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  1. seth or raph are always online. but giving it to someone who just leaves their aim on green all the time would be a bad idea, because they would get spammed, just because they have aim on their phone, or just because they don't close their tabs.
  2. whats happening to this? Plabax is the king, but won't be back for a while.
  3. I used the base from the roamin goalies rom to make these 2. I will make more in the future. Rom 1: Roamin Goalies 2 on 2 This is simply a 2 on 2 rom where goalies can roam. It is made so if you do attempt to go up ice with the goalie, you won't get clogged on your way back. Also if you prefer to use your goalie as an attacker when he has the puck, you can set up a one timer. Roamin 2 on 2.bin Rom 2: Roamin Goalies 2 on 2 WEIGHT BUG FIX Same thing as the above, but without the weight bug. Everything else is same as above. Roamin 2 on2 wbf.bin Roamin 1 on 1.bin Roamin G v G.bin
  4. The 2 on2 for this is the best. Can't wait 4 playoff patch
  5. So A guys replace A guys, and B guys replace B guys? I get what you trying to do (and this should be done in every league), but guys like me who go 0-20 in 20 game classic may never get in. (To be fair, I was in the Smythe division, which had LABS_66, Snyder, and Brutus)
  6. 20moris@sau5.org is my aim. could u add me to this
  7. Anyone kno where the official 2 on 2 rom is? I want to play it, but can't find it
  8. bye! you were the first person I ever played online, and hope u comeback soon!
  9. A rom I made yesterday. Compare it to my first rom. Pardon the bad graphics on start up, ice logos, and Manchester team select. It's also a work in progress.NHAHA 14 Playoff Edition.bin
  10. Message me on aim if you can play. I really want to start playing again.
  11. I think we did a regular season. thought u brutus, fitz,and skeletor did a playoff
  12. I am really sorry for any disruption I caused during the summer and fall, and a even bigger sorry to any admins who had to replace me in leagues. I am going to play in spring classic (hopefully) this spring, and will complete all my games on time. School, just got in the way in December, but it calmed down quickly. Also a message to anyone who played in the 6 person draft league last fall, should we do season 2? -Seano7302
  13. I it pretty awesome when you do it though. Especially on edits, and you change 20 min periods to 1 min periods, and just score once and win, than switch to five.
  14. Down goes brown! his website is hilarious. Lots of hockey comedy, and his youtube blogesalming is even better
  15. We should totally start a league on haxball.gr
  16. I would be happy to get back in the game within the next month or 2. Just sharing a team with some one would be enough. Or some exhis.
  17. I believe there is already a rating like that. It's Shot Acuracy and Shot power difference
  18. I would add a "Clutch" rating. Where certain players get amped stats in 3rd period, and OtT
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