Jer's 2019 Playoff Bracket Challenge

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It's that time of year again.. think you can pick the winners in each round? Think you know which series will be an upset? Who's going to win it all?!? Now's your chance to prove it!


Password: stanley

Join now, or wait until the playoff seeds are finalized and the NHL brackets go live.

Good Luck!

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man their user interface is terrible

* follow the link
* click "sign in" in the upper right corner and sign in or register
* follow jer's link again, because their website forgets what league you were trying to join
* click "add to my leagues"

and now we wait...

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Yeah. I thought it was my phone. But I can’t even find the login one I click on the link. Sucks garbage balls. 

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All signed up. Hoping for some upsets this year! Let's Go Pens! (though I guessed with my brain and not my homer feelings) meaning I didn't pick the Penguins to win it all.

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Boom im'll never guess who i am.

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5 minutes ago, skip said:

6 of 14 had the Lightning. Swept!

Did anyone pick Columbus and ny islanders in round one? ;)

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Congrats to Jack.1 - not sure if he was from this site or another hockey-themed forum.

Nice picks (2 of them) St. Louis and San Jose to the Conference Finals, and St Louis to win it all.

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