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    The 32 team rom template will be released soon.
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    Reminds me of how I used to beat kingraph back in the day!
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    I'm in! The original King of 94 was awesome so won't miss part II. Thanks for all the effort Halifax and Mikey! I'll have at least 3 or 4 other guys signing up for the snes division. None of whom attended King of 94 I. All of us making the trip down from Toronto.
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    Okay, here's an actual example, using the Atlanta Thrashers logo from the GDL 16 ROM. I pulled up the jerseys in NOSE and the logo in TM. Notice that the palette for the jerseys is the same for the logo: This is why you need to know the home jersey offset to find the palette for the center ice logos. In this case it's "01952334". So the breakdown of the Atlanta ice logo is a 48 x 32 pixel grid, with each pixel representing one of the colors of that palette: If you use the palette on the first picture, you will end up with the logo in the first picture. So what happens when you change a color on the jersey? You alter one palette color, but the center ice logo information doesn't change. Just the color: In this example, I changed the 10th palette color from orange to green. You'll see that every pixel with a #10 changed to that new green color. That's because the CPU is instructed to place the #10 color in this pixel, looks up the color in the palette, and places whatever the #10 color is in the palette in the pixel. Again, the jerseys and the home ice logo use the same palette. If you notice, the Atlanta logo is only using colors 1,2,6,9,10,15 &16. So any changes to those colors in NOSE will change the logo accordingly. EDIT: A few of those colors you shouldn't edit -- like 01 (transparent/ice), 15 (stick color), etc. for different reasons, but I hope this clears things up about the jersey/home ice logo relationship.
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    I'd help as well, especially if it was to also include making graphics changes. I would love to make Historic roms with a season mode.
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    I actually starting digging into this a little more last week and I think I'll give expanding '95 a real shot. I was already able to find the team data and move it to a new part of an expanded ROM, so that was encouraging. This weekend I'll set up a thread to post my notes and progress, as I have found wboy's notes from years ago extremely valuable, so maybe others will want to pitch in as well.
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    Living room looks much better, now, thx. Gf hasn't caught on, yet - give'r time.
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    I like it a lot. Love the logos, including the conferences, and the sprites. My one piece of constructive criticism would be - the NHL and NHLPA logos are vertically stretched, and maybe the NHL '94 logo too. I might have to use this for my work desktop.
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    Just booked my hotel room and I'm onto flights... looking forward to seeing you guys there!
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    I hope this is the right spot in the forum to post this. For a little over a year, I've been working on a tabletop arcade project. I decided to do an NHL 94 theme. Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions about the build.
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    NHL 98 with current rosters, as of today, 08/06/17. A few things to note. All I did was I used NOSE to copy rosters and some jerseys from other roms which have been posted here already, so thanks to naples, skip, slapshot, and thetome (also wboy for creating nose, it's awesome) I trust you don't mind, as it seems to be a good community here. I did a few players and jerseys myself, but not much. Lines are accurate as well. As this is based on the 98 game, there are teams missing. Vegas, obviously, and also Winnipeg, Minnesota, Nashville, and Columbus. The divisions are all fucky too, just like they were back in the day. I really wish Winnipeg and Minnesota in particular were there, but this is what I've done so far. I have no idea how to change team ratings, and I have a feeling they influence sim results. EARE only works for 94, and I'm a beginner at best. If anyone knows of another easy way to edit those, I'd be glad to know how. I'm not optimistic about that possibility though. There are a few good young players missing (Montour, Jost, McAvoy, Barzal, etc). Some day soon this will bug me enough and I will add them and post a new rom. I did create Hischier and Patrick though. Also, I'm a Canucks fan (I'm from BC so I come by it honestly), so you'll notice that team has no vets, only the younger prospects. That's because I made this for me to have fun with. The rest of the teams should have normal rosters. I'll fix that also when I post a new rom. NHLPA 93 is my favorite for gameplay, but it's a damn shame it and 94 have no season mode. That's why I made this, to be able to play seasons. I know it's not exactly what most everyone here is into, but I feel like there must be some others who enjoy season play most. I think 98 has decent AI for this era of games. I like to play with difficulty set to all-star and game speed set to low. I find that's the best. The 2 line passes are a bummer, but prefer to be able to decrease the game speed. I also made a kind of weird rom based on the elitserien 96 game, I'll post that shortly. I'm no good at editing graphics (or anything other than rosters and jerseys), so it's incomplete. Also, I'm working on a version of the 94 PC game (it was just called NHL Hockey), because it's the game I grew up playing as a kid with my brothers and friends. I feel like it's the best combination of gameplay, decent AI, old timey graphics, in depth stats keeping, and season mode (fight me!). I think it's great, but it's more time consuming than these sega roms, and I'm mostly just having fun playing these 2 for now. I will finish it someday. Let me know about any mistakes I made. Of course I am open to any feedback or constructive criticism. Cheers, and enjoy the game. NHL 98 17.md.bin
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    Lighter players easily knock down big guys and Big Guys can't knock down little guys. Roenick vs Mario is a great example. WT BUG Fix changes this to how it "should" be. Also C/B checking. Lots to learn Grasshopper. Ignorance is bliss.
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    I'd like to report this post for being far too detailed and educational. Who should I address this complaint to?
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    Glad you enjoyed it! I think that may have been our best game of the series, I was particularly happy with what we did with our franchise mode, alas, the NBA series always took priority and sadly there is no competition for EA, hence my reason to go back and revisit games that I enjoyed versus having to spend money on a slight upgrade. The fact that the game is still a port of the 360/PS3 era of games just rubs me the wrong way. The games on the current generation of consoles just looks, feels and plays like a dated game. Having played some NHL '98 and NHL '02 on the PC lately, I can honestly say that the CPU AI is far better and smarter in those games than they are in the present games. Good thing this community is still alive though to keep the tradition of fun hockey games alive, and updated!
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    So just played in the Fabeled Burning Mort where you play Tecmo Super Bowl but they have weird rules, see crazy vid below Some of the rules they played with were: - Playing with Controller Upside Down - Slappies - Once per quarter you can slap the controller out of the other persons hands - Playing in the reflection of a mirror - Only can Kick, so Punt, Kick Off and Field Goals only Wondering how to apply it the the NHL 16 Bit Relm and looking for ideas Thinking most of these would have to be played on Auto goalie No C'sies - You can't hit c the whole game (probably tape button down) Can only score with pass shots and poke check and hold. No B'sies - No passing or switching guys. Biggest drawback would be when goalie gets it play would be whistled dead Only can score with "X" - onetimers, defenders, perhaps just Tie Domi etc.
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    Think of the center ice logos and jersey colors (and really every picture in '94) as a paint-by-number template, where each pixel represents a number from 1-16. Here is an example of the penguins center ice logo: Now, imagine every ice color square is instead an empty box labeled "1" (I started to do this in red, but that will take forever). Then the light gray squares (pixels) as "2". Darker gray "3", Black "4", etc. If you follow this logic, you will eventually have a 48 x 32 grid, where each box contains a number from 1-16. That's how the picture is stored in the game. Where do the colors come from? The palette! So each picture is linked to a palette and there will be up to 16 colors on that palette. So in our penguins example, every "2" pixel will be filled in with the 2nd color on the corresponding palette. It's the light grey. If you go to the palette and change the 2nd color from grey to purple, every #2 pixel on the penguins logo will turn purple. Now, due to memory or other kind of restrictions at the time, the center ice logo and the home team jerseys SHARE the same palette. Changing a jersey color in NOSE is simply changing the palette color.(Unfortunately I can't get NOSE running right now to show an example). So if you change the yellow stripe on the Penguins home jersey to black, that is as simple as changing palette color #9 from yellow to black. Now in our logo above, imagine #9 was yellow, so now every #9 pixel becomes black because you are sharing the same palette. To FIX this, you have to set the jerseys first to the way you would like. That will give you the 16-color palette that you can use for your center ice logo. The cool thing that Tile Molester does is figure out a new "paint-by-number" scheme that best fits your palette. Again, in our example, if you had the logo ready after your changes and you pasted it into TM, TM would recognize that yellow is now palette color #12 (making this up), so it will change all of the previous #9's (which is now black) to #12's and the logo will look much better. TM will "best fit" your picture to the available 16 colors in the palette. I hope that makes a little more sense. If I had some more time, I'd show you a more concrete example using the jerseys and logo w/ real numbers, but that's all I got for now!
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    You got it Coach! I'm fairly confident I can decompress the graphics (I already have the 1st splash ready to go), but the season information will be unchartered territory. I'm hopeful I can figure out how it works to incorporate 32+ teams, but that may be one of the last feats.
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    IRL that would make them drain damaged. In the case of Tony Twist: ratings are way ahead of their time.
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    Just booked my room. Entered for both Sega and SNES. Knights Game and Pixelated Heroes Premier. I will be there Thursday!
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    Tough choices. Crosby is a good ol Nova Scotia bud. But I gotta go with Doug Glatt from the greatest hockey franchise the halifax highlanders. He also picked the number 69 because it's hilarious.
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    You need a hex editor (download HxD). NOSE can be helpful but is not required. Notation guide: "@" indicates an offset to go to in the hex editor. It is in hexadecimal. Introduction If you use NOSE, you can see the "Offset Hex" of each team: (click to enlarge) These values tells you where in the ROM the data for each team is located. Now, the nice thing is, you don't need to re-order all the team data to change the team order. There is a list of these offset values in the ROM, and you just need to re-order the list. A list of offsets is often called a "pointer table," so you need to re-order the team pointer table (a table of offsets that points you to the location of the data for each team). The Hack The location of the team pointer table is: NHLPA 93: @0314 (same for original or 30-team ROM) NHL 94: @030E (thanks SabreFan1) NHL 95: @0772 (thanks KingRaph) NHL 96, 97, 98: someone please post the addresses below if you know them (can be found by searching for the first offset value seen in NOSE) For example, if you go to offset @0314 in NHLP93, the first few values you see are 000008B8 (Boston) 00000B70 (Buffalo) 00000E32 (Calgary) 000010D8 (Chicago) 00001398 (Detroit) In NOSE (and the screenshot above), you can see which team goes with which value. So, just re-order the values to re-order the teams. Limitations This WILL NOT REORDER THE TEAM GRAPHICS (logos, banners..) Warnings Make sure you keep the pointer table values properly aligned, and don't change the number of pointers.
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    I figured out you can add games to each series. It's pretty simple, when you go to input the score, you can click on add set. So all scores for the semis and finals were saved in the bracket. Everything went pretty smoothly, there's always confusion right in the beginning as to how to choose teams, etc. The matchup cards helped a lot; I saw a lot of people using them. I think STL-PIT was the matchup I saw the most haha. Having the numbers on the name tags was very useful, as we could just go by numbers instead of yelling out names. Tecmo only had 18 or 19 I think. We had 41 signups. I was impressed. LI Retro guys to an incredible job running this expo, props to them.
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    Heh, I need to learn how to smile in pics. But yes, thank you very much Raph, Evan, Egg, and Chaos, impressive how well that ran. And to Smozoma, those last 3 games were def the most fun ones I played all day.
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    Thanks for modding the game and stuff. I'm happy I can play this game again on my PC.
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    I've got: Sega Genesis: 2 SNES: 1 (plus a buddy said I could borrow his, so I have 2 available) RetroTRIO: 1 (plays Genesis, SNES, and NES games) NHL 94 Genesis: 4 NHL 94 SNES: 2 CRT TVs: just 1, a bit on the large side Blurry Pixel is where I was thinking. Level One looks nice, too (they also have a copy of SNES 94). House of Targ didn't really seem set up for it? Wherever it is I'm hoping they can supply 2 of each of the consoles to round it out to 4 each, with the RetroTRIO as a backup. I'm thinking October or November? Just some time before it gets all snowy. Have to make sure they would let us stream (I know Blurry Pixel would) There would be guaranteed 'rookie' prizes so we online players don't rip them off.
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    Cool concept about matchup cards. These would basically all be fine for noobs, but a few that stand out to me as arguably unfair are: MTL DET (montreal has weak offense and detroit is just way too powerful. DET is an A+ team whereas MTL is a B team imo) STL NYR (not trying to be biased here, but new york has a star center with decent wingers, that can speed by st louis' turtle speed players. The blues have brett hulls shot and nothing else) EDM NYR (edmonton is terrible other than klima and ranford, with bad home/away advantages. Especially hard for noobs to have to use guys like craig simpson as wingers, plus those fatass defensemen) HFD PHI (hartford has the lamest average joe fwds ever, they only stand a chance if you can utilize ZZ's beastly cb check. philly has a bootleg star in recchi with a good sidekick eklund, they at least have a decent offense) I would hate to be LA vs DAL but that's more bias than anything, its a fine matchup I would also recommend noobs to avoid the lower level teams as its hard for a noob to score with a team like washington or nyi. Plus its just more fun and fast to duke it out as chi det anyway my $0.02
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    Hi everybody. Currently having some red-tape issues with Twin Galaxies, when trying to verify my account (in order to submit a score), I get the message... "Please call +13154021021 from the registered number to get the pin" This seems to be because I live outside of the United States. I've tried calling the number and had operators help me with a different calling code, however, the number doesn't seem to be valid. Currently the highest score on Twin Galaxies for SNES NHL '94 using their criteria is 58 as of 2015-01-28. Cut the 30 minute video into 2 15 minute segments, because at this time have 15 minute limit on YouTube. Recorded on a flatscreen, since older TV flickers. The camera used to record was a Canon PowerShot ELPH135, the video should be adequate. I would have liked it to be higher quality. First 15 minutes: Second 15 minutes: NHL '94 SNES 72 - 0, 10 minute periods.bmp
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    Awesome....bring back the shirt!
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    Maybe I phrased this wrong. Probably should call it an Experience like Buring Mort did rather than Tourney. It's a tourny but for fun, rather than pure compettion. Each rule only lasts for one round and then a new rule is assigned for next round. What's great about it is everyone has a chance to win with weird rules. When you play a certian game for so many years with the same group, you can mostly write in before hand where the people will finish in standings. The bottom half of guys lose interest when their life time record is like 10-79. This kind of tourny gives Stella her groove back...
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    Love you Segathon, but I hate most of these ideas! I could do one-timers only thats about it. Jer actually recommended this one time. Or I also like the idea of scrubs only.
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    That's the tournament registration page bud?
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    OH YEAH, you are right! Nobody ever goes to Las Vegas for big events or conventions! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely HATE Vegas. I am the one Nevadan around here, but it is 500 miles and another world away from where I live. I would have preferred Canada, or Chicago, or New York. Hockey Country! But I totally get the choice. just like Bettmans choice to put a team there and have awards there long before a team. VEGAS is Big! Your comments about the tournament are pointless, since you didn't come to Toronto and have constantly said you did not like or plan to attend these type events. I am actually starting to like you and believe you are spot on about online leagues, but you should stay out of this. Mikey and Halifax bust a-- making these things happen and deserve our support.
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    Naples, you do great ROMs, and this thread is funny as hell! Keep up the good work! (On a side note, I do appreciate and agree with your approach of having mostly regular joes attribute-wise, so the real superstars stand out. Just like the original ROM did it.)
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    These are wboy's notes on how to expand the original ROM to 32 teams. Unfortunately, it's just his notes, not a clear explanation. But uploading it for safe-keeping. SG NHL94 - 30 Team ROM.zip
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    I thought it was the perfect April Fools joke... Very well executed imo
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    I have been on this forum for 12 years playing in several leagues, then releasing ~10 ROMS and always taking feedback. You are the first person I have had the slightest bit of tension with. I'll just go back to getting along fine with everyone else now.
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    Congrats to AJ. Great performance against a great player! Congrats to both of you for your awesome season!
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    Mac & the Oilers have continued to improve greatly. The first two games were tough fought matches, and the Leafs just could not get a lead. Game 3, Toronto took a 3-1 lead early, but just couldn't hold it, as the Oilers have too much fire power, and the Leafs just can't get near the net without being forced to eat snow cones all day. I think in most or all of the games, my shots were in the single digits, I just didn't have many chances to shoot the puck due to the Edmonton defense. I think if the Oilers and Penguins play, this could be a great series. Also, it would be nice to see if LA can give the NY Rangers a scare in the next round, assuming they get past Chicago. The talent level is very good in this league. I think NHL94 players learn the ropes of NHL92 very quickly. Thanks to everyone for working hard to play their games on time, and to Mac for holding a very fun league!
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    Am I saving the screen shots wrong?.......when I save it, it is a bitmap file which I understand is right, but when I go to change it to a png file it says invalid bmp file or it is not readable. To save a screenshot is either SHIFT + BACKSPACE correct or go to the GRAPHIC pull down menu and click SCREENSHOT correct?
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    OK, I finally got around to testing this and I was wrong about back-up goalies getting starts in 94. Even though the byte thing shows up in NOSE and it is accurate for number of games played in 92-93, you will always get the #1 goalie with line changes ON or OFF. It does not matter and even if you set the bytes to equal values the #1 guy always starts. 93 is really cool. With Line Changes OFF, you always get the #1 guy unless**** With Line Changes ON, you will get both guys. I used Detroit and the Rangers for my test. Vanbies actually was the goalie of record 43 games and Richter 37. The bytes are set to 9 and 8. In did an 80 game sim start up. Cheveldae for Detroit was the busiest goalie in the league in 91-92. He was the goalie of record 70 times and his bytes are set to E or 15. Millen was the goalie of record 8 times and his bytes are set to 2. Riendeau was the goalie of record 2 times and his bytes are set to 1. Here are the results at HOME the 1st Goalie plays more and he plays less on the Road. NYR #1 Vanbies 26 Home starts/22 Away starts 48 starts Total #2 Richter 14 Home Starts/ 18 Away Starts 32 Starts Total DET #1 Cheveldae 26 Home Starts/14 away starts 40 Total #2 Millen 8 Home starts/ 16 away starts 24 Total #3 Riendeau 6 Home starts/ 10 away starts 16 Total ****The unless part is if you have had Line Changes ON and then change them to OFF the game seems to forget the change when it comes to goalies and will still use the back up. Another lost feature from 93 to 94. To bad we can't combine the best parts of all these games. Of course we would never agree on what the best features are. Probably just what the EA guys faced in the 90's.
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    I don't really have much in the way of technical details. However, I have spent time on the menu screen swapping back and forth to a specific team, watching the frequency which each goalie appears on it and it definitely has a higher chance to select the goalie with the highest byte regardless of if the goalie is in the first slot in the roster. I found that the bytes themselves are taken from the GP stat from each goalie using the previous seasons stats and that I can accurately determine the goalie bytes for certain goalies by using the following formula. X = Y / (Z / 15) Where X is the Goalie byte, Y is the goalie's GP stat, and Z is the total games of the previous NHL Season. Here are a couple examples: Detroit Goalie Bytes: E210 Tim Cheveldae: 72 / 5.333333* = 13.5 (Round up to 14) Greg Mullen: 10 / 5.333333* = 1.875 (Round up to 2) Vincent Riendeau: 2 / 5.333333* 0.375 (Round up to 1)^ Chicago Goalie Bytes: A431 Ed Belfour: 52 / 5.333333* = 9.75 (Round up to 10) Dominik Hasek: 20 / 5.333333* = 3.75 (Round up to 4) Jim Waite: 17 / 5.333333* = 3.1875 (Round down to 3) Ray LeBlanc: 1 / 5.333333* = 0.1875 (Round up to 1)^ * 80 / 15 = 5.33333333333333333333333333333333 Very long string of 3s ^ Anything below 1 has to be rounded up to 1. I don't know if this is still true with later versions of the game, such as in season mode if it makes it more likely for the game to simulate a specific goalie in net for more games when they have a higher byte versus one with a lower byte or something like that. I have noticed that in an unmodified version of the game, all goalie bytes are set C for starter, 1 for all other goalies in all of the games beyond '95, if it will do anything if I change the bytes, I don't know yet. Perhaps I should simulate some seasons on one of them playing around with goalie bytes and see what results come up.
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    After the testing the delete player function in my upcoming editor, I noticed the game crashed when trying to edit lines within the games. "Great!" I thought, more crap for me to work out. Good news is, I found it. In 94, the single byte before the two goalie bytes defines the amount of forwards and defense players. Anaheim for example has Hex 97, so 9 forwards and 7 defense players. Usual hex rules apply, A = 10, B = 11, .... F = 15. Playing the rom, it doesn't seem to care what the defense value is. If you change LD or RD it will show all players after the last forward player. As an example, set forward to 0 and when you change a LD or RD, you see all the players on the team roster. Try change a forward position and the game will hang! A value of 1 thru F must be used for the forwards. In the example pics below, I set it to Hex 10 to show the game will see the 1 forward appropriately, but all players after 1 are shown for defense proving the 0 means jack, even though all the defaults set in the original rom do add up to the exact amount of players a team has rostered. This is also valid for NHL95 and NHL93, but its a few bytes earlier as the 93 rom also carries team summary numbers within the team headers. See the pic for the exact location. Same rules as above apply (I assume, haven't tested). NHL96-98 do not use the four bytes after the colors and before the two goalie bytes. They are always hex 0000 0000. The play position summary data lives after the team name/initials/rink data. The 14bytes supports 28 players, and taking a guess, 0 is for goalies, 4 for LD, 5 for RD, 3 for LW, 2 for C, 1 for RW. Editing these values has no major affect as any player can be put in any position in-game unlike NHL93, 94 & 95. If anyone has worked out the other 3 bytes after the colors and before the goalie bytes in 93/94/95, let me know what the deal!