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Finnish league with the latest Mahavishnu & swos update will be played this summer.

League will start Saturday 3rd July

League will use this rom:


League will have 20-30 games in regular season and playoffs will be played in August.

The rules of the league will be following:

- Periods: 7 Minutes

- Penalties: On

- Line Changes: On

- Time Playing: Not Allowed (Intentional time playing, aka. keeping the puck in own zone for long period of time will not be allowed. If this happens you must send me the .krec file of the game as a proof. Automatic loss will be given to the team that plays time)

- Offside Onetimer Goals: Allowed (The game has a bug where offsides will not be called if onetimer is made)

League is open for North American players aswell.

Sign up for the league and tell your top 3 preferred teams to play. Both North American and Finnish players must sign up here.

Because this is Finnish league, and we have long traditions, we will use our method to select teams.

Finnish player community is small, so over the years veteran players have always had their own favourite team they

can choose to play with if they want, and that team has always stayed the same.

These teams are:

Mahavishnu - Chicago

swos - Buffalo

Pete - Montreal

Ilu - Pittsburgh

Nahkahomo - Minnesota

Onlainari - Rangers

hpman - Philadelphia

Depch - Vancouver

Olliz - Dallas

So if any of these players join they can have their favourite team if they want.

Otherwise the team lottery will go the following way:

First preferred team selections will be given, and if two or more players have the same preferred team as first choise, there will be a lottery.

After that the 2nd preferred team selection will be handled the same way, and so on.

List of players:


Mahavishnu - Chicago













Pete - Montreal

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Sounds pretty nice, so let's rock!

AIM: Iceguy


1. Washington

2. Los Angeles

3. Chicago

4. San Jose

5. New Jersey

BTW, you're gonna use a mod version of the Classic rom, right?

Nope, nevermind. Checked the rom and it's gonna be the current season which has ended. Changed my list.

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I'll give this a try



New Jersey

San Jose

final list

Edited by mav
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The Washington Capitals please.

I'm technically a veteran I think?

So my pick is locked?

The Phoenix Coyotes if not.

This applies only Finnish league veterans. You have only played in one Finnish league, and even that wasn't with Washington (It was Edmonton)

The veteran rule goes back 9 years for some cases. Mahavishnu has always played with Chicago in Finnish leagues since 2001, and Pete has always played with Montreal since 2001 aswell. That's tens of leagues using the same team.

So to get into the list you'd need to have played in Finnish leagues with the same team, and preferably at least 5 times. And this rule only applies to one team per player. The listed players and teams has always stayed the same. There hasn't been team changes made to the list.

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I was looking for a summer league with an updated rom. This is perfect thanks guys. I am so in this.

Since Chicago is alredy out my list had to be modified.

1. San Jose

2. Philadelphia

3. Washington

4. Vancouver

5. Los Angeles

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