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Season started.

Post results here:

Playoffs: 3 teams from each division make it. 1 seed gets a bye.

Season Deadline: May 11th (or until all games are completed.)



-Players will be randomly divided into two conferences: The Guy Hebert Conference and the Ron Tugnutt Conference.

-20 players max will be admitted. If by some odd chance more than 20 people are interested in joining (unlikely), it will go by longest membership on the forum.

-The league must have an even number of players so that each conference has the same amount of players.

- Teams' conferences will be drawn at random.


- If we have 20 players, the season will consist of each team playing the teams in their conference twice-- one home, one away. There will be no out-of-conference games except in the playoff championship.

-If we get less than 20 players (probable), everyone in the league will play each other twice.

- The catch:Every game will be played as Anaheim vs. Anaheim. (I know this sounds boring, but it actually makes things more fair imo; everyone has the same team and no players with remarkable talent; the games will come down to who can straight up out play their opponent.)

- Scores will be posted into a thread and I will update the standings every night.


- Half of the teams in each conference will make it to the playoffs. They will be seeded based on their overall record in the season. (It will basically be the like the format of the NHL Playoffs) If records are tied (which is probably likely), seeding will go by goal differential. If that is tied, most goals. If that is tied, least goals against. If that is tied, coin flip.

- Playoff rounds are best of 5.


- Steven King (not to be confused with American author Stephen King) Award

This goes to the winner of the playoffs. They will be awarded a 24 pack of Michael Season's Baked Cheddar Cheese Curls, 0.75-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24; reduced fat.)


- Stu Grimson Award For Exceptional Offense

This will go to the team who scored the most goals in the regular season. (If this is tied, most goals in the playoffs.) The award will be a Collectible Phone Card: $10. NHL All Star Hockey (Madison Square Garden, NY 1/22/94) USED


- Robin Bawa Award For Exceptional Defense

This award will be bestowed upon the player with the least goals against in the regular season. (if tied, least in the playoffs.) For this, the winner will recieve a kindle copy of JACKED! Brute Force Prison Workout Secrets Revealed by Rich Bryda. (Kindle files can be read on the computer.)


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Note: Prizes will be distributed via Amazon Wishlist.

Also, if not all games are completed, the last two awards will have to go by averages and not totals.

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after this one we should make a poll and have a league with the worst teams (ducks,panthers,senators ect) or one where you can use any team but you cant play guys with a rating of 70 or above

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Ok, if we could get 10 players, that would be good. (I believe that Vocally caged will play, so we already have 7.) That way the season is only 20 games. If the season gets too long, Ducks v. Ducks may become a drag.

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Ok, so no one new joined today. As of now, we have 9 people. One more, and I think we will have enough to start putting the league/tournament into motion.

Wittgenstein (philiveyismyhero)

minpind (minpind)

Snyder (

da94wookiee (kedzie92)

Dragon (Pearate)

Bo Knows NHL94 (BoKnowsNHL94)

abcdpotato (

Carse (snoboarder3211)

CamKneely (Vocally Caged)

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Sweet. I started up the season.

Standings & board to post results:

(didn't know what other forum to post it in.)

Have fun!

Also, check out this thread for line suggestions:

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