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  2. Direct quote from one of the devs on fightcade 2 "2+ players is possible on ggpo (with rollbacks), but there's a ton of work to make it happen (backend, frontend, ui/ux, people joining leaving midgame, spectators, etc). It would be great, but it's a huge effort, not sure if worth the investment"
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  4. ya youre right, i didnt realize. i just tried to play 2v2 in the finalburnneo emulator and i couldnt seem to get it to recognize it. it just wouldnt show up even though the rom was in the directory. but on the fightcade site it does say: " Is it possible to add <insert your favourite game here>? If the game is supported in the version of FBA bundled with FightCade then yes, otherwise no. "
  5. i just would like someone to try a game of 94 with me on this platform and see if it has any potential. because has really sparked a ton of interest in the 3rd strike/super turbo scene. people are saying things like its the best online experience theyve had with those respected games.
  6. It does work for netplay, read the third comment in the reddit post, he explains it. it reads the netplay input frame delay setting, then the runahead setting, and subtracts the latter from the former. (Input - runhead). You can have frame delay set to 0, and runahead set to 1, and you would have a -1 frame delay (just pure runahead). I remember Fightcade not being able to run custom roms, which I thought was weird.
  7. I think ggpo was the first to make use of it. Was really impressive to experience for the first time in games like 3rd Strike and Alpha 3.
  8. Retroarch also has runahead you can use for input lag. I haven't messed with it though. Some communities I've seen will use 1 input delay frame for netplay, then use 1 runahead frame (so they cancel out). This helps connection wise. But it's one of those things I haven't tested
  9. ya it has rollback, so did the old fightcade. its really the run ahead feature that makes a difference and this method would have both rollback and run ahead. you could maybe get some answers from the fightcade discord
  10. Retroarch does. It makes for some weird situations in netplay where history gets re-written if there's a lag spike (you see a goal, then suddenly the goalie has the puck). RA also supports custom ROMs, which I think was a problem with Fightcade? EDIT: According to this maybe it's not exactly the same thing? Or not enabled for netplay? Netplay uses rollback. I think it's what you're looking for, though. You don't get that delayed feeling like Gens had.
  11. So i have mentioned fightcade on here before. they now have a new beta for the fightcade 2 and it is AMAZING. primarily built for the fighting game community but it also has potential for any kind of game. a full collection of genesis games and snes games, among other systems is automatically downloadable. the reason this could be big for the nhl94 community is because it has the opportunity of being very user friendly allowing a single room to meet when looking for games and spectating. but the biggest thing is it has a run-ahead feature that makes the input delay practically nonexistent. in netplay emulation i have never experienced as smooth a gameplay experience and id be very curious to see how this works for 94 gens and maybe snes. its still in beta but i believe this has immense potential. Ill post some pics and links so you guys can try it out if you wish. i dont know much about 94 on retroarch, if Retroarch uses run ahead feature online then this might be all unnecessary, but i would like you guys to judge for yourselfs. havent figured out 2v2 yet but i do believe it would be possible here are some links to get started if you wish. its very easy to set up. Fightcade 2 beta download: Fightcade 2 beta Guide to getting fightcade 2 up and running: Here i believe the name for this will be fightcade neo because it uses final burn neo emulator. it also uses ggpo. any question feel free to ask me and ill help in anyway i can. EDIT: i put this in gens emulation and that was a mistake because this can be use for snes too, so maybe a mod/admin would like to move this to a more appropriate place on the forums EDIT2: also is my download link doesnt work, try the one in the guide. EDIT3: the snes roms dont have the run ahead feature because its a different emulator so that might not be viable after all
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  13. Black devil takes van mcmarkis takes phi draft done!
  14. Pistolpete takes calgary
  15. Nhl94og takes boston
  16. I’m taking the Edmonton Oilers
  17. Mighty Ducks still on the board too
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