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  1. Nice try. You are interchanging "Premium" with "Plabax". Not the same thing. Premium is just the 5th version of Plabax. The profile for Plabax clearly has the gender as male.
  2. I thought aqualizard was referring to community/forum members not signing up. The idea of locals filling up the tournament never crossed my mind. I'm saying that even if the tournament attracts a lot of people, we shouldn't be expecting tons of community members. I think most don't care about Greg, Danny and Doug who play with CoachMac (and registered), but more about Plabax, TomKabs and Carse (who didn't register), which is why aqualizard was dissappointed. But now that I look at it, I definitely could have been wrong.
  3. Let's be real here. Yeah, big events happen in Vegas. But the King of '94 is NOT a big event. It's big relative to the community, but not in the larger scale of things. Most can't even be bothered to leave a list for a draft; what makes you think they will travel many hours to play two games of NHL '94? Doesn't help that most people hardly got to play at the first King of '94, and when they did their team was decided by a coin toss. I can see why people aren't eager to go to the next. I am spot on about online leagues, and I am spot on about this too. You get why the tournament is in Vegas, but what you don't get is that there is little to no thought put into it. That's understandable. McMikey is only here to promote the film and to get a couple of faces on camera. He's not your average community member, but more of an ambassador. He's concerned about the FILM, not the tournament. He is like what Drake is to the Toronto Raptors. That's totally fine. However let's not sit around and act like we don't know why people aren't signing up. ------------------------------------------------------ My comments are not pointless just because I'm not attending. Even if I registered, it wouldn't alter the meaning of my comments. Just because someone works hard, doesn't mean that they deserve a pat on the back. Adolf Hitler was likely a harder worker than McMikey and Halifax combined. So what? Alexei Kovalev never worked, yet he was a full-time pro. Tons of hard-working 4th liners struggle to make the NHL.
  4. Not sure what this comment means. My comment was referring to aqualizard's in which he said he was worried that a ton of people hadn't registered. Why would a ton of people register for a tournament in Las Vegas when almost nobody lives nearby? It's like holding the tournament in the middle of South Africa. I don't think it would be reasonable to expect a ton of people to fly out to an area that holds 0% of community members and is close to about 1/10 relevant/active community members.
  5. Almost everyone relevant in the community is nowhere near Las Vegas.
  6. What about the A finals?
  7. Being outchecked doesn't mean much though. This is just a product of CoachMac's bad offense or Pearate's defensive style. Some games I would purposely not check, and I would still win despite being outchecked 45-8, 40-5 or something along those lines.
  8. I remember there being someone who was against letting people with unplayable connections participate...
  9. Why did I quit? I have nothing to prove. I have conquered the game of NHL '94.
  10. Reputation DOES matter. If you are aligned with me then it's a negative. Guarantee that raph or smoz can say anything I say and get 25 likes per comment and even a "Bud of the Year" award.
  11. The community is stupid for NOT enforcing the cell phone thing as a rule to those who need it. What is anyone going to do with a phone number besides text them to play? The community has been f**king around too long and catering to slacking "buds" instead of those who really care about the game. Is it really? Outside of guys who purposely avoid playing their games (slackers), there have never been any real tough scheduling issues. Plabax League is a good example. It was the only league with rules, and it was the only league to have a healthy pace. Your example uses a casual game whereas this community is made up of the best players in the world who don't play this game casually. The better you are at something, the less you do it for fun. TomKabs is not a casual player.
  12. Close to hundreds of people have left due to the failure to run a well-structured league. Nobody should be concerned if two guys leave because of me. Fact is, the people who leave "because of me" are also leaving because there is nothing else to look forward to anyway. Their thought process is, "the leagues suck, I suck, the only person doing anything is Plabax, and I don't like him.. So I'll just leave"
  13. You don't have to be friendly. At the end of the day, the trash talkers are just speaking without thought while the guys like smozoma go to bed with their feelings hurt over an AIM comment or a forum post. So who is taking it too seriously... the ones who let it affect their lives and talk to their wives about it, or the ones who are doing it out of competitiveness? -------------------------------------- In order for players to be retained, leagues need to have rules, and punishments need to be harsh.
  14. You can score "wayyyyy" more goals, yet you lose almost every season
  15. If that's how you see it then what can I say. You went from 420 goals in GDL15 to 337 in GDL16.
  16. Well, I can run up the score, it's just not with one player. Out of Raph, FPB and myself, I think I am the best at scoring. If I had Yzerman and FPB had JR, my team would outscore FPB's team but he would have way more points with JR than I would have with Yzerman. ------------------------------------------------------ That season with NYR I was aiming for 300 goals. The record (set by me) is 275. Even with my performance against you, scoring-wise that season is still better than any season by any coach not named Plabax. I finished out that season and scored somewhere around 265 goals I think I wasn't running up the score with one player that year though. The only time I ran up the score with one player was in Blitz 09, and I won.
  17. It's obviously easier when you consider that the top scorer is almost always one of the top players. Since GDL 6 it's been Mogilny, Klima, Klima, Klima, Klima, Ciccarelli, Klima, Mogilny, Roenick, Klima. You don't think it's player abuse? You had 744 shots on goal with Jeremy Roenick, and you said you only play regular season games to chase the recorde. I didn't even have a player hit 300 shots in either of my 410+ goal seasons. Take a look at the percentage of a team's shots and points a player produces: For you, Roenick produced 78% of your shots and 42% of your points. Total of 420 goals For you, Klima produced 63% of your shots and 39% of your points. Total of 393 goals (on pace for 400) For Raph, Ciccarelli produced 63% of his shots 37% of his points. Total of 442 goals For me, Oates produced 28% of my shots and 26% of my points. Total of 412 goals For me, Kurri produced 26% of my shots and 26% of my points. Total of 417 goals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reason you and Raph have the records are because you are scoring a lot of goals while having one guy produce a large amount of those points. At 26%, I don't even come close to your GDL13 Klima despite me scoring 19-24 more goals.
  18. The reason why Roenick and Ciccarelli have such high point totals in GDL is because the coaches controlling them were just chasing records and abusing the players. I scored as many goals in GDL 16 as you did in GDL 15, and your top scorer was Roenick with 388 points whereas mine was Jari Kurri with 226 points. I'm the only coach to score over 400 goals in a GDL season more than once, and I'm nowhere to be found on the record list. My best is 241 points.
  19. Seeing as you didn't shoot a very high percentage with JR , I'm not too sure I agree that it is "too strong". It's just a tad better than the 4/5. I'm sure almost all of the goals you scored with Roenick would have went in with a 4/5 shot as well.
  20. Anyway.. With JR, most of your goals are going to be from shots that would go in with a 4/5 shot anyway. That's what I want to say. The 5/5 shot is definitely a bonus though. I just think the 6 agility 5 speed bonus is greater.
  21. Still helped me when win more than you ever did
  22. I disagree. I think 4/5 is good enough especially when 99% of your goals are within 1cm of the goalie's face anyway lol. Wayne Gretzky can score way more goals than Brett Hull and he has one of the worst shots in the game. Yes JR is a better C checker, but who cares really. You were crying when you had Nelson Emerson and Dallas Drake (in GDL) while I was crushing the competition in Blitz with 0 C checks in 100+ games.
  23. Well, all JR has over Yzerman is shooting. Is Dino better than Yzerman too? Yzerman has an elite shot, elite skating (I think the best), elite awareness and is a great stick handler.
  24. I don't think so and here is why: The JR everyone thinks about is the boosted one from Classic with home advantages to beef up his stats. The Yzerman everyone thinks about is the one who doesn't have the luxury of juicing his stats like Roenick does. I believe that Yzerman is the superior player when it's evened out. Yzerman has the advantage in agility (the best stat in the game), and his awareness is higher. Roenick has a 5/5 shot, but the shot tends to matter less when you don't need to score from far out, and it's not like Yzerman can't anyway. Roenick is also lighter, but that is not a very big factor in my opinion. My defensive play stays the same regardless of who I have on my team.