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  1. Hip hip hooray for @Evan ! Seriously though, this forum is awesome. It's good to know I'm not alone in my obsession with old hockey games. Cheers!
  2. Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks @Sauce
  3. man.. that's nuts! I'm amazed at how long some of those guys can hold their breath for.
  4. PenguinFan1985

    NHL 95

    NHL95PC* is fun to play. @segathon fixed.
  5. A team of NBA players? the 92 dream team or a combination of the original and the more recent one to fill the roster. Comedy TV Show leading Men/Women? Seinfeld, Tim Taylor, Al Bundy.. etc. all character names of course. You have the russian mafia in there... what about an all time Russian All Star team?
  6. @Asher413 what did Ken Wregget ever do to you?
  7. @aqualizard did you mean this video?
  8. We're not worthy! @CoachMac Thanks!
  9. Some cool ideas though... but like @halifax said.. you should try and figure out making these for yourself. A lot of us were right where you are now... not a clue how to start but there's a lot of instructions/help on this site for you to figure it out. Good luck!
  10. @smozoma Do you know if it works with Dosbox?
  11. I've been watching them @halifax. Nice work.
  12. Hello Peeps, Who is the person responsible for doing the Instagram tips lately? Cool idea!
  13. @Kiba can you add the jersey files to the editing & tutorials main page?
  14. @angryjay93 it sounds like it's time to release a NHL94 McIntyre edition.