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  1. So over the last couple of weeks, i'm following these great playoff races in both conferences of the gdl. Guys like Kingscup and Smo went on these insane streaks to fight for the final playoff spot in their respective conferences-very exciting! I figured these races would literally come down to the last day, and it looked like they would. Like many coaches, i read donch's post about when the season would come to an end(Jan 28). I figured that most guys would hunker down and get their last few reg season games in this weekend. Most did, but a few guys either didn't or couldn't. Under Donch's old system, DNP's would be docked 3 pts each, but i never understood if that would count for everyone or the guys who didn't make an effort to play the games(post in a thread, AIM). Recently Gr8 posted a thread suggesting that only the player with more games played earn two pts for his DNP's. Sounded like a better idea to me at the time. However, something about this just doesn't sit right with me, particularly when ppl will miss the playoffs due to a competitor earning "free" points under this newest system. Personally, i'd be a little pissed if i busted my butt the last couple of weeks to fight for a playoff spot, and missed out due to this system. I'm not quite sure how i would remedy the situation, but perhaps a playoff between the two teams fighting for a spot would be a fair solution. Bottom line, I just don't think someone should miss the playoffs because a rival team didn't play a particular opponent. Donch, please don't take this rant the wrong way, because i think you've done an amazing job with this league-I know i couldn't do it. But i had to voice my opinion.-Jrod
  2. Probably the best solution i've heard. Only thing is, i hope it wouldn't drag the playoffs out even more.
  3. 21 one goalers for me (11W-10L) Meh Hokk when you find that eye of the tiger i'll buy some off ya
  4. As much as i would like my New Jersey Devils to win, they just don't have the scoring punch to go deep into the playoffs. I see Ottawa winning it all this time-once a good team gets within a hair of winning the cup they usually win it soon after.
  5. INsane playoff push, smo. Keep it up!!!!
  6. I tend to lean toward sebe's side in this debate-I think AJ should have been more decisive and called it sooner, especially since the previous game degraded in the third. However, I don't think sebe should have logged the game without coming to a concrete resolution. Both players are skilled and confident in their abilities-I say replay the damn thing!
  7. Just 2 left vs ed i'm on most evenings also late (PST) *Edit- Just got the games out of the way, thx Ed
  8. "You sure are tough on the internet. Care to give me your little address so we can see how tough you are face to face? Somehow I doubt your big mouth would be saying much with my fist rammed down it if we met face to face. Do you curse people out for no reason in "real life" like you do on internet blogs? Doubt it, because you'd be eating pavement if you did you little b*tch. Tell me where to meet you big mouth, any time any place. And you kept telling me to "get a life". If having a life means babysitting 2 snot nosed brats (your kids, dumbbell), and working 23 hours a day as you claim, I'm happy with my "non-life". Thanks. And if you really wanna hear "whining", send your b*tch wife to my house sometime and give us a few hours. Poor woman, it's been a while since she's been with a real man." *More than half of these lines are straight outta Rocky III(Mr. T)
  9. Great idea-cosign many coaches wait till both games are available anyway so they can home and home it
  10. 1) no 2) no-best one timer teams are Pit, Det, LA and Que
  11. In your opinion, who will be the toughest team to draw in the first round? New York Islanders(AJ) gets my vote-for his devastating O with frikkin unstoppable sandstrom Feel free to list multiple coaches
  12. Dude, don't make EA go Mike Tyson on your ass
  13. I've got just the guy you need to talk to-his name's hokkee
  14. Legend has it that he left the country after his defeat at the hands of mylec. He was last seen outside a tibetian monastery holding an old genesis controller practicing one-timers.
  15. Ewww.... Girls don't poop-In fact, they shouldn't even be allowed to talk about poop
  16. 7. WTF Happened to you: Ellyb(dude you coulda skated into da playoffs) 8. ??/?!? (Dear Mrs. Ice, please keep the booze cabinet locked up when you're not home ) Great season, boys It was wicked fun
  17. I believe that SSiG's retirement will be as permanent as Jay Z's
  18. 1. Best Writeup Coach - [awesomerino-Gens D] 2. Best Highlight Video - [clockwise-Gens B] 3. Crease Cut Cheese Award - [jefflebowski-Gens C]
  19. 1. Best Overall Coach - [sEBE] 2. Best Sportsmanship Coach - [sEBE] 3. Best Manual Goalie Coach - [icestorm] 4. Most Creative Coach - [Mylec] 5. Most Improved Coach - [Flyinhi] 6. Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - [Flyinhi]
  20. I'll never ignore you for a game hokkee, you're frikkin hilarious!!!
  21. I don't know about you guys, but our man SSiG seems pretty done with playing. What do you guys think? Vote early/often!
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