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Fall'16 GENS "A" Vegas ODDS


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Place your bets!

Pontius Plabax | BOS | +200 : Plabax came out of "retirement" rather quickly, and is playing at a high level that has won him many championships. Add to that one of his favorite teams, the Bruins, and I have a hard time seeing someone who can stop him this season.

angryjay93 | MTL | +300 : AJ has been on fire for some time now, winning the last 2 Classic seasons, edging out tough competition in close series. Montreal is also a team that suits his stlye, coming off a GDL season with Roy in net will be a big advantage. He's another heavy favorite, and will be seeking to win back to back to back Classic titles!

Flamingpavelbure | CHI | +700 : FPB sort of surprised everyone when he won GDL 15, abusing people with JR all the way through the playoffs. He gets to use JR again, along with a studded defense to back him up. Nobody will be taking FPB lightly now, but there's no doubt he will be a tough out with Chicago.

Icestorm NHL94 | QUE | +1000 : IceStorm returns to Classic, picking up the polarizing Quebec Nordiques. Ice has great GC, so will make the most of Hextall. Uncle Seth showed Quebec can go far by going to the finals last Fall, but historically they have been trouble. If anyone can make a run with them, it's Ice.

kingraph | NYR | +1300 : kingraph returns from a summer off '94, refreshed and ready to play again. He was shockingly swept by Zalex's Blackhawks last season when using Buffalo, a top team, so the struggle will be heavier with the New York Rangers. We'll see if he can keep focused all season with Beezer/Richter driving him nuts between the pipes.

canadiensfan66 | VAN | +1500 : HABS will be coming from all directions with the speedy Canucks, and depending on matchups can take this team far this season. He has the skills and players to beat anyone on a given day, the key for him will have to be plugging up that net on the defensive side.

Depch | DAL | +1500 : Our bud from Finland also returns this season (glad to hear he did not get "offed" by European bookies). A previous champion, he knows what it takes to win, and Dallas comes loaded with '94's most valued attribute, speed. This is definitely a darkhorse for the season, we'll see how much rust is there after being away for some time.

zeppelin55 | WPG | +2500 : Zeppelin managed to get his '94 BFF Phil Housley this season with the Winnipeg Jets. They also come equipped with Teemu Selanne! Zeppelin will have to mix it up a bit, avoid telegraphing his plays with Housley, and he can steal away a series from just about anyone.

TexasPachyderm | BUF | +3000 : That is a tough group ahead, but Texas can make a playoff run with the Sabres if he stays focused for all 3 periods. He can tango with the best, but has to stay at that high level all season. Mogs & company will help that matter for sure, so I won't be surprised if Tex sneaks into the playoffs with a good regular season.

brutus | LAK | +3500 : I expect to have Gretzky nightmares with Brutus' aggressive style of defense, along with Zhitnik and big CB checkers in Blake/McSorely. And we know they have the firepower on F. The biggest challenge will be how Brutus can manage Hrudey. He's gotta keep him close or under 4G/G to succeed this season.

ba55i5t | CGY | +3500 : ba55i5t has come with energy and excitement to play this season, and he'll have a strong team to contend for a playoff spot with the Calgary Flames. It will be a tough regular season to make the playoffs, every game will count and ba55i5t has a good shot to sneak into the 8th spot. Once the playoffs start, anything can happen.

donnybrook | DET | +4000 : Brak is back! The fan favorite returns from a long '94 hiatus to compete with the big boys. I'm glad to see he has gotten a powerhouse team with Detroit, but this will be a rude awakening. Detroit may be able to steal games themselves, and after '94 rust goes away, Brak can play the upset role, but I don't see a deep run happening.

hokkeefan2 | TOR | +5000 : It's hokkee vs the world, and part of the reason I have him so low is hokkee has high probabilities of disappearing or raging! When calm, hokkee can upset the best. If he makes it through the whole season, it really wouldn't be a surprise to see him sneak in, but that's a lot to ask. Toronto's main guy is Doug Gilmour, who is "good" everywhere, but not great.

JackVandal | STL | +10000 : Poor JV, he elected to roll with A this season, and ended up with the last picked team from a random selection. JV would have been a longshot to begin with, but St.Louis is not going to help his cause. I say just blast away with Brett and have fun (which we know he will!).


Scoring Leader

* Jeremy Roenick -110

* Mike Gartner +250

* Adam Oates +400

* Pavel Bure +500

* Field +10000

Defensemen Most Points

* Ray Bourque +150

* Brian Leetch +300

* Phil Housley +400

* Don Sweeney +400

* Field +1000


* Patrick Roy -250

* Ed Belfour -110

* Andy Moog +200

* Ron Hextall +350

* Field +1500

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Put your money on JV and STL. Obviously.

Someone will put down $100 (to win $10,000) and hang up the ticket in a St.Louis bar!

If Hrudey is part of "Field", then that's where the smart money is going to go obviously.

Boom, confidence!

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Pretty good odds, but there's a problem with the GAA one because -250 is like 71% and -110 is 52%, 200 is 33%, +350 is 22% so the odds are wwaaaay in favour of the house in that one!

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With all of the talent here, I think there should be a subsequent bet on who ends up 9th and regrets picking A instead of B ;)

I dont care if I lose every game, just happy to FINALLY be in A. Also mad congrats to ba55 and tex. New school A class buds

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Can't tonight bud! And we should do it before more games are played... guess it falls to you. :lol:

Without doing odds I think there's three tiers in SNES and I'll be surprised, but not shocked, if the winner doesn't come from the top tier.

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