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Hosting Company f'd us over big time. Evan and Chaos will get it fixed soon buds.

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Something in a new updated file that Chaos loaded was flagged as malicious. I always suspected that bud. After some back and forth, it turns out there is nothing malicious (I never doubted Chaos) and the software detection on the host side is having the problem. Ball is in their court now to fix their issue.

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Yeah, apparently adding the info for Classic to appear on the front page is considered "malicious". I uploaded the new page, then they changed permissions on the file. Then I SSHed in, and tried changing permissions. It worked for a minute, then they kicked me off and locked me out. I had Evan send them the file, they found nothing malicious in it, so they need to fix their program.

I put the old main page back on, but it still changed permissions on it. We have to wait it out now.

EDIT: Should be back up and running by tomorrow afternoon.

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