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45 minutes ago, Brutus said:

8.5 Chicago (Brutus) selects F Bert Olmstead .


WOAH....that speed :)

Bert Olmstead was a hard-nosed forward who bulled his way into the Hockey Hall of Fame with a pugnacious style owing more to determination than ability.

Mr. Olmstead, who died on Nov. 17 at the age of 89, was a solid playmaker despite being a poor skater, his choppy strides betraying self-taught origins on chippy frozen sloughs in Saskatchewan.

From 1951 until 1960, he skated in 10 consecutive Stanley Cup final series, an incredibly rare feat even in the days of a six-team National Hockey League.

More on the most talked about man from the draft after Jacques Plante



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Toronto Maple Leafs

LW - #18 D.Savard

C - #89 A.Mogilny

RW - #11 M.Messier

X - #13 Y.Khmlylev

LD - #28 E.Desjardins

RD - #10 Q.Quackenbush (change from #11 to #10)

X - #6 A.Burt

BN - #2 - K.Huffman

Goalie - #27 R.Hextall

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Montreal Canadians:

First Line:
LW - (49) Joe Juneau:    
C    - (22) Mike Gartner  
RW - (11) Owen Nolan
LD  -  (3) Zarley Zalapski
RD  - (42) Richard Smehlik
G    - ( 1)  Glenn Hall     
X    - ( 7)  Ted Lindsay    

Second Line:
LW  - (11) Owen Nolan        
C    - (11) Owen Nolan
RW - ( 7)  Ted Lindsay    
LD  - ( 4)  Bill Gadby         
RD  - ( 4)  Bill Gadby         
X     - ( 5)  Harry Howell  **Change to #5, his number from 1970-1973 with the Los Angeles Kings

***Defense pairings subject to change

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I don't know the retro guys numbers

St. Louis Blues

LW Hawerchuck #10

C Neely #8

RW Boom Boom G

LD Murphy #28

RD Sweeney #32

G Blue #1

2nd line 

LD Pronovost 

RD Pronovost 

Make the rest of my 2nd line so Geofrian comes in during a Hawerchuck penalty, and goes to C on a Neely penalty please.

I think Gusarov shares a number with one of my retro guys so make him #55 if he does.

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C Beliveau
LW Richard
RW Olmstead
LD Ladouceur
RD Harvey
G Moog

X LeCLair (4th forward)

3rd Defender Pedersen
4th Defender Moller


BOOM!  Let's GA.  I'll be around later tonight for some exi's.

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