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  1. You're doing what you gotta do to keep the season running, no complaints here. Good work Brute.
  2. What exactly am I pinning on Habs? I said I had no luck finding the hard-to-find coaches. I don't put him in that group.
  3. I got about 20 games in early in the season while you were MIA and had zero GP. Then I went weeks of not finding the hard to find coaches. It's a domino effect, some people don't see others on often so they don't log on themselves as much. Lots of guys waiting till around the time of the checkpoint either because of procrastination or because they know that's when they'll likely find the others. If there were a new league with different rules, I'd be out of GDL in a heartbeat. It's become annoying, too much of a chore IMO. So, yes, I think it does need to just die. I think the system is flawed. I'm allowed an opinion. By the way, you'll get your games w/me, don't worry. I actually feel bad for Brutus. He put in so much time and work into the draft. Only to have to replace multiple guys and still be on the lookout for more replacements with so many others not getting their games. I could totally see why he isn't interested in commish'ing another GDL for a while.
  4. I agree with Brutus on this one. I think GDL needs a long hiatus, or should just die altogether even. Make a new league at a later date, with a new format. Never thought I'd say it, but time to pull the plug IMO.
  5. I should of made a video of me trying to score one, pretty pathetic but would be amusing to others. Hands of a surgeon to do that stuff Ice.
  6. So if you take over a team, it doesn't count for your record no matter how you do?
  7. You're a regular in the running for the most potent balanced offense awards though. Almost took home the platinum medal recently!
  8. Don't forget the............awards for the most potent balanced offense. Of course I made this category up, but it is worth mentioning. For those who have great offensive seasons and spread it out very evenly. These are medals awarded to any coaches who had all 3 of their starting forwards in the top 20 in scoring (silver), or top 15 in scoring (gold) (via points per game). If anyone gets all 3 of their forwards in the top 10, they'll have obtained an elusive "platinum" medal, with all 3 fwds making the top ten in points per game? Plab came really close in GDL 14... -GDL 15, Uncle Seth and Icestorm both attained gold, accomplishing it with the trios of Sanderson-Reichel-Bellows & Klima-Hogue-Damphousse respectively. -GDL 14, Plabax took gold level with Oates-Bradley-Ysebart, Seth got silver with Gartner-Juneau-Murphy. -GDL 13, Plabax took silver with Laffy-Lindros-Jagr -GDL 12, Raph took gold with Dino-Bellows-Messier, Seth got silver with Klima-Kristich-Reichel -GDL 11, no medals awarded
  9. Easier to remember if it were the same 2 days each week. This way, it lends itself to becoming habit and people would be less likely forget what the specific days we're on each week. Never forget the golden acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).
  10. I'm not complaining about not having enough time to complete games. I could bang out the majority of my remaining games in less than a week. But then I'd still be waiting weeks for those other slackers who are either never on, or rarely on. Some that do randomly pop on do so for 2 games then they're gone for another 2 weeks. I'd be in the same boat. It gets old after a while. And don't think for a minute that I'm the only one who feels this way. Just one of the few willing to stick my neck out there and b***h about it publicly. Can't help blowing off some steam over it. I understand the backlash of others who are sick of reading my complaints.
  11. Brute Khan shoulda been running mate of Don J. He'd have given it to the Khan father. Lame attempt at a joke. Just my way relaxing here after lashing out on this thread.
  12. You'll deserve the same DNP demerits "they" get at end of season if you aren't able to find those needles in the haystack. (Sarcasm)
  13. I know right lol. Terrorist coaches holding everyone hostage to their typical cram-it-in last few days festival.
  14. Nothing happens. They're allowed back season after season, to perpetually bone those who are active. DNP's, draft penalties, not deterrents. Some guys I know I'll get my games in with. Several others, who knows. I've honestly lost interest after 2 weeks of searching and wasting my time. I needed a break to try to get interested again in GDL. This league should have way fewer coaches. Better yet, keep the same numbers, have 1 draft, but create 2 separate divisions. Let all the huckle buckle beanstalk slackers and the historically active coaches each have their own division where they only play one other. Same thing for playoffs. Have 2 champions. Let the hide n seekers drag their s**t out as long as they want with no deadlines or checkpoints. We need segregation.
  15. No please don't stop, this back n forth is hilarious stuff. I'm not even kidding, this is what makes the forum so entertaining.
  16. I do remember that game. But I can't recall if it was classic or GDL. All I know is the games some of my guys are sluggish (in GDL), is when they are ice cold. And I've never had that happen why my players were only mildly cold, average, or hot. This observation of mine spans the entire period of time since GDL went to transparent ratings, and includes the thousands of exis I've played.
  17. Hot & Cold is the main culprit. In GDL, I know all my players' avg ratings, check them before every game, religiously. When players are very cold and you have several of them out there, their agility and speed are severely affected and noticeable. Especially when you're talking about guys in the 4 rating range and lower, the drop-off in ability is even greater, but so is the boost they get when they're red hot. I would know, I'm known for my love affair of of non-elite players in the average range. But it's a love-hate relationship. When they're very cold, their skate takes a big nosedive. Also remember, agility and speed are closely related so when they BOTH take a hit, you get the sluggish, skating-in-sand effect. I have no tolerance for it. If a guy is really cold, he isn't seeing the ice under for me. Those who don't notice these effects are simply not very perceptive enough/oblivious. Or their playing style of skating it primarily with their superstar means they just aren't paying attention to what their other guys are playing like....because those other skaters don't have the puck. Smoz has showed that the home boost increases shot accuracy in classic. I don't notice any difference in performance in home/away in GDL in regards to skating though. If you think guys are sluggish in a given game, check their ratings and compare it to their average ratings. You'll see it's no mystery why they feel like they're wearing cement boots.
  18. Top speed they are the same, but they definitely move differently agility-wise. The 7/5/5 setup of Klima/Gartner skate better than Geoff/Modano. 7/5/4 combo of Oates skates better than Fedorov. 7/4/4 of Sundin/Falloon>Larmer/Roberts. Same thing for the 6/4/4 of Davydov/Amonte skating better than Sakic/Sanderson/Reichel. And so on. Righties simply move better in terms of turning and quick directional changes. A straight line race would not show this IMO.
  19. staaaaaaacked this season .........ain't nuthin' wrong with goin' all Seth on guys! Ice is going to rip some folks a new hole with that team
  20. It DEFINITELY effects outcomes of games, for everyone. We're not arguing that some guys get screwed much more than others or that over time it doesn't even out. We've all won games because the other guy has gotten completely screwed over by refs and also lost them for the same reason. It happens all the time. These AI penalties committed by the computer are the ones myself, Plab, TK and Co. cannot stomach. And how OFTEN they occur. Computer committed penalties are at least 50% of infractions, probably more like 75%. Sure, better skaters and more aggressive/checking players get more on AI. But it happens all the time that guys who don't fit that description take AI penalties. Those are random slot machine games. I'd much rather see all games decided mostly by skill than everyone get a share of freebie wins and losses. To reiterate, yes long term it evens out, but in the short term AI penalties f*ck one coach over while awarding the other with a massive advantage. That is luck-based/randomness and turns 94 into a joke at times.