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Welcome to the Survivor League Season 2 Sign Up and Information Thread!

This season will be very similar to the inaugural season, with the following changes:

  • Weight bug fixed ROM (thanks smozoma!), instead of classic.
  • Goalie Control "Y" button hack! (thanks clockwise!)
  • All 26 teams available to use (1 home and 1 away), instead of a randomely chosen set.
  • Penalties for not finishing games in the regular season. You will lose an "x" number of teams available in the playoffs (if you make it) for missing regular season games. How many teams you lose, for how many games, and what teams you lose have not yet been determined…I'll figure it out soon. It's meant as an extra incentive to finish up your regular season.



1. Weight Bug Explanation:

Weight is the main attribute that determines checking ability and resistance. In the Classic ROM for Genesis, it's BACKWARDS so that lighter guys (Fleury, Gilmour, Roenick) are monster checkers and the larger guys (Lindros, Lemiuex, Bourque) are feathers. Hence the weight "bug". This ROM fixes that nasty bug, so heavy guys are meant to check like they are supposed to!

2. Goalie Control "Y" Button Hack

The original ROM only uses 3 buttons and to gain control of the goalie, you have to hold "B" down for a second or so. Thanks to the work of clockwise (and Kaneda), this ROM now uses a 6-button controller configuration, where the "Y" button will automatically switch to goalie control. No delay! NOTE: It's important to configure your GENS for 6-button controller, even if you are using 3 (map the other buttons to keyboard), or else you will immediately desynch when playing.


The ROM can be downloaded here: Survivor_S02.bin

The information below is based on a 20-person league, and can be subject to change depending on how many people sign up.


  • 36 game regular season using the survivor season 02 ROM (weight bug fixed with goalie button).
  • 2 divisions of 10 teams
  • Top 7 in each division make playoffs, with division winner getting 1st round bye.
  • "Survivor" style -- you can only use 1 home and 1 away game for each of the 26 teams.
  • Automated Google Docs for logging scores and automatic standings update (see below)


Reply to this thread! There are no plans for an "A" and "B" league, so this will be open to everyone. If your opponent is a stronger player, try to use your best team available and hope he uses a weaker team. OR, go ahead and use a weak team and take the loss! Pick your strategy!

Currently Signed Up (forum name/aim)

01. kingraph/kingraph

02. Bo Knows NHL94/BoKnowsNHL94

03. Dragon/Pearate

04. batbl18/batbl18

05. da94wookiee/Kedzie92

06. dcicon5148/dcicon5148

07. IceStorm70/IceStormNHL94

08. Alonzi41/509260736@facebook.aol

09. Houli/Houly8

10. Plabax/Plabax

11. Freydey/Freydey32

12. minpind/minpind

13. RedWingDevil/iceguy94

14. kupuck19/kupucknhl94

------------------(waiting list)---------------




Standard Classic League rules -- 5 min periods, no line changes, penalties on (except offsides).

Each coach can use up to 1 home and 1 away game with any of the 26 teams to complete their regular season.

Once you use a team, you can no longer use them again for the regular season. This is commonly referred as a "survivor" format.

Tracking of available teams will be done automatically (see below).

Away team chooses their team first, and the home team picks second. Home always has the final choice of their team.


2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. No points for OT loss.

Standings based on points, followed by GFA - GAA.

DNPs (if necessary) will be treated as 0-0 ties, but no points awarded.


Checkpoints will be based on the average number of games played each week. If you're significantly below average, you will be warned. Fall too far back and you may be replaced. Deadlines & remaining schedule will be posted at some point during the season.


14 teams make the playoffs (7&7)

2 division winners get a bye week

Best of 7 series

Team selections reset at the start of playoffs, with 1 home and 1 away available for all teams.

Missing regular season games may result in losing available teams as a penalty (TBD)

Once you use a team, you can no longer use them again in the playoffs

Bye week teams gain an advantage in that they save using 4-7 teams


Let's say I played my first game with LA Robbie, I was the home team, and I used DAL and he used VAN. Final score was DAL 3 VAN 8.

Since I was home, I am responsible for inputting the score. First I click the link to get to the document (to be provided when season starts)

"A" I find and click on my coach sheet, KingRaph. You will also see your coach name displayed on the top.

Anything I need to input will be shaded green. I find my game against Robbie and click on my home team selection ( B). Clicking the little arrow will bring up a list of my available home teams to use.

I choose DAL, then click on the cell to input my score of 3. I repeat the process for the away team (Choose VAN, 8).


That's it!!!

You'll notice after you input the scores, the cells are no longer green. The records, stats, and standings will automatically be updated (may take up to 5 minutes to be updated on published website), and the list of available teams will also be updated. You see that I no longer have DAL available as a home team to use ( C )


When Robbie looks at his screen, he will see the away game results and he will no longer have VAN to use as an away team. There is also an "opponent frequency" field which will track what teams your opponents use against you.


Please sign up even after 20 spots to get on the waiting list!!!

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I wasnt able to play this last season cuz of houly's antics

so this time im in

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I'm out. Thanks for running this King but I'm not a fan of the Y goalie hack.

Boooo! That reminds me, I should note that you can still hold down the B button to get control of goalie, if you don't like using the Y button.

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Boooo! That reminds me, I should note that you can still hold down the B button to get control of goalie, if you don't like using the Y button.


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I'll close registration on Sunday the 15th (so like midnight EST on Saturday) and then we'll get this season underway shortly thereafter. Anyone signing up after will be on the waiting list.

We have 14 signed up so far, which is great! Looking forward to getting started!

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Okay -- registration is closed, but you can always respond to be on the waitlist. I need like a day or two to get the divisions/schedule/rules/ all ready, and we shall be underway. I'll shoot for tomorrow afternoon to get everything done, if not Wednesday the latest. Looking forward to a fun season!

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