SDL 4 rounds 9 and 10

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Draft link:

Draft order(please pick by time indicated or I will autopick for you. All times Eastern)

9.01 fank009(5 PM Tuesday) - jari kurri

9.02 Bob Kudelski(6 PM Tuesday) - Doug Lidster

9.03 Bo Knows NHL94(7 PM Tuesday) - Petit

9.04 Brutus(8 PM Tuesday) - Savard

9.05 blackdevil19(9 PM Tuesday) -Steen

9.06 kingraph(10 PM Tuesday) Andy Moog

9.07 c4outlaws(11 PM Tuesday)

9.08 fenty - Lindstrom

9.09 XCing 1030 - Vincent damphousse

9.10 hazmat -Alexei Kovalev

9.11 annatar- Mathieu Schneider

9.12 oilers442 - Kevin Lowe

9.13 stheds2000(9 AM Wednesday) - Christian Ruutu

9.14 jackandjose(10 AM Wednesday) - Jyrki Lumme

9.15 nhl94halifax(11 AM Wednesday) - Petr Svoboda

Round 10

10.01 nhl94halifax(12 PM Wednesday) Stephan Lebeau

10.02 jackandjose(1 PM Wednesday) - Wendel Clark

10.03 stheds2000(2 PM Wednesday) - Scott niedermayer

10.04 oilers442(3 PM Wednesday) Alexander Semak

10.05 annatar(4 PM Wednesday) -Stastny

10.06 Hazmat(5 PM Wednesday)Paul Ysebaert

10.07 XCing 1030(6 PM Wednesday) -Darius kasperitus

10.08 fenty(7 PM Wednesday) - Craig Janney

10.09 c4outlaws(8 PM Wednesday) - Frank Musil

10.10 kingraph(9 PM Wednesday) -Luke Richardson

10.11 blackdevil19(10 PM Wednesday) - Mikhail Tatarinov

10.12 Brutus(11 PM Wednesday) - Glen Feathrston

10.13 Bo Knows NHL94(12 AM Thursday) - John Blue

10.14 Bob Kudelski - Ulf Dahlen

10.15 fank009

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