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SNES All-Time Rosters(ATR) League

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Alright buds it's time I finally run a SNES All-Time Rosters(ATR) league using my ATR ROM. I have attached the ATR ROM to practice with and explore as well as the team rankings and the entire roster list in CSV format. This will be team draft, not a player draft. I will run a player draft in the future.  The league signup deadline is 2/6. We will conduct the team draft sometime during that week but won't start the season until at least the SDL playoffs begin. This gives you time between now and the draft to test teams as well as time to practice your drafted team before the season starts. Draft order will be randomized using a draft randomizer website.

  • There will be A, B, and C divisions. If you have a preference please let me know. Otherwise I will place you into the division I think you're suited for.
  • Every team will play each other 6 times(3 home/3 away). A and B divisions will play a 42-game season. C division has 9 teams with a 48-game season.
  • The team advantages will be the same for all teams just like SDL and Salary Cap.
  • Penalties on, except offsides
  • Manual goalie
  • No line changes
  • Top 4 in each division will make the playoffs with a Bo7 for each series
  • Playoff tie-breakers: Games played, head-to-head record, overall goal differential, overall GAA, overall Save %

All-Time Greatest Rosters Team Ranking - Sheet1.pdf

All-Time Rosters Game-Ver4.2.smc ATRv4 Default Rosters.csv

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Updated ROM and CSV
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I'm in for whatever league I fit. gotta support the ROM creators who put in so much time and energy into this. 

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