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"Discord" new way to be in touch


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As some guys have suggested, we need maybe have a look for a new way to be in contact.

AIM, Hotmail or so, are becoming dinosaurs and close to their extinction. And maybe one of the reasons coaches can't schedule games efficiently.

A receive a recent invitation to be part of the SWOS ( sensible world of soccer) channel on discord.

It's a group who play online tournament. Very active and well organized.

Don't tested discord yet, but it seems to be interesting enough.

It's an alternative to Skype, TeamSpeak and instant messenger. All in one and Free.

It's Time to set an NHL'94 channel !

Are some guys experiment whit this application ? any return ?


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Didn't get my guide done on the weekend.. should be done tonight... not that the guide is going to be super amazing, but I just hope that by laying out the whole procedure people will join up and it'll become the main communication channel.

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I've actually been working on a Discord guide.. will post it today

Didn't get my guide done on the weekend.. should be done tonight...

Maybe I'll scale back the completeness of my guide and just post the essentials :D.... tonight...

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There is no expiring link. It still works, I just tested it. You can join on your own.

EDIT: What killed it was the total lack of buy-in from lifer folks. Some people complained that they had to use an email address to sign up (as though you can't create a throwaway). Some people complained that AIM was fine and needed no substitution.

If leagues don't demand people use Slack/Discord, no one will bother. It's a very stubborn community at times. I've never been a large part of it, and I don't expect it to change because of or for me. That said, I haven't used AIM in a long ass time, so I have no reason to join any of the leagues.

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I second Slack.

I was thinking about Slack, Raph and I talked about it. I forget, there was some reason we didn't think it would work well. Maybe he remembers.

I'm all open for an alternative to AIM. I'll check out this Discord thing.

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