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All-Time Greatest Team Rosters Release


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Today is the day I'm finally releasing the All-Time Greatest Players ROM for Gens(see here for the SNES version). I still have bells and whistles to add/update but wanted to officially release the ROM as it's 100% playable. I will be updating jerseys, logos, player cards, and other stuff in the upcoming months. I've included both the weight bug and weight bug fix versions.

Some notes about the ROM:

  • 28-team ROM replacing Campbell and Wales All-Star teams with Original Six and Expansion All-Time All-Star teams.
  • Set all team advantages to: Offense/Defense/PP/PK/Home/Away as 4/4/1/1/1/1
  • Used different team/same franchise including DAL/MIN, QUE/COL, HFD/CAR, WPG/PHX
  • Included some fan favorites over others(i.e. Terry O'Reilly, Bob Probert, Wendel Clark) but did my best with including HOFs. It was really tough for the Original Six teams for sure. Some players were great but didn't make the cut due to others with more Cups, All-Star votes, stats leaders, and/or HOF.
  • Some players appear on multiple teams but the attributes are different depending on the team(i.e. Gretzky better on EDM than LA).
  • Players in general would need to have played at least 3+ seasons with the team to be included.
  • Most players have Endurance of 3. If anyone uses this ROM for line changes let me know. I'll need to edit the Endurance for everyone and that will change their Overall score. I didn't want everyone to have inflated Overall due to Endurance.
  • I tried to keep some famous lines together which will reflect if line changes are on. Otherwise I just made the best available line based on overall.
  • Used SmozROM to:
    • Fix the weight bug in one version while retaining it in another version
    • Correct the Three Stars calculation to better reflect the players of the game
    • Have players match the Edit Lines ratings. Players will be hot/cold on each individual attribute(i.e. hot speed/cold agility).
      • Version 1.0 was different where all attributes were either hot or cold resulting in too many players being at or near 100 overall.

Future updates:

  • Jerseys
  • Player cards
  • Logos
  • Splash Screen

Once again thanking the following:

All-Time Greatest Rosters Team Ranking - Sheet1.pdf

nhl94ATR_2.0_wgtbugfix.bin nhl94ATR_2.0.bin

Edited by kidswasted
Version 2.0 released which changes the Edit Lines ratings from Version 1.0
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  • 1 year later...

I'll be working on updating this through the 22-23 season stats in the next few months to match my upcoming updated SNES version. In addition to attribute fixes/updates I will also be updating the following:

  • Swapping newer players like Matthews, McDavid, and Makar in for older gen players
  • Jerseys
  • Player pictures
  • Logos
  • Splash Screen and more!
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