. The world is a better place with him living life offline. But we all miss the posts that made our day.
  3. He thought she spoke the international language............. You know..........? LOVE. THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE OF LOVE.
  4. Well, excuse the hell out of me friend. Exactly why I barely ever post anymore. The anonymous nature of cyberspace empowers people to be quite rude and brusque without having to look someone in their face. Sorry for completely molesting YOUR topic.
  5. Yeah, if you or anyone else figures it out (I'm too dumb), make Brett Hull right handed for the Gens version. WTF? Largest oversight in EA history.
  6. My extreme fear of commitment will prevent me from signing up but man, it's bringing some guys out of the woodwork. Some old favorites so to speak. It just goes to show you how extremely intriguing this whole NHL 91 thing really is. A true work of art.
  7. Easter weekend 1999. Ball State University. Studebaker West Dorm. 36 pack cans of Icehouse. My roommate and I. NHL 99 Nintendo 64. Drink every WHISTLE. And I still have a hangover. Beer hockey is the only way I play. It can be kind of boring without. No offense to the community, of course.
  8. Race car driver/ airline pilot. a.k.a.- Union Electrician
  9. Well, I think I can help with this one. I have not joined a league to date. I have limited online experience and when I did play, it was too choppy for me to confidently test my skills. A second reason for not playing in a league boils down to a fear of commitment. My schedule is not condusive to participating reliably enough to commit to a season. And, as I've seen of late, people who join up and do not finish draw the vengence of all involved. So I, personally, do not join simply because of common courtesy. I don't want to be the problem child or the "flaky" one. I come around here simply to read up on discussions, play new roms and add my two cents from time to time. It is a place that I come for enjoyment. It works for me. And, as far as I know, many others do the same. It has to be pretty difficult to fill the many leagues with reliable coaches so I understand where this thread is coming from. Hopefully that helped.
  10. ed grimley is classic "i must say." but who is that mongoloid guy. i've seen him on the internet before, but who is he?
  11. Give it time. He puts a lot of time into this. But the fact is, it's virtual. It's not real, really. It's recreation. Sometimes you don't have time for recreation. Or maybe he joined a reggae band.
  12. No, no, it's actually a good idea. Makes it more proportional. Nice touch.
  13. Everything looks great. Very nice work. I did get a 1 minute minor for interference. I'm pretty sure you get two for minor penalties.
  14. Good stuff. Looking forward to it.
  15. Looks great. Say, is there another way I could get a hold of this bad boy. My e-mail is rynocub@hotmail.com. Thanks a million.
  16. I can definitely see where you are coming from. You guys have put a lot of work into your creations which laid the groundwork for many of the projects being released now. And, as far as I know, you have not been acknowledged for these particular roms. And let me speak for everyone, You have our most sincere gratitude. I guess what I'm trying to say is: Yes, these are products of your creations. But this guy is getting nothing but thanks for his work. No money, no blowjobs from hot young co-eds. Just thanks. So, basically, thanks Swos, Mahavishnu, Slapshot 67, and everyone who devotes time out of their lives to quench the thirst that people like my sorry ass have for the good s**t you all pump into our viens. Well, thanks for everything but the track marks and sore elbow pits.
  17. Fella, you are a high quality roms machine. I can't fathom how much time you put into this stuff, but, just know you have my respect. Keep em comin. I have and will continue to enjoy your roms.
  18. I'm not sure I thanked you for the Hull wallpaper. So here it is:
  19. First of all, this game added a feature (the one timer) which elevated an already quality game (NHLPA 93) to a whole other level. Yes, they removed the fighting and blood. However, most true fans of the game of hockey profess that those who watch for the fights are retards ( even though fighting gives hockey that little something extra). The passing, shooting, skating and evenflo give this game an edge over many of the games created prior and since. Point two, this game was created in a time when many of us were little tikes. And human nature persistently suggests that one must retain certain qualities of our youth. The demographic of the patronage of this site is a clear piece of evidence that we play this game and it reminds us, it transports us, to some of the finest points in our collective childhood. So, in closing, you ask why? I give you gameplay and childhood. Add those together and you get NHL 94. And, if I play three or four games, drinking at every whistle and intermission, I get shitfaced.
  20. I don't know what you're talking about. (What's your e- mail.)
  21. Fantastic work. Especially the greatest teams. Hull is on two teams! A bonus. Very clean work. Bravo.
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