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  2. Glad it's going to a good home. @CoachMac hopefully that's not all you own.
  3. Details sent to you inDM. Thanks!
  4. New update with 4 new rookies and a few corrections to the mistakes in the earlier version. 19_5.rar
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  6. Plenty here to get a start running a tournament. Thought I'd post here before selling things Individually on E-bay. @halifax @Edge of '94 Midwest @McMikey @kingraph @chaos or anybody else. What is included? 1 Genesis Everdrive. 1 SNES Everdrive. 1 Sega Genesis 1 with 2 6 button controllers, power cord, and hook up. 2 Sega Genesis 2 each with 2 3 button controllers, power cord, and hook up. 1 SNES, 1 controller, power cord, and hook up. 1 Gamerz Tech Mini Gen HD with controllers and power cord. 1 Gamerz Tech NES HD System with controllers and power cord. 1 EA Sports 4 way play. 2 Genesis NHL 94 Carts 3 Genesis NHLPA 93 Carts 2 Genesis NHL 92 Carts 1 NES Tecmo Super Bowl Cart 1 SNES NHL 94 Cart 1 SNES Griffey Baseball Cart. Asking Price $200
  7. Took a bit longer than I thought, but I've updated the rosters for the start of the 2019-20 season. As always, there's a few fringe players who ended up in the minors/junior, but they're all scratches. NHL951920UPDATE.rar
  8. I'll have an update coming soon and will attach here! I want to go through a couple of weeks so I can update the advantages for home, away, PP, PK, etc.
  9. "People don't like the relay server on, but we figured it out in 3 days, it's the best. It is the best relay server there is. Zsnes? Who remembers that? Doesn't cut it in this economy." "Gens? What is that? Gens isn't even around. Gens doesn't have it. Retroarch is yuge. It's got everything. It's the best. Gens is yesterdays news. Retroarch, and I'll tell you. Retroarch is very bright."
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  11. WHA Minnesota at Quebec 2019-10-12 .avi
  12. The Kenny Albert headshot has been fixed. I put him on an all carbs diet! It will be in my next ROM update/post.
  13. Now, I realize there is a growing concern over Kenny Albert’s appearance but, if you google his image, he’s not exactly a pumpkinhead. Lol It will be fixed in a future release (as I plan to post 4-5 versions/updates, for this season, just like last season).
  14. @clockwise @angryjay93 I'm asking on the RA discord about this problem. I'll get back to you guys.
  15. Why is Kenny Albert's face squished?
  16. yes, i have had this same issue. while i have been unable to host, I have had the frame rate tank when playing by myself in a game i made available for netplay.
  17. It's great when it works, but I can't host without the frame rate dropping. @chaos helped me for two nights and we couldn't figure it out. Anyone else experience this when hosting?
  18. Lol .....that is El Chalten Argentina pretty much the end of the world .....that pic is laguna torre 20km hike my feet were fucked taking some rest days before my next hike on sunday!
  19. Would like to know as well. Thats some serious Photoshopping material there and am very tempted to alter the source material
  20. That's one hell of a green screen. And your controller is at the taxi dispatchers office waiting for you to pick it up.
  21. Completing logos and roster ...
  22. An acadey hockey game created in 2012 by Daniel X Moore. dumbmanex provides the artwork for the game. Red ice is made with HTML 5 coding You play as 6 crazy teams and crush your opponents into the ice till they turn it red and slapshot that puck into that goal. remember one thing: Look out for the Zambonis, they can run you and everyone else over and blow up when they take critical damage. The game kind of like a mix of both Hit the ice with Mutant league hockey and Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu. Originally was going to have 2 skaters and 1 goalie on each team (commentary by dumbmanex the artist) The creator behind the game, Daniel X Moore, decided to shorten it to 2 v 2 with 1 skater and 1 goalie. The only way to play the game is the demo on Newgrounds with only 2 teams available Or the betas or alpha versions in his github the full game used to be in the Chrome store but then got pulled down because of it being outdated or incompatible. But you can listen to the games kick awesome music by Aaron Cherof on bandcamp Old site saved from the wayback machine
  23. This patch was originally created for ROMS. First released with my NHL11 ROM, with the help of kaneda of, it allows for the use of goalie control by pressing the (Y) button. Controls must be configured to six buttons for both players. Plans for the use of the (X) and (Z) buttons for line changes and a pseudo fake shot button were scrapped when I stopped doing updates. This patch also works on real Genesis hardware if you have an Mega Everdrive or some other flash cart. We did get it going with multi tap, 4-way play, but 4-way play has been tested on actual Genesis hardware. Note: you can still control the goalie by depressing (B) for a second with this patch applied.
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