SDL94 version 2.0  

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  1. 1. SDL94 version 2.0 have to start

    • right now, faster you can
    • wait for the end of the classic season
    • wait for this summer
    • wait for fall 2012
    • never and shut your mouth

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I voted for summer, but that of course reflects my situation with lack of proper internet while at college. Otherwise, I'd say start it right away.

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I'd say soon.. people tend to disappear in the summer as we've seen in the GDL leagues. But then again, these guys all seem really dedicated so maybe that wouldn't happen here.

Also are we going to 4 games vs each team instead of 6? And is this a keeper league or are we doing the draft all over again?

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Right away could be fun..we may run into conflict during classic but i doubt it.

Do we keep the same teams or draft new teams?

I vote for keeping 6 games. It makes for a more interesting finish down the stretch because i think playing more games tends to brings most of the coaches closer together in standings. At least it seemed pretty close to me. I also like how the season becomes more of a grind. A bigger commitment makes for more at stake, more excitement, beefier stats - how can you go wrong? 6 GAMES!!!

If we are drafting new teams, that's cool, but maybe to make things interesting we could leave the option of coaches making one trade mid-season? Would this mess with the stats? Could be some fun.

Or if we're keeping the same teams it would be wicked to keep the stats saved from this past season so that each player/coach could start to accumulate career stats!

I don't know how super you are dan. is any of this possible?

I also vote that Bo become the new league commentator! lol

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I would be happy with a new draft because I was a replacement coach and didn't get to draft my team, but I realize it's a lot of work for Dan.

Another cool option would be a re-draft where you can protect, for example, 2 players on your team (for me it would be neely and modano), and then a snake draft starting with the lowest finishing team to highest for the remaining pool of "free agents".

The player retention thing could be for a maximum of maybe 3 seasons per player, ie. I can protect cam neely, but only until season 4, then he goes back in the draft. This would keep coaches from hoarding a top player for too long, but still help you keep a legacy of players from 1 season to the next.

I don't really like the mid-season trade idea, because then everyone would have to re-download the rom.

I liked the 6 games each - I had no problem playing all my games (except for 2 :rolleyes: ), in about 1.5 months.

Anyways, excited for SDL season 2.

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I say we totally redraft.. the draft was so much fun and a big part of it. Plus some people learned so much and want to draft totally different (Fenty.. i'm looking at you lol) But I'd be fine keeping any part of my team together obviously as I did have some success with them. :P

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I owe you guys for my recent disappearing acts, so I need to make it up to you in some way.

I want to return to this league, even if you have to hound my ass all the time for games. Just do it!

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anytime is good, id say do 4 games each..its a drag to play 72 games just to have ur standings dropped substantially by one player not playing or in fentys case missing the playoffs...atleast if this was gona happen again u didnt have to play as many games...i say less games and more seasons ;-) lol

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