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  1. number of tiles can definitely be an issue. there are emulators that will show you the graphics buffer and you'll see that your extended graphics get overwritten. I had to deal with that in the NHLPA 93 extra teams hack on SNES. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/11734-nhlpa-hockey-93-64-team-rom-snes/
  2. A23221 - Located in: Saint-Nicolas, Quebec, Canada (quite a nice CIB, actually complete) E00023 - Located in: Orton, Ontario, Canada C11934 - Located in: O'Fallon, Illinois, United States G25991 - Located in: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, United States
  3. What's the process on making these and how much does it cost? (I'd rather people make their own than get them from random sellers who pretend they are official/rare and charge a premium). If you can post a guide here (instead of DMs), it will benefit everyone down the line . (I can move the guide to a new topic so it's easy to find)
  4. Using the NOSE software, go to each team and the line editor. Change one of the players on each line to the invalid setting in player list dropdown. Save the file, and I think that's it!
  5. Is this not the right table, because it's CAN here as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_3166_country_codes
  6. I think it's a bug in the original game. Here is someone asking about it a year ago on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/NHL94/comments/uuekgi/nhl_94_sega_genesis_help_needed/
  7. Welcome @Fred_Speed! Most of the chat these days takes place on the Discord server instead of the forum, head over to https://discord.gg/H7vrytU
  8. Oh I found another thread that has all the scores and teams! Sweet trophy Geez guys look young in that pic Unfortunately the coin flip / team choosing rules make it impossible to know who was home/away - https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16572-saskatoon-smash-fest-live-tournament-nhl94-documentary-time/
  9. I frankensteined a full bracket together. There are some scores and teams missing towards the end, does anyone remember the details? @angryjay93 @stheds2000 @The90Jacket @halifax I also notice some asterisks next to many of the games. My guess is that it means the guy who picked the teams and was the away team, but can anyone who was there actually confirm that? (on mobile, tap the picture first in order to get the full quality picture then zoom on that) EDIT: version 2 of the frankenbracket based on the thread containing all the scores (though some transcription errors)
  10. Some number somewhere was too big... I wonder if the tool doesn't work with 32-team ROMs... Or 0-15 attribute ROMs... something like that.
  11. NOSE (NHL Old-School Editor) is a powerful, easy-to-use game editor for the Sega Genesis versions of EA's NHL series (92-98). Originally written by @wboy. This post will contain or link to the latest NOSE version. 1.2d (adamcatalyst update 2023): soonish, will fix the .ini situation and add some popular uniform hacks 1.2c (smozoma update 2021): https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/20863-nose-newtest-versions/ 1.2b (wboy version): https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/14217-nose-12b-download/ The installation instructions are in the 1.2b post. Be sure to install the files from Step 3 AND Step 4. It's a Windows program. See here for how to run on a Mac.
  12. Hi, anything in particular you're hoping to do/find here? Also I'm always curious to find out, how do people find this place? Random thought and google, or did you see NHL94 somewhere and then google and end up here..
  13. That's a nice number! But we don't much about them. I used to think the letter would correspond to where the copies were originally sold, but so far we haven't found a consistent pattern.
  14. Rewind appears to use my weight bug fix and true ratings fix. They credited me in the credits. It's their game, I appreciate the shout-out.
  15. Ah yes, I forgot about the problems that selling carts while associated with this site could potentially bring... The guy on facebook was saying people on Etsy sell them for $25 while the more official-/stable-seeming site he used sells them for $38, and once shipping was added in, it was about $50. I'll continue recommending people by EverDrives instead..
  16. Once money gets involved, things get weird. Adam did a ton of work on this ROM, but it's also built on top of the work of many other people - several of my own hacks are in there. How do you divide up the credit and the money? Will people start arguments about "you used my hack in your hack, you owe me money" etc...
  17. FYI people buying repro carts even knowing they can get it free for emulators https://www.facebook.com/groups/nhl94/posts/10159453453287844/ Maybe the modders here might want to work together to source a cartridge printer who can make some batches of these things to sell for less than the ~USD$50 (incl shipping) or at least get a cut. Or make a deal with the printer so they send you a cut
  18. Hi! KingRaph (one of the best players in the world) put together this strategy guide: http://nhl94strategy.com/ And I made this (poorly-edited) video a couple years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNaViT01WcE
  19. I think certain songs are missing, like the Jaws theme, which would require licensing.
  20. 20-35 days according to their site (20-45 for Canada... why the extra 10??)
  21. I'll see about running some "NOSE programming tutorials" in the coming weeks, see if we can get a few people trained up on it and working together... Anyone interested, please send me your email address on Discord and I'll add you to the GitHub (source code repository). UltraMagnus is already signed up!
  22. I have the NOSE source up on github (private, but anyone who wants to work on it just let me know and I can add you to the project). Those shouldn't be too hard to add to NOSE
  23. NOSE reads 95 and other versions (not sure if it does allll of them?), so I'd just have to figure out how it treats the games differently and find the relevant bytes in the other games (or outsource the work for people to find the bytes for me and I update NOSE with them)
  24. It's EARE, but it's only for 94. I need to roll these abilities into NOSE..
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