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    It's NOSE not NOPE One thing i know is that shooting accuracy was tightly based on the player's shooting % that year. And that's why the defensemen tend to have such terrible accuracy, because d-men rarely shoot even near 10%. For speed, agility, etc, basically all you can do is try to read about players or find clips of old games. The Hockey Hall of fame website has a small blurb about just about every player ever, from which you can often glean a player's main strengths (http://www.hhof.com/html/search.shtml). You probably want to give a player a target 'overall' rating, then just make it work based on a few things you know about him, filling in the other values in order to hit the required Overall. It looks like goaltender Defensive awareness is closely related to their save percentage for the year: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/15437-goaltender-defensive-awareness/ CoachMac has a template for rating players: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18123-ratings-template/ KingRaph made an epic thread about player ratings that make players good to actually play with, but I can't seem to find it, maybe someone else can link it...
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    I don’t think anyone has made a comprehensive list of defensive rankings for SNES, so here it is. The definitive list! This is not about team defence. This is about defensemen only; I have not considered forwards or goaltenders. This is based on Classic League rules (i.e. penalties on, no line changes), so depth of defence has very little weighting here. There is also some bias here as I tend to prioritize size and mobility over shooting and passing, when it comes to defensemen. I will begin with the bottom 6 and periodically release the rest of the list in groups of 5, by updating this post. Let me know your thoughts below. Chicago - Chelios has good skills but lacks the size needed to be a true star in the game. Smith is very solid across the board and could arguably be considered the more valuable defender, given his heavyweight status. Hartford - In the confines of this game, Zalapski is a star defenseman who can get the job done at both ends of the ice. Weinrich leaves something to be desired, but can use his size and straight-ahead speed to be a force at times. Edmonton - Both Manson and Kravchuck have good size and above average skills. Often overlooked and underrated, this is the best Canadian-team pairing. Pittsburgh - Murphy and Samuelsson form a solid but bland pair that get the job done supporting the Pens’ superstar forwards. Samuelsson tends to lay the lumber on guys, so you’ll have to put up with his penalties. New York Rangers - Patrick is very solid in all categories, but Leetch can be problematic in his own end. He’s a lightweight with below average speed. Instead, try the steady, if unspectacular, Kevin Lowe. Calgary - MacInnis and Suter provide excellent mobility and offense, but lack the weight needed to stop the heavier forwards found on most top teams. Winnipeg - Housley is supremely skilled and skates like the wind. But the wind is also one of many things that will easily knock him to the ice. Numminen is decent, but Olausson will add some size without sacrificing any skill. Quebec - While not overly skilled or large, Duchesne is an above-average defender that can skate and compliment the skilled forwards. Leschyshyn has nice size and speed, but handles the puck like a grenade. That said, he’s been known to enter “beast mode” once in a while. Toronto - Ellett is a nice two-way player that doesn’t get enough recognition. Replace no-skill-Gill with Macoun, who has a great moustache. Montreal - I look at the Desjardins / Schneider pairing and I want it to be that classic size / skill pairing. Problem is, Desjardins isn’t that big and Schneider isn’t that skilled. Meh. Vancouver - Lumme and Lidster are solid, but unspectacular. They both have good stickhandling, so won’t bobble the puck much. They survive by getting in the way and moving the puck to the Canucks skilled forwards as soon as possible. St. Louis - Brown has a great shot, and he and Butcher are 212 lbs which is nice. But both have skating issues. In fact, Butcher skates like a dump truck with a flat tire. Buffalo - Svoboda has great mobility, but gets eaten up in his own zone by most capable forwards. Smehlik and Bodger are big bodied stay-at-home guys that will create congestion in the D-zone, but don’t expect them to do much else. Anaheim - Kasatonov is a hidden gem. He’s basically Fetisov with more speed but less D awareness. He has the size, stickhandling and passing you like to see in a top D-man. Plug in a big body like Ladouceur for a pairing that’s arguably better than some non-expansion teams. New York Islanders - Malakhov has nice size at 220, but he lacks skating speed, much like the smaller Kasparaitis. Neither of them are good stickhandlers or passers. No quality bench players available either. Dallas - “Stars” isn’t the first term that comes to mind when assessing the Dallas D. Tinordi has decent size but that’s about it. Sjodin is a lightweight with nice agility, but lacking any other offensive skills. Unfortunately there are no capable replacements. Enjoy! Florida - Murphy is a very strong skater. He’s like a poor man’s Glen Wesley. This alone elevates the Florida D above the other expansion teams, save Anaheim. Cirella is a plug. Philadelphia - Galley, Yushkevich, and Hawgood are almost like clones.. mediocre clones. They are all 196 lbs (which is less than ideal), and lack the speed, stickhandling, and passing skills. Galley is probably the odd man out. San Jose - Wilson has some offensive tools including a big shot, but he has average size and mobility. Neil Wilkinson is also a defenseman on this team. Ottawa - Despite a team-leading 63 points in 92/93, Maciver got no love from the ratings guys. He’s small, slow and has no offensive skills. Brad Shaw, also a terrible player, is slightly larger. Tampa Bay - Hamrlik and Beers. These guys have great names!
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    Anyone who can beat me is, for that moment in time, for all intents and purposes, the best in the world. Haha JK of course. Seriously though, given the talent in Vegas, I completely agree Jamil IS best in the world. Yes, he beat me, and he beat Annatar 2-0 in best of three. He also won a tourney that included Dangler, AngryJay, Stheds2000, KingRaph, the90Jacket, tylerdeanhill, Halifax, Chaos (sorry I know I'm forgetting someone). He did it all in a high pressure situation, with the whole NHL 94 community watching.
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    Don't let the nerd push you around! Also, for those not aware, Plabax used to use a LAG SWITCH, which greatly increased his playoff winning percentages. It was after this was discovered, and his controversial retirement that suddenly, his greatness has been put into question. AND, the guy who FOUND the C/B trick is Plabax, and he used it for over a full season and won a title before sharing it, but part of his "glory" was with a clear advantage I think Frey? didn't know about. I mean, 1 million kudos to the kid to finding a bug in the game 20 years later that noone else had and using it to his advantage. BUT in the debate of straight skill, Plabax was more like Belichick, using all the edges to win, but they become tainted. Can't take away the trophies though, or the lack of class
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    RockemSockem94.bin This ROM was created by CoachMac using a template made by wboy and Naples. I am calling it Rock em Sock em 94. It includes all the Original NHL 94 teams except the All-Stars. The lines are set to "No Hassle/Building Lines with AJ" Best available sub will automatically come in on Injury/Penalty. The features and format were introduced by Premium/Plabax in the Spring of 2017 and were very popular. Here are it's features. Classic rules for weight (NO WEIGHT BUG FIX) C/B is enabled, just as in Classic. NO PENALTIES. They are OFF, normally when you turn OFF penalties, the B check no longer works. IN THIS ROM, B check is hacked to work with the penalties OFF. SO, B Check enabled, Penalties OFF. The delay in time it takes to switch to goalie is shortened, just as in the Blitz ROM. Y button enabled, allowing like in SNES, where you instantly switch to goalie after hitting Y button with no delay. The RANGE a goalie can extend to while in manual control is increased, as in Blitz. More freedom to move around. The ratings at the start of the game will be displayed ACCURATELY and will be STATIC (the same each time, in Classic, your players ratings can vary from game to game). Offsides OFF, Icing ON, Line changes OFF. All goalies not named Belfour or Roy get a boost as in Blitz. All Advantages are removed/equalized for every team.**** Overtime is set to 60 minutes.**** **** I made slight variations from the first rom here. The intent was to remove all advantages, especially Home Ice. The way Plabax set it up Weak (0)/Weak (2) actually give every team a +2 Home Ice Advantage. I made it Weak (0)/Strong (0) which makes the Home Ice Advantage ZERO for every game. 99 minute OT just looks stupid. 60 looks reasonable and ought to get it settled. I am also going to Post the rom with my other Historic Roms, which you can find here. After the Draft, I will make a League Rom, but this will provide guys an opportunity to EXI using this format And serve as BASE Rom moving forward.
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    Incredible Series with @aqualizard last night for the Teddy Bear Cup. Easily the most fun I have ever had playing NHL 94. LA (Aqua) took the first 2 games in Minnesota. Both games were tight checking and hard fought and both were 3-2 victories for the Kings. Down 0-2 the scene shifted to LA. Minnesota made a major shake up in their line-up. Dino moved from Center to LW, Shanahan was inserted into the line-up at Center, and Larmer remained at RW. Ruutu went to the bench and Bourque and Moose Vasko switched sides. It paid huge dividends as the NorthStars got a dominating 5-1 victory. Those dividends were short lived as LA responded with 7-3 shellacking in Game 4 and a commanding 3-1 lead. Down 1-3 Dino Ciccarelli took to Discord and posted what was happening and also guaranteed a North Stars Victory in Game 5. (not kidding) Aqua had come back from down 0-3 to Jer in the previous series, so I thought maybe put some pressure on him not to turn around and blow a big lead. And, I am not kidding Dino delivered with a HAT TRICK and a 4-3 victory. I also shifted my line-up again moving Larmer to Center, Shanahan on RW, and Dino still on the Left. Best Game of my life. The only down side was Steve Larmer's GWG came when Aqua and I's connection had gone screwy for like the last 2 minutes of the game. Not really a lag spike, just had been screwy (really fast) for like 1 minute. So now the series is 3-2 LA going back to the Great Western Forum and game 6 and a chance for Aqua to win the Teddy Bear in front of the Home fans. In a huge back and forth game. 1-0 (MIN), 2-1 (LA), 4-2 (MIN), and finally (4-4) at the end of Regulation. Bobby Hull scored with 1:37 to play to tie it for Aqua. Then Steve Larmer wins it at 1:51 of OT. The Crowd went silent in the Forum as the teams were headed back to Minnesota for GAME 7. NEW BEST GAME OF MY LIFE. GAME 7 in Minnesota all the Pressure is on Aqua and LA. I can feel him shaking. He is in his second straight Game 7. After coming back from down 0-3, could he really blow a 3-1 lead? to CoachMac of all people? The Northstars come out buzzing and quickly jump out to 2-0 lead. I can feel it. I've got my sword drawn and i am ready to finish him. I am dominating play. then with 10 seconds left in the first period Brian Bradley scores to make it 2-1. LA score 2 more in the second and leads 3-2 going to third. again I feel like I am dominating play in the third, but Aqua is making great saves with League Cover Boy Johnny Bower. With 1:23 to play Brian Bradley scores again (actually had a Hat trick) to make 4-2. I pull my goalie but just can't finish and Aqua and the Kings prevail for the Teddy Bear Cup. VGG's, Congratulations to Aqualizard! Total GF/GA 25-23 Aqua was 23-21 vs Jer Huge playoff for the Lizard Man to Game 7 Road Wins Total GF/GA 48-44 I am already sorry that we are not starting Season 4 today. This is what I want. We played this entire Playoff in less than a week. The whole season in about 2.5 weeks. 3 Seasons in about 75 days. The format made for a very balanced fun competitive league. Fast, Fun, Lots of drafting, Lots of Playing, Lots of Playoffs, Trophies. 100% completion in 2 Seasons. 1 guy away from 100% in the Final season. Huge Thanks to everyone who played in the PRL and @chaos PRL WILL BE BACK!
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    I updated the OP with proper links to Coach's historic ROMs and the latest 2018 udpates from Skip/Slapshot and Naples39.
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    Would love some of the new guys to update this thread with how they got their forum names. Update on my name. I originally mentioned Brutus was an old D&D name of mine, but HOW it got combined with Khan went like so... When my ex was pregnant with my oldest son, she had some really odd, queer names she was dead set on, none of which I was going to have my boy wearing. She refused to negotiate and pick a name we both liked. So, in an argument one day, I said, F-it. I want to name my kid Ghenghis Khan. She laughed, not taking my name threat serious. Said it sounded like a venereal disease, even if it once belonged to a ruthless leader. So, I countered with, "Ok, then I want Brutus Khan!" She could instantly see the light in my eyes, and how much I liked this name. Suddenly, agreeing on a name was no longer important to me. I had something to TORMENT her with! (Yeah, I know I'm sick in the head.) Every time for the next 3 months it came up, I would boom out, "BRUTUS KHAN", and leave the room followed by screams of torment. At the end, she ends up having to be put under for a C section, emergency delivery, kid's lucky to come out alive ordeals. She is still out hours later, and I'm holding my son with the mother-in-law sitting across the hospital room. In walks the nurse with the birth certificate, and asks me to fill it out. As I'm putting the ink from the pen onto the paper, I look up across the room with a devilish smile at my mother-in-law, who is all to aware of my arguments with her daughter. She let's out a blood curdling "NOOOOOO!" and flies across the room, only to find out I'm not as sick in the head as I was leading on to be. Needless to say, from that day forward, everything I logged into became Brutus Khan.
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    Yes, but I wanted to further handicap, KingRaph. Though I actually think he likes being the Visitor, anyway thanks for the catch, but we are going with points and chaos is already working on setting it up. Never a perfect solution to when a team drops.
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    @Jlnhlsegafan, my suggestion, if you want to get into modding the game, is to just go out and buy a cheap windows laptop from a used computer store or on a local buy-and-sell website (craigslist, kijiji, etc..). My guess is that you just went into the ROM and replaced the names and hit delete if the old name was too long, or inserted extra letters if the old name was too short? That is unlikely to work. If your new team data is longer or shorter than the original, it will break the game because it will shift everything. It's not like a MS Word document that is read in order, instead the code references exact locations in the ROM, so moving the code breaks it. Your ROM looks like it is a few bytes shorter than the original. You also need to update the the 'name length value' when you change the names. I see that these have not been updated, so the game would crash when trying to read the player names. Here is how you do the names: Before each name, the bytes are for example 000C. That is '12' in decimal. That means the name is 10 letters long (+2, because the length value 000C is also included). Only even values are allowed for the length value, so if a name is a odd number length (9, 11...) you add a byte of "00" after the last letter in the name. This is a little hard to explain without examples... I really suggest just getting a cheap laptop, you'll have more fun.
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    [DRAFT] View From the Booth v.2 Dec 31, 2017 Welcome to the December edition of the official NHL94.com newsletter. We hope to keep everyone informed of all that is happening in our gaming scene, with a top-down look at events, leagues, forum happenings and Discord chatter. The view from the broadcast booth is often worse than some cheap seats in the arena, but journalists require a sweeping vantage point to see everything that is happening in the game. It seemed a suitable name for a newsletter that hopes to provide a bird's eye view of NHL94 and all of it's retro hockey siblings, so take a minute to get caught up with this edition of View From the Booth . Announcement of Bud of the Year? @slapshot67 Forum thread. Review of Classic season, new buds. Winners. Reflections of 2017. Interview with an NHL94 bud? ONLINE LEAGUES: Fall Classic - The NHL94 Standard, for most this is their first taste of competitive online play. Sign-up here. VHL5 - A WBF draft league based on @skip's current NHL ratings played with the new 32-team NHL18 rom. Sign-up here, and/or check out the rom here. NHL94 Ladder League - @smozoma has started a unique ladder league, with no defined schedule so you can play whoever, whenever. Check it out here. Premium Retro (Season 2) - @CoachMac has dreamed up this beauty, a limited draft league with a retro twist. Possible expansion for Season 3. LIVE EVENTS: Feb 24, 2018 - GREEN BAY, WI [NHL94 Sega/SNES]: Sign-up/details, Facebook Event/RSVP Aug 11-12, 2018 - LONG ISLAND, NY [NHL94 Sega]: played during the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo ROMS/HACKS: NHL 2018 - by @naples39 - updated rosters/ratings/logos/uniforms, WBF (weight-bug fixed), speed-burst has been limited to 75%. NHL18 by @skip - updated rosters/ratings/logos/uniforms, WBF (weight-bug fixed), 1 minute penalties, and will be used to play @skip's VHL5 league. NHL18 rom [SNES] - Help needed to produce an SNES rom with current line-ups. @tru is looking for people who want to learn to hack/update SNES roms. 32-team NHL94 rom [GENS] - Thanks to the hard-work and dedication of @slapshot67, the community is now ready for current and future NHL expansion. 34-team NHL95 rom [GENS] - @kingraph has been hard at work customizing the NHL95 rom to allow for current and future roster updates. A work in progress. FROM THE STANDS: Cast your vote for the possible location of King of 94 III. Forum thread. Fightcade 2, possible GENS replacement? Forum thread. TECH TALK: AIM is DEAD, join us on Discord [invite link]. Genesis USB adapter shortage.. Thanks for reading folks, and as usual comments and criticisms are welcomed. If you have an idea for future stories, or links to anything related to the newsletter categories feel free to pass them along. Keep mashing those buttons. Bonus video for those of you who made it this far:
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    Hahahaha, I appreciate it bud, but I don't mind doing this for free. Your seasons are fairly easy to set up.
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    Please Read Carefully! Season 4 is the ALL IN Season! We will have been through all 24 NHL 94 Teams. After Season 4 ALL rosters will reset. No one will have the rights to any players. The Draft Pool will consist of: NHL 94 Smythe Division Teams (CGY, EDM, LA, SJ, VAN, WPG) Teams from my 1966 Rom All returning B coaches may keep 2 players from any of their previous seasons. Chef, Flat, Jer, Aqua, and Coach YES, Aqua can bring Mario back or Jer can reclaim Mogs. All returning A coaches (except for those who have won a Bailey Bobble) may keep 1 player from any of their previous seasons. Currently KingRaph would be the only one without a returning player. Lupz, Tex, Ice, Brutus Atomic will be an Expansion Team without any keepers. Expansion is tough in the PRL. But we will help him a little in the draft. (see below) The Draft will have a twist to it. In Round 1 only the order will be determined by LOTTERY! From Round 2 on we will follow an order based on results from Season 1,2, and 3. Atomic will get the first pick in round 2-9. The PRL has been in negotiations with 1966 Bobby Hull. He is one of the greatest pixelated hockey players of all time. 7 WT. 5/5 Shot, 5/5 Skate, 6 Stick and Awareness. In order keep Bobby from jumping directly to the VHL, the PRL has made some concessions. Bobby has made it clear he does not want to play for some yahoo "B" Coach or an "A" Coach who could only win 1 game last season. He would really like to be in Chicago where he has some great memories and more importantly he could party with Brutus. He would also be happy to play for talented coaches in New York and Detroit. Montreal would be OK, if they kept his son Brett, though they don't get along that well and Bobby doesn't speak French. Obviously, the PRL wants all teams to have the opportunity to land Bobby. The agreement that the PRL has come to with Bobby is this: 1. There will be a Drunk Brutus Draft Lottery Video. (Pending Brutus Approval). 2. All 11 teams will be eligible for the first pick. 3. Teams will get 0-4 Balls in the basket. Each Ball cost $5. 4. All proceeds raised by the Draft will go to @chaos for the awesome work he does setting up the stats for us.
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    It looks like you found what you were looking for, but since you asked, I am sharing my "NHL Dream." Since my skills are limited, I only made changes using NOSE. Players' pictures, team ratings, graphics, etc. are not accurate. However, I did use Coach Mac's '87 ROM as a base since I love the 80s and love his work. Many of my decisions will make no sense to others, but I do think that the game is a fun solo game. You can choose from 8 teams that had not won a cup as of 1990: Quebec, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Washington, Los Angeles, Vancouver, St. Louis, or Minnesota. I set playoff brackets so that only 4 of these weaker teams show up at a time(1 in each division) and the other 12 teams are better opponents. Your opponents are suped-up cpu teams whose player ratings reflect a team ranking (A, B, or C) that I assigned each. The best opponent in the Wales is Montreal; the best opponent in the Campbell's is Edmonton. Only 10 skaters are included for most teams. I play with line changes ON for 7 minute periods, so the cpu and I would rarely need a checking line. If you do use line changes, please know that most 2nd lines are an 80s line, not an all-time greats line (except Montreal). The timeline cut off is 1989-90, so Detroit will have Howe and Yzerman but not Lidstrom. Edmonton will have Gretzky and Coffey but not McDavid. Pittsburgh will have Lemieux but not Jagr or Crosby. Really, it's mostly a 70s and 80s ROM that goes back further in time for certain all-time greats. You can also play with my favorite NHL 80s stars against a suped-up Soviet team. Remember that I call it "NHL Dream" because it is not historically accurate but a weird mix of my childhood memories and impressions. For me personally, it is a lot of fun! NHL Dream.bin
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    I actually could go for this in the PRL, season 4. Did you know until the 1955-56 season scoring a goal on the Power play did not let the guy out of the box, so you could literally score 3-4 goals on a single Power Play. AND, The Canadiens did. The rule was changed and known as the Beliveau Rule.. Maybe in Season 4 we will go penalties off.
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    Please see attached spreadsheet. As you can see there were plenty of groups missing. I'm so mad at myself as I really thought I had grabbed all the scores. Apologies as they are loosely put in there and not in order of when they were played. Kingof94-2-scores.xlsx Sega Playoffs SNES playoffs SEGA - Group A SEGA - Group B SEGA - Group C SEGA - Group D SNES - Group E SNES - Group F SNES - Group G SNES - Group H
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    ALSO, special thanks to Tex, Skip & Lupz for helping with the Google Doc/forum/posting pics, etc. If anyone else helped, it went unnoticed so pound sand And a big thanks to Coach for his ROM work. Coach is a coach, and not an order taker. He's putting his personal time & effort into the ROM. We have completed an 8 round draft and I ran an auto pick round to prevent any unusual scenarios if someone managed to get like 3 guys knocked out in one game. These players will never play, as penalties are off and you don't sub in your 4th best defender ever for anyone unless you had to due to penalties/injuries. WITH THAT SAID, from this point forward, aside from updating trades, Coach has final say on any changes to the ROM, uniform changes, music, colors, names, players added/deleted, whatever you can think of, aside from a trade, he's got final say. Big thank you to that man.
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    It's official! Arda Ocal will be there to call the action live from our tournament!
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    One thing I wish for the PC version of 95 (aka the OG version) is for a rom hack where one of the teams is full of characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
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    Yeah, don't think I can make it this weekend bud. Good luck!
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    NHL '92 TEAM Stats (based on results from Deadmeow (1991-2013) and CoachMac (2015) Leagues.) All of these leagues used the default Line 1 except for Deadmeow's 2006 and 2013 league which allowed players to edit lines in NOSE. TIER 1 TEAMS W—L—T Win% Stanley Cup Final Appearances #1 Pittsburgh 129-42-2 .751 6 (5-1) TIER 2 TEAMS #2 Boston 81-37-3 .682 1 (1-0) #3 NY Rangers 99-56-1 .638 2 (0-2) TIER 3 TEAMS #4 Edmonton 91-72-2 .558 2 (0-2) #5 Los Angeles 56-45-1 .554 0 #6 Washington 53-45-1 .540 0 #7 Chicago 87-78-8 .526 1 (0-1) #8 Calgary 67-67-5 .500 2 (1-1) #9 St. Louis 55-55-1 .500 0 TIER 4 TEAMS #10 Winnipeg 26-27-3 .491 0 #11 Toronto 65-68-4 .489 1 (0-1) #12 San Jose 18-22-4 .455 0 #13 NY Islanders 17-27-2 .391 0 #14 Buffalo 21-38-4 .365 0 #15 Vancouver 15-28-0 .349 0 #16 Minnesota 49-94-2 .345 0 #17 Detroit 35-73-6 .333 0 #18 Hartford 31-63-2 .333 0 #19 Montreal 23-51-2 .316 0 #20 Philadelphia 16-50-1 .246 0 NO DATA New Jersey 0-0-0 .000 0 Quebec 0-0-0 .000 0 NHL '92 Team Ratings (Line 1 skaters and starting goalie/6) (* denotes teams back up goalie has a better rating than the starter) ((2) denotes Line 2 skaters and starting goalie/6) TIER 1 TEAMS #1 Los Angeles 79 #2 Chicago 78 #3 Pittsburgh 75 #4 Boston 74 #5 Calgary 73* #6 St. Louis 70* TIER 2 TEAMS #7 NY Rangers 69 Los Angeles (2) 65 #8 Montreal 67 Montreal (2) 64 #9 Edmonton 64* Pittsburgh (2) 62 TIER 3 TEAMS #10 Philadelphia 58 Chicago (2) 59 #10 Buffalo 58* Edmonton (2) 59* #12Washington 57 Boston (2) 57 #13 Minnesota 56 Calgary (2) 57* #14 Winnipeg 55 Buffalo (2) 57* #14 Hartford 55* NY Rangers (2) 56 #16 New Jersey 54 Minnesota (2) 56 #17 NY Islanders 51 St. Louis (2) 55* #18 Detroit 50* New Jersey (2) 52 Washington (2) 50 TIER 4 TEAMS #19 Toronto 49 Philadelphia (2) 46 #20 Vancouver 46 Winnipeg (2) 46 #21 Quebec 41 Detroit (2) 44* Toronto (2) 41 Hartford (2) 41* TIER 5 TEAMS #22 San Jose 37 Vancouver (2) 35 NY Islanders (2) 34 Quebec (2) 34 San Jose (2) 31 CoachMac Poll (these ratings are based on my experience playing in the 2013 and 2015 leagues against human opponents and playing and controlling every team in my Empty Net season) TIER 1 (In a league of their own) #1 Pittsburgh-- The Penguins are in a league of their own. No other team can touch them. Mario is the most skilled player (94) plus he is BIG. Tough to knock off the puck and good on D. Recchi is a quick darter on Mario's right with a good shot, Stevens is a bruiser on his left who is tough to stop going to the net. Coffey is the best d-man in the game next to Bourque with great speed and unlike the real Coffey he is physical. Larry Murphy is solid on D as well. Barasso is big and performs well in net living up to his 70 rating. Even the Pens second line is better than almost every other team. TIER 2 (These teams have an outside shot against the Pens) #2 Boston-- The Bruins are the closest thing to the Pens. Neely and Bourque are both beast and near or at the top of the league in skill. Andy Moog is a highly rated goalie. Dave Christian is a liability at LW if you could edit lines you would get him out, but part of the beauty of 92 is you can't so deal with him, he helped win the USA the gold in 1980. #3 Chicago-- Deadmeow will disagree with me here, but I like the Hawks. I did ok with them in his league and they were great in my control in empty net. Roenick is fast but not as skilled as he is in 93 and 94. Thomas and Larmer are serviceable on the wings, but the d-pairing is amazing. Doug Wilson is one of my favorite players in this game. Chelios is his partner. You gotta get the D involved to score with the Hawks. Belfour is ok but sure does not seem like he is rated 93. #4 Los Angeles-- Gretzky (92) and Sandstrom (91) are the second and third highest rated players in the game. Luc Robitalle got the shaft in this game. He should be better. The big problem for the Kings is they lack size and need to win games by outscoring the opponent. Again if you could edit lines and bring in Larry Robinson or Marty McSorley to pair with Duchesne (who is good) they could challenge the Pens. #5 Edmonton-- My team. I have used them the most and they are a fun good team to play with. Messier is fast and physical. He plays great d and has a nice deke. He lacks a good shot most of the time but you can tell when he has a hot shot and you should win the games when he does. Tikkanen is solid on the left wing and Joe Murphy gives you a good shot on the right though not much else. I wish I could sub in Anderson or Klima. The Oilers have a great bench/line 2 of forwards. The Oilers D is one of the best. Huddy and Smith are both beast and they can both provide more offense than their ratings indicate. Ranford starts in goal, but Fuhr is rated higher. I still like Ranford better for some reason. Nothing in the ratings would indicate he is better. Next season I am going with and sticking with Fuhr. #6 NY Rangers-- Great offensive team. Bernie Nicholls is slow with a great shot: Mike Gartner is fast with a great shot. The Rangers are slightly undersized. Super fast and talented D Leetch and Patrick. Richter is a good goalie. And then there is John Ogrodnick my favorite player in the game to play against. Craig Janney, Cliff Ronning, and John Ogrodnick are the only starting line 1 players in the game with zero fighting/aggression rating. These are not separated in 92 so it is just one rating. Anyway Janney and Ronning never seem to fight but ol' John is always willing to drop the gloves if you cheap shot him after the whistle in spite of his zero rating and you can drop him with one punch every time. #7 St. Louis-- Hull and Oates up front. Stevens and Brown on D. Good team. Reindeau starts in net Cujo is rated higher. #8 Calgary—Lots of speed,skill, and depth, but no size. Very similar team to the Kings. Mike Vernon (50) gets no love in this game. Wamsley is a rated higher at 57. TIER 3 (Competitive teams) #9 Buffalo-- I like this team. Krupp is one of the biggest players in the game and Andreychuk is big and tough to knock off the puck. Hawerchuk seems to have more skill than his 68 rating. #10 Montreal—small, small, small. Tough to win against a human with. Roy gets barraged and would probably demand a trade to Colorado if he could. #11 Toronto—suprising team especially if deadmeow is coaching them. I did ok with them in empty net. Nothing really stands out but they play above their ratings especially Peter Ing and Mike Krushelnyski. #12 Washington--- If you could edit lines and bring in Al Iafrate this team would shoot up the rankings. In deadmeows 2014 league I thought he was the MVP completely unstoppable. #13 Hartford—Can do some damage at times Zarley Zalapski is the man for this team. Fun team too as they like to scrap. #14 Minnesota—Great unis and emblem. I miss it. Love to play with them just for that. The team is very vanilla. TIER 4 (One horse wagons) #15 Detroit-- Steve Yzerman. That is it. I wish Bob Probert was on Line 1. Probert, Rob Ray, Mike Peluso, Gino Odjick, Craig Berube, and #17 for San Jose are the only guys rated 100 in fighting/aggression. None of them are on line 1. #16 New Jersey--- More great unis that I miss. Feed John Maclean. #17 NY Islanders-- You will go as far as Pat LaFontaine will carry you and he is little. I did OK against the CPU with them. I think it would be tough to win against a human. #18 Philadelphia-- Rick Tocchet. Fun to use fights and scores. Hextall is decent in net. TIER 5 (Weak teams) #19 Winnipeg-- Housley got shafted. #20 Vancouver—SLOW. Geoff Courtnall 66 speed? TIER 6 (Horrid!) #21 Quebec—Sakic almost moves them to a one horse wagon. #22 San Jose-- All the players are fake. They stink. Deadmeow's Poll (Deadmeow is the godfather of NHL '92) This is his subjective poll. TOP 8 POWER TEAMS MID RANGE 4 TEAMS LOWER 10 BAD TEAMS The Power 8 are divided into 2, based on toughness, each team scores well. MID RANGE TEAMS can make upsets happen, no real title chance BAD TEAMS are fun to use if you don't mind losing TOP 8 POWER TEAMS -------- TOP ELITE #01 PITT (high toughness and scoring) #02 BOST (high toughness and scoring) ~03 EDM (high toughness and scoring) ~04 NYR (can play tough, and score) -------- VERY GOOD ~05 LA (good team with short history, good scoring, medium toughness) ~06 CHIC (speed and shooting, although not tough) ~07 CALG (improves much with edited lines, decent scoring, medium toughness) #08 STL (Can win with the right person, not tough) -------- MID RANGE TEAMS -------- #09 WASH (consistent winners, but will never get to finals) #10 MONT (paper tigers) #11 MINN (not a bad team, but will never win a cup) ~12 HART (HART jumps up to a mid range with edited lines) -------- BAD TEAMS --------- #13 WPG (can beat bad teams) #14 BUF (can beat bad teams) ~15 TOR (can beat bad teams) ~16 DET (can score against low toughness teams) -------- worse teams #17 VAN (slow, you wil die from boredom) ~18 NYI ~19 NJ ~20 PHI #21 SJ (slow but agile, can only hit the post at close range) #22 QUE (super slow, team has some shooting ability if they can get near net) ------- # = solid ranking ~ = approxmiate ranking, could flip flop toughness = checking, resistance to getting checked Final Consensus Poll and Tiers W R M D Overall TIER 1 #1 Pittsburgh 1 3 1 1 6 TIER 2 #2 Boston 2 4 2 2 10 #3 Los Angeles 5 1 4 5 15 #4 Chicago 7 2 3 6 18 #5 NY Rangers 3 7 6 4 20 #6 Edmonton 4 9 5 3 21 #7 Calgary 8 5 8 7 28 #8 St. Louis 9 6 7 8 30 TIER 3 #9 Washington 6 12 12 9 39 #10 Montreal 19 8 10 10 47 #10 Buffalo 14 10 9 14 47 #12 Minnesota 16 13 14 11 54 #13 Winnipeg 10 14 19 13 56 #13 Toronto 11 19 11 15 56 #15 Hartford 18 14 15 12 59 TIER 4 #16 NY Islanders 13 17 17 18 65 #17 Detroit 17 18 15 16 66 #18 Philadelphia 20 10 18 20 68 #19 New Jersey NA 16 16 19 71 #20 Vancouver 15 19 20 17 73 #21 San Jose 12 22 22 21 77 #22 Quebec NA 21 21 22 86 This is an attempt to do a rating page for the teams in NHL Hockey (92) similar to what KingRaph did for the NHL '94 teams. I also tried to do some commentary like building lines with AJ. And provide some insight as to how they came up with the ratings and the game in general. The game is/was only available on the Genesis. The weight bug does not exist. The Sharks are purely fictional players. No player names just numbers but my web-site provides names and player cards for each team. http://www.nhl92.com/ No one-timers and no goalie control. You can not edit your lines. You may change your goalie. Fighting is rampant. Including after the whistle, period and game. I used 4 different polls to come up with my final consensus poll. #1 Results from Deadmeows League's dating back to 1991 and the league we just finished in 2015. #2 Using the Player ratings from the game. #3 A subjective poll by me (CoachMac) based on my experience with the teams. #4 A subjective poll by Deadmeow (the godfather of '92) Some notes about the player ratings: NHL Hockey uses a 0-15 scale like 93 not the 0-6 scale of 94. The players are generally one or 2 clicks lighter than they were in 94. Gretzky weighs 148 instead of 172 as an example but most are just one or 2 clicks lighter. Agility, Speed, Shot Power, Checking and Stick handling are randomly assigned and are very loosely based on reality. Some are crazy. Cam Neely 100 speed. Geoff Courtnall 66 speed. The 7 best teams (Kings, Flames, Blackhawks, Blues, Penguins, Bruins, and Canadiens) in 1991 plus the NorthStars are rated 100,80,60,40,20 in these attributes. The next 7 teams (Oilers, Rangers, Sabres, Whalers, Devils, Flyers, and Capitals) are rated 100, 93,73,53,33, 13 in these attributes. The bottom 6 teams are rated 86,66,46,26,6 in these attributes. The red Wings and Sharks have a mix of these ratings for some reason. So as an example a guy who was rated 4 in skating in '94 could be an 80, 73, or 66 in '92 based on how good his team was. OFFENSIVE AWARENESS PPG determined both forwards and defensemen offensive awareness rating. The 5 guys who scored >1.45 ppg were rated 100. 1.31-1.44 ppg = 93 and so forth. DEFENSIVE AWARENESS Plus/Minus determined a players defensive awareness. SHOT ACCURACY A players shooting % determined shot accuracy. This carried over to 93 and 94. ENDURANCE 100, 66, or 33. That is it most were 66. ROUGHNESS/SHOT BIAS This was based on the number of shots a player took. I believe in 93 and 94 it changed to goal to assist ratio. PASS ACCURACY This was determined by assist, but Forwards and d-men had different standards. FORWARDS > 1.48 per game = 100 (Oates and Gretz only) Defense > 0.90 per game = 100 ( 4 guys) Forwards then dropped off to 80 for 0.77 to 0.86. No one rated 93 or 86. Defensemen got a 93 for 0.51-0.65. FIGHTING/AGGRESSION Was just one rating and based on PIM. So some guys like Fleury who took lots of PIM's but didn't fight will fight in this game. 6 guys got a 100. Probert, Ray, Berube, Odjick, Peluso, and a fictional Shark. Goalie Rating are a complete mystery to me. Belfour is #1 at 93 and Roy is #2 overall at 90. I need to look into this more and why some lower rated goalies like Peter Ing seem to perform better than higher rated guys.
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    So I previously posted I was going to start Plablegs 2 if we had enough interest. We never hit the quota I needed at that time so I shelved it but we are good to go now. I will work on combining the posts later on today. I'll list the guys who are already stated they are in, confirm it through Discord & then take new coaches. if you are behind in more than one league, struggling to get games in the league(s) you are currently signed up for, I'll probably not let you in. Im assuming the talent pool will be void of some of the previous elite A's, but we will enjoy our time regardless.
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    I actually just found it! Believe it or not, I feel like I accomplished something ! Thank you for your patience and help.
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    Thank you. I have never used hex editor, but I will try.
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    Wait, why are we trying to convince Plabax to get married? There's nothing in what he posts that indicates that, at this point, he'd be able to be in a relationship that requires any kind of sacrifice. For some people that's fine. Also, I know a couple who are in great relationship but have no intention of getting married. Regarding #1, the stats/science show that kids benefit from a stable family life, and in light of #2 I need to point out that this includes same-sex couple families. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4091994/ - U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine http://whatweknow.law.columbia.edu/topics/lgbt-equality/what-does-the-scholarly-research-say-about-the-wellbeing-of-children-with-gay-or-lesbian-parents/ - Columbia Law School I.e., the rare studies that showed negative results would break up the types of parents into "different sex, together", "different sex, separated", and just "same sex," then would compare "same sex" to "different sex, together" and go "see, not as good!"
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    It's (completed) pass percentage.
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    I will take you up on that offer one day! Same goes for anyone visiting our Nation's capital!
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    We have currently raised $120 for @chaos and his incredible work on behalf of the PRL. So, we have 6 coaches currently in the draft lottery for Season 4. CoachMac KingRaph Jer33 Aqualizard Corbettkb Lupz27 Coaches not in the Lottery: JackandJose Chefstar88 Brutus Flatcrusher AtomicRaven Draft Order for Rounds 2-9 Atomic 0-0-0 0/0 = 0 J&J 0-0-0 0/0 = 0 Chef 3-32-3 9/2 = 4.5 Coach 15-39-6 36/3 = 12 Aqua 19-26-13 51/3 = 17 Flat 17-20-1 35/2 = 17.5 Jer 25-27-6 56/3 = 19 Lupz 10-23-7 27/2 = 13.5 Tex 33-19-6 72/3 = 24 Brutus 22-12-4 48/2 = 24 KingRaph 43-3-10 96/3 = 32
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    Singing telegram at work it is! (and I don't think Coach is hoping to thank you for just his leagues)
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    I wasn't joking. What do you suggest I say instead?
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    I’m gonna get this system which is handheld. I’m a truck driver so gives me something to do while I’m waiting for loads.
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    I like the format as is, it requires you to be good with all teams and not just play with one team over and over again.
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    I can't wait for the rematch!
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    Love how Plabax says he doesn't CB, but he CB'ed the hell out of Zalex in GDL11 finals to win, before it was widely known. And Zalex took him to 6. I took a quick watch of games 3 and 4. Good job Plabber.
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    The handicap idea should be taken outside of this virtual environment into REAL sports! Handicap the best teams in the NHL! Or handicap the player in tennis. This is a closer comparison to nhl94 as the "coach" in nhl94 is one person. Federer was the undisputed champ for so long and seemingly came out of nowhere. Then Djokovic came along. Both while at the top of their game almost unbeatable. This is clearly not fair to the other players in the league! Yes. They should handicap the best tennis players in order to make it morer fairerer for the other really good players in the league who can't beat the top guys.
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    Cmon already ,houly smokes ,we need people who are in love with 94 to keep this site going for 50 more years or til whenever the apocalypse comes hehe. Free Drp1zza you lovely buncha kissable care bears LETS HAVE A VOTE !! POST IT HERE !! 1. The guy will play all of this games whether it's GENS, SNES or Both.. 2. He is good enough to play in A in Gens, SNES or Both... Not too many people that play '94 meet this criteria.. Should let him in. If you don't know who DrP1zza is, then you're probably a post 2010 guy. Consider this: he was commissioner of an NHL94 2010 league he was in GDL or classic i think too. Maybe. he used to do commentary on games and he did commentary on sungod's dynasty or some ex-mod's horrible abortion of a league but then the aforementioned mod banned him for swearing too much during his games which got him super mad he then decided to play habs or kgman or some a**hole AngryJay who promptly beat the piss out of him and then rubbed his nose in it. P1zza got mad. Then whoever it was just started ripping on him which made him post all this disgusting crap on the forums and delete the 2010 league (which i was like 19-1 or something with the LA Kings) and become BANNED FOR LIFE! Not to mention he's famous! https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Drp1zza Think about the kind of fame this will bring us having the internet's version of AIDS back among us! I mean come on... you post some of the most vile and disgusting things ever including pain olympics, tubgirl, goatse, gary leeman party aka lemon party, and probably other things just one time and everybody bans you? What happened to the American way! 3 Strikes and you're out! P1zza deserves his 2nd and then a 3rd chance. Because come on, we're all American here. Unless you're Canadian. Or Mexican. Or Swiss. Or Finnish. Or Jamaican. Or Quebecian. Or somewhere else. Either way he deserves more chances.
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    I was just joshing. I know its not a realistic request
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    Ancient history bud. What have you done for us lately aside from crying a river over something you cant even quantify? You have used zero facts. All you points have been based on opinion and subjectivity. Feel free to try again.
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    Players skill 70% game momentum 25% hot/cold/adv/ 5%
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    cuz you guys obviously have no soul, duh
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    I've played video games all my life. I've found unlike real life, where it is 100% all in control of the actions of players/coaches/refs in a real world, video games tack place within a controlled reality coded by & controlled by the games creators. Ever try to be competitive with friends at the arcade w/ those goofy race car games?? It's not a clutch upset if my son beat me as much as the game just forced a comeback. This type of coding exists within video games where despite any button combinations you might try, despite all skill difference, the result almost seemed pre-determined. While I think Plabax arguments, examples, case, etc are weak, I find highlighting real life upsets to not be as valid cause he's really not claiming to be cheated by the refs or anything that can exist in real life as did in USA vs Ussr. But aside from home/away advantage being removed & the drafted teams generally less skilled than classic teams on average, there aren't that many variables being removed to suddenly claim the winners are now random. It is true what wins in classic is not what wins in draft leagues. To me that seems logical, not systemic of some internal "classic" issue. Also, "classic" is designed to play the game the way we all played it for many, many years in real life vs each other, unaltered , but in a season format. As a young kid, you never experienced this, & it's value has inviously eluded you... Along with many other things.
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    No, its not fishy at all. No need to elaborate. You have your own conspiracy theory so why should I bother fighting you on it. The real question is this. What happens when we set the league to your exact specifications for fairness and you end up getting bodied by a player who is "inferior". Will you just make more excuses and attempt to move the goalposts again? Dont answer, that question is rhetorical. As a guy who has bitched and moaned about losing before (nowhere near your level, but I will admit I have). Shut up, put your damn stick down on the ice and play some f**king hockey. Go earn a championship, dont sit here and demand to be catered to so we can just hand you something. If you dont like classic, dont play. Go make your own league with your rules or just play GDL. End of story.
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    Coach sending Plabax to the emergency unit with that 3rd degree burn
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    You had Calgary and lost. That's not a handicap. You just lost. Get over it and move on.
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    Classic Is And Never Was And DEFINITELY Was Not Originally Designed To Be A Totally Fair Best Player Wins League Every Season Is Different Based On What Team You End Up With It's Really Quite Simple
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    Everyone here understands this and thinks it makes sense. Anyone who does not, is pretending not to, and is trolling or being deliberately argumentative.
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    I still havnt used up my airline credit so i can make this happen ............if there is anyone i can couch surf with id book now ....nyc is expensive as f**k.....also my birthday is august 18 so i wanna spend few days there.
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    good stuff. i was thinking of making a post like this, but never did . I'll sticky the post (.. wow there are a lot of stickies in this subforum). a few comments... I have verified in the code that the Hot/Cold ratings are completely random and are not related to whether the player is actually hot or not. So, the real reason to watch the ron barr screen is to find out who your opponents' players are. Player 1 can then change his lines again, since he is the home team and has 'last change,' in case he wants to match a D to a winger or something. Especially if you are winning, wait a second so your opponent can change his lines. But, if you need to change your lines, it's best to do it right after the whistle, before the intermission screen, so it doesn't matter if your opponent hits Start right away. No way, this is prime post-whistle checking time! Extra points for putting a guy over the boards into the penalty box. Extra EXTRA points if you check the penalized player into the box, then he has to get up, get OUT of the box, and then get back INTO the box to serve his penalty. Half the time I end up wondering, "why would he take control of the goalie in this situation? scoooores! oh. probably goalie lock. whoops ." In-person, we usually dump the puck so the guy gets rid of goalie lock, then dump it back so the guy gets another chance at a rush. Online, it'd be nice to flip it out for a whistle, but it's a pretty preventable issue, so be careful with your goalie passes! My take on the crease cut is to only take it if it presents itself naturally, like you suddenly find yourself with the puck, all alone beside the goalie. What I dislike is when guys go out of their way to manufacture the creasecut/walkacross every single rush, skating into the corner, then looping to the net. It's so boring. I'm not sure there's anything wrong with flipping the puck... you can go get it with a player to get an icing call, or you can get it with the goalie and have another possession/rush. If I'm up late in a close game, I won't rush full speed, I'll be more cautious, but my rule is that I must always be moving forward, no hiding behind my net (ultimate cheapness) or looping back into my zone, etc. Pretend there is a shot clock.