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[February 24th, 2018 - Green Bay, WI] Edge of '94 -WI Presents, A Fleury of Goals!

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22 hours ago, CoachMac said:

Arriving Friday morning.
Booked a room at Hotel J.
Leave late Sunday afternoon.

Looking for as much pre and post tourney fun at the Hotel.

Can you say 2v2:big_smile:LIVE!!!!!

@CoachMac I just sent a message to those I had the forum contact for.  The venue will be open as we are setting up, and everything will be available for you for practice games.  We want to bring you traveling guys into the venue and get your games in there, as we have all the CRT's one would need in the world.


Also, I'll be making an official announcement regarding a special tournament taking place that Friday evening.  That announcement will be made on Sunday.  It's going to be an amazing retro weekend.

What you guys do Sunday is your own accord.  I have to go back to being a family man, and get all my crap packed and transported somehow that day.

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I touched base with CharlieBravo, the creator of Lord Manly's Cup.  He says the event trophies for both SNES and Genesis should be in production next week, and should take 3-4 days to complete.

Again, the winner holds up Lord Manly's Cup the original for posing, then takes home one of the smaller versions.  To all your flyers out there, the TSA will absolutely destroy the trophy to make sure it isn't harmful, so we recommend having it shipped.  We can handle that, we just ask that you pay us back for said shipping cost.


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The King of Tecmo Retro Extrveganza event has been posted on Facebook and Tecmo Bowl Dot Org.  To all you NHL94 tournament participants, it's only $10 to play in this tournament, which we all hope you will.  There will be plenty of time for 2v2 and open retro, plus warm up games in the hours leading up to this.




Any chatter on both fronts on tborg and facebook in the event are appreciated.

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21 hours ago, angryjay93 said:

Just signed up for the tecmo bowl tournament on Friday. Bring your popcorn everyone!

Can't wait to have you.  Anyone wanting to do Tecmo Friday night can do so by sending $10 via paypal, plus the processing fee to trojan1979@gmail.com.

We typically have about 16 players at these things.

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We were featured in a local publication.  https://www.thepress.media/2018/02/12/nhl-94-tournament-coming-to-ashwaubenon/

On that note let me take this moment to announce that we will be pitting Coachmac and Angryjay93 vs Arda Ocal and Kingraph in a 2v2 vs cpu world record attempt during our tournament intermissions.

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We went through the SNES groups on the Retro Sports Gamer Podcast yesterday, one correction was made adding Scatterbrainzz.(sorry about that bud)




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Just an FYI our friendly hosts have requested that we keep our beer consumption limited to bottles or cans, no kegs in the building.  Also for you mixer folks, if you can drink from something with a minimal spill impact, vs a red solo cup, that's also preferred.

Absolutely no alcohol will be permitted in the room where the VR equipment is held.  Please adhere to this so we don't have to slash you.


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2 hours ago, corbettkb said:

What are all the stream links? There are 3 or 4 of them?  Thx. 


I posted the 2 that I know of on the front page of nhl94.com.

EDIT: Just added the True Game Fans Network one

Do you have others?

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