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  1. Jesus Christ...the NHL is KILLING me with all these damn trades, most of the work I have already done as far as the rosters is all obselete now
  2. Yes, either that or an actual Sega CD console if you burn it to a CD using Fireburner.
  3. Chris


    Yeah 77, not cool
  4. Update: All these trades have been pissing me off and frustrating the hell out of me. Theres nothing worse than busting your ass on stats/rosters only to have them rendered obsolete with every transaction and watching all your work go right down the drain. As a result of this, I have decided to take a bit of a break and finish up the game AFTER the trade deadline. Those of you that have been fortunate enough to play the prototype, please share all your thoughts on it. Lets keep this thread alive and let it remain a bright spot on the editing board which has been spammed with a lot of needless threads lately.
  5. What a coincidence, EA sports spent about 2 days on it too
  6. I don't have them but they are fairly easy to find. Open the file, go to view, then codec then select 4bpp linear. then go to pallete, format, 9bpp Genesis. Use the up and down and right and left arrows to manipulate the screen until the first tile of the logo you want is in the upper left portion of the screen. Then go to Image, canvas size and put 6 under colums and 4 under rows.
  7. Guys a bit of a warning: You might want to refrain from posting links to ROM sites on the boards and keep it confined to PMs. The big game companies such as Nintendo and Sega are known for AGGRESSIVELY going after sites that provide these ROMs including sites that provide links to them as well. I'd hate to see this site get into trouble and possibly shut down for something as trivial as this.
  8. Hey I'm working damn hard here...you're making me feel like I'm in some kind of Cambodian sweat shop or something
  9. I know how to hex edit NHL 94 for SNES but I'm just not interested because that version of the game just flat out sucks. However, I would be VERY interested in hacking NHL 95 for SNES because fixing the ratings flaws in it would present a good challenge, however last I heard, NHL 95 for SNES was just unhackable because its in a completely different format from the rest of the games.
  10. oh ok my bad...I was thinking you were talking about the pause screen, but I'd imagine changing the in-game one would be along the same lines.
  11. Well thats what I was talking about. There is something in the code that tells the scoreboard to display the score and banner of the visiting team on the left and the home team on the right. In order to get at that, we would probably need to look at the source code of the game which is just not available to us and quite frankly, probably never will be. If there was a way to invert the names on the scoreboard without the source code, it would be very very complicated if it was even possible.
  12. Sadly, I don't think this can be done without EA releasing the source code of the game. Right now our capabilities are basically limited to actually editing the code itself. I suspect that to do what you want to do would require a reprogramming of the code that tells the game which score to display and where. It might be possible if this is based on offsets AND we were able to locate the offsets, not only for the number of goals but also for the team banners.
  13. A bit of an update... My goal was to have this done by the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the worst case scenario having it ready by the start of the Finals. I am still shooting for the start of the Playoffs but I'm not sure how realistic this will be. I have everything pretty much done with the exception of the rosters and the player cards. I have started the rosters and I have about 8 teams done (of course I'm going to need to double check each team and make a few changes after the trade deadline which is approaching). Those of you that hex edit will know that doing the rosters is an extremely time-consuming process. The pace at which I have been working at (2 teams a day after I get home from my day job), has burned me out. I'd rather delay the game a few weeks if it means doing more of a quality job. Like I said, I'm shooting for the start of the playoffs, but realistically, we are probably looking at the 2nd or 3rd round. I will continue to show the overall progress in my signatures. In other news, I plan on releasing this as a patch, which will convert the original NHL94 ISO into NHL MMVII. It will require downloading a certain patching utility called Ninja, but overall, it will be worth it since the patch itself is actually less than 1MB. I still haven't worked out as good of a solution for distributing the audio files, but I suspect that I'll be able to patch those as well with some tinkering. Stay tuned...
  14. http://www.nhl94.com/html/editing/edit_bin_playerstar.asp
  15. There is very little fighting in the NHL anymore. how often does this really happen in the NHL to warrant it in the game? All 3 of those are addressed here: http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2933
  16. Personally I just burn everything to a CD using fireburner then I can just go to File -> Boot CD but if it works the way you just mentioned, I guess thats cool.
  17. Thats EXACTLY what I'm trying to do with NHL MMVII without the crappy "NHL 08" game of course
  18. I added a few more screenshots above. The suckiness of NHL 07 and NHL 2K7 is what inspired me to start this project. EA sports and 2k sports give us annual bags of monkey crap year after year and I'm fed up with it and this is my answer to it. I hope that everyone enjoys the finished product because that will make the answer even more emphatic.
  19. Yes it is Gens. Yes and no. I have figured out how to swap the player AI but not modify it (for example, giving the goalie the defense AI which makes him circle around the defensive zone, or giving him the forward AI which makes him join the rush). Thats some interesting stuff which I plan to explore a little more in-depth in the future. But getting back to MMVII, it is not as easy to score because I have tied the players shot power and shot accuracy directly to the amount of goals that particular player has scored. My formula is that I take the amount of goals scored, divide it by 10 and that is the players shot accuracy (example, a 30 goal scorer gets a 3, a 40 goal scorer a 4, a 2 goal scorer a 0, etc.). The shot power is the same thing but I just add 1 to the final number due to a bug in the game where players with weak shot power have a tendency to shoot the puck into the stands everytime. To sum it all up, if you are shooting with a player who only scores 5 goals this season, expect it to be near-impossible to go in unless he is set up with a wicked one-timer, which is the way it usually goes in real life. In the original 94, EVERY single player was a scoring threat and pretty much could score at will when a halfway decent player is holding the controller. In NHL MMVII, goals will be harder to come by because every team only has so many 30+ goal scorers, which will put the focus on the opponents trying to shut down players such as Crosby, Ovechkin and Malkin which is what real life NHL hockey is all about. There are similar formulas which I have tied to other player attributes such as pass accuracy being directly tied to assists, endurance being directly tied to age, aggression tied to PIMs. This really isn't that hard, what I have done is slowed down the players a little bit (in original 94, players could sprint across the whole rink in about 2 and a half seconds which is totally unrealistic). I have also increased the defensive awareness of the defensemen and they are usually in position instead of being caught circling aimlessly around the blueline. Basically I haven't really done anything to the AI. The defense AI was actually much better than we realized because the people who did the ratings made the skaters too fast and blew by the defense before they even had the chance to assume the defensive position. The result of this improved defense is that the front of the net is better guarded and a lot of passes are cut off which makes it much harder to bang in those one-timers. Also since the front of the net is guarded so well, I find myself skating into the corners and trying to make plays from there whether it be dumping it all the way around the boards or using my point men and passing back and forth until I see an opening. In many ways it really is like playing an updated game using the same controls as NHL 94. No you are definitely not, ask Evan and Donny. Both of whom tested out an early prototype and actually tried repeatedly to score those cheap goals with minimal success
  20. A big part of my current project, NHL MMVII involves making the goalies better and the shot power/accuracy more based on the players real life NHL stats. See the NHL MMVII thread in the Editing forum for more information.
  21. Good stuff. I can't wait until you make more of your info available. I have one question: Theoretically does this mean if we change the value to include all teams as well as make provisions in the playoff matchups, does this mean that ASW/ASE could be playable in the playoffs? If so that is f**king AWESOME
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