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  1. Minnesota North Stars C Selanne LW Broten RW Juneau LD Konstantov RD Brown Xtra attacker: Verbeek First Forward Sub: Verbeek First Defensive Sub: Tinordi  Goalie: Belfour
  2. Awesome! Looking forward to it. Thank you for doing it Chaos!
  3. I would like to be in the league. I have played a couple test games. Please let me know what else I need to do. Thank you
  4. On it. I just posted a message on discord. Thank you for the help
  5. Hello, I am a rookie, and just getting setup with NHL 94 Online play. I have the emulator and would like to try setup a game with someone. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Josh
  6. I love this league even though I have no hockey knowledge. I never watched hockey growing up so I am clueless on the players but it does not matter I still love playing in this league. I also do not have the rom editing skills to do any of the work. The only thing I can offer is to help pay for hosting/domain fees. Please let me know if that would help. Team LeifErikson Great work thus far Sun.
  7. ROUND 1 1-Stanish Martin Brodeur 2-wags M.Renberg 3-Xdeath C.Pronger 4-Jtakunnen J.ARNOTT 5-leif A. Yashin F 6-chris dudda 7-zalex 8-Freyday 9-Jrod 10-Xdeath (From FPB) 11-hokke 12-Bo 13-Ice Storm 14-Vocally Caged 15-Sungod 16- Sebe 17-Habs 18-Carse Leif takes A. Yashin
  8. If you look this is how he aquired them
  9. hokkee trades r courtnal,gartner and cheveldae to joshreiten for roy, yake and ricci Confirmed
  10. Are we drafting 95 or 96 rookies?
  11. Anyone want to make offers for Roy or Super Mario LeifErikson send offers to AIM joshreitan I need fast offensive guys with acurate shots and good checking defenders
  12. Please sign me up. With my wedding and birth of my son this could make my life complete:)
  13. If you have the file please post it. I don't get enough wins the way it is. Sebe walked me through logging so I should be able to do it on my own now but I would appreciate the credit for the win.