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  1. Hi There, How would I go about getting one of those? I still have my SNES from when I was a kid and would love to get a copy of this to play on there. Help?
  2. Awesome! thanks!
  3. CoachMac! Awesome work! I'm really enjoying these ROMs. Any chance you're doing a 90-91 or 91-92 year? or are you just updating the previous years you've done? Is that somewhere that I've missed?
  4. Hello again! I just realised I don't have the team rinks in my game. I have put that rinkselect .bat file in the folder you suggested but I always get the NHL logo on the ice no matter who I play with. Where do I put all the rink artwork files for the individual team rinks? Any help is always appreciated!
  5. For anyone interested, I'm working on an updated roster for this conversion. Will be 2016-2017 after the trade deadline. Stay tuned for it to show up in the coming weeks!
  6. Is this update still available somewhere?
  7. Thanks! I look forward to it.
  8. Goodbyccha, Can you post some of those jerseys? Is there any chance that you have those NHL15 jerseys in the classic NHL95 team format? I know you switched the teams around in your conversion, wondering if you have a way to put those new jerseys over the old ones,,, Would really appreciate you sharing your quality work.
  9. You will want this one instead. I did a lot of the trades off memory for the one above but missed a few. This one here is the most updated. 2017 Roster
  10. Hi Everyone, Here's an updated 2016-2017 roster after the trade deadline. If anyone has any rosters out there that are not within the 1993-2000 time period I have seen throughout these forums that they would share, I would greatly appreciate it. Enjoy! 2017
  11. Hi Petr & Everyone, I've updated the rosters for the 2016-2017 season to the latest since the trade deadline. Enjoy! 2017
  12. yay success! Thanks everyone!
  13. ok cool Thanks!
  14. Appreciate the feedback. I'm trying to edit attributes to one of the rosters that I downloaded from a forum on here and when I try to save the file after editing it in Excel it saves ok. It's when I'm using the csvtogame program that it isn't copying over to the files I'm supposed to put back in the main directory to change the attributes. I copied everything from the excel sheet and pasted it into notepad and saved it from there and still it didn't transfer once I used the csvtogame program. Just wondering what I'm doing wrong because I've followed all the steps in the readme files that are attached.
  15. Newbie here, so did you save it back as a .csv format once you edited it in the text editor? I'm having the same issue with it not importing and I'm using Excel 2007 but when I copy and past it into a text file, there are no commas. Any help is greatly appreciated.