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    SNES 2vs2 ROM

    What was the problem? Issues with it having a header? I only played on Zsnes back then.. Now I'm using Snes9x.
  3. I don't have any tips for capturing video games, but I do know if a, "baby on board," sticker is a little faded and beat up on the car in front of you that the kid is at least a year or two old now and the car is safe to ram.
  4. i'll give it a try then. I'm just looking for a program that will allow me to record it.. I'll figure out the editing later. Thanks @smozoma
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  6. also: OBS would let you capture the window and crop it and resize the output, so you could record in window-mode if that's easier.
  7. OBS Studio, by far the best I've ever used. Pro streamers use it. It's a little hard to set up in some ways (watch some youtube videos to learn how to use it), but it works well, and you can do a lot of stuff with it However, it isn't useful for editing and stitching multple videos together. It's for live capture/streaming.
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  9. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if someone can recommend a good video capture program that I can use while playing NHL95PC through dosbox. I downloaded one called Debut Video Capture software but it stops whenever I put dosbox in full screen and that's what I'm hoping to do. I've seen some highlight reels put on here and always wanted to give it a try. If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  10. Oh thanks, well that saves me some future disappointment. Some of the online play for these PC games had direct connect options, which would require you to enter you local IP address. These types of connections should still work, and could also be used with Hamachi.
  11. NHL 99 didn't have that feature, because it debuted in NHL 2000. Edit: RIP Greg Johnson
  12. I've been trying to get NHL99 running on my PC for nostalgia sake, I used to play as the Nashville Predators and trade for as many local boys as I could. PC version had a function where you could be "in the game", using a scanned image of your face you could create yourself and map your face onto your player. It looked about as good as you would imagine a 3D player with a 2D scanned image for a face should look. Preds alumni and former captain Captain Greg Johnson passed away in July - had many great seasons with Greg as the league scoring champ. He was 48 years old, RIP.
  13. Vancouver Sun Oct. 5 1970 newspaper in my Canucks collection. So old should be behind glass at Rogers Arena. Go Canucks!
  14. It creates a virtual LAN. Search the forums, plenty of topics on it because it's what we have usually use for league play for the past 10 years
  15. The Internet Archive has this: When you unzip the file, there's a txt file that mentions Blomman, aka one of the gods of NHL editing.
  16. *Created a team in NHL 97 using Sonic and friends, and played a game with them. *I created the players and put them on the Maple Leafs.
  17. 1) What PS1 emulators support online play? 2) The PC version requires a modem, which no one uses anymore.
  18. I actually played 2000 in the attic of my parents old house with no heat in the dead of winter when it came out; long but uninteresting story. Hard to believe it was 20 years ago. Played a bunch of games with @HABS and @donnybrook years ago. Really easy to setup and play and if anyone wants to have a mini-tourney I'd be down for sure.
  19. @chaos If they don't want them, Jesus' Salvage, BBQ Towing and Notary Service can oblige. @kingraph Apparently a good way to find one is just to email every local broadcast studio, university and news station in a 30 mile radius and ask them if they have any tube monitors that they no longer need. A lot of people who are persistent have gotten huge hauls. For most of these places, you're solving a problem. I plan to do this next week myself as I'm smitten with these PVM's.
  20. It's the 3D EA game I've played the absolute most. It's been awhile now, but I usually return to it and play through a season every other year or so! Players with "hammer" and power shot are a bit over powered though.. Players without them are a bit under powered. But yeah, the intro rocks! If you haven't already, I'd recommend you try NHL Hitz Pro. It's a bit along those lines of being "simcade" (mix of realism and arcade). One of my favorite non EA hockey games.
  21. Right-click -> Save As You will need a special program to play the game file. It's not a program on its own, it's just the raw game data like on the original cartridge. To play it, follow these instructions:
  22. I am unfortunately having some issues with downloading the game as it keeps wanting to download with a VLC Media Player. Everything else I've tried downloading it with has failed. What would you recommend I install to my pc to help with the download?
  23. Thanks for locking that down, I'll remove my other comment.
  24. Tried getting the group rate at the Courtyard-Marriot where you guys are staying, but reservations could not find "Andromeda or Wave" on their list. They currently only have King/sofa combos available for the weekend. I've booked myself into the Monte Carlo (I booked through Hotwire - but I see the same price now on Expedia which offers free cancellation). I'm arriving Friday afternoon, and will be ready for exis and 2v2. If there is a room, or small meeting room in either hotel where we can set-up - I'm happy to pitch in some money.
  25. I've been a member for a couple of years. Not to mention stalking this site way before creating my account. Thanks @kingraph
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