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  1. Are there any emulators that run 94 well on Windows 8? Gens and Gens+ both lag hardcore and Kega Fusion won't go into full screen mode. I'm really frustrated.
  2. Maybe this is something that should be revisited? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. I love it! Thanks so much.
  4. Just curious. Why do you prefer his CorHART+ over his HART+ based on his Goals formula?
  5. WOW! Thanks for making this subforum! I was recently wishing for something like this. Also thanks for the advanced stats links. I have been wanting to take a look at that kinda stuff!
  6. It happened to me too. Press refresh and it should go back to normal.
  7. Scored with shea Weber on Jimmy Howard in clockwise nhl 12 playoffs. Ive seen the pass shot just never the five hole slapper. I shot from around the top of the face off circle but directly in center. It was pretty exciting to discover a new technique.
  8. Ive never seen or heard about anyone scoring five hole before... I scored a goal five hole by skating straight at the goalie and launching a hard slapshot aimed low at the goalie. The goalie dropped and it went through his legs. As soon as my power goes back on I'll try to make a video on my comp. Has anyone done this before? I have never heard it discussed as a scoring option.
  9. Oh boo. Well I figured that there is an instruction which tells the cpu to look for player values in a certain place so I just further figured you would theoretically be able to tell it to look in all of the places where player values are found instead of just in the place corresponding to that team.
  10. would it be possible to cheat this by somehow giving one team an instruction to take players from EVERY teams roster?
  11. I have thousands of free bites but I am not allowed to add more than fifteen players to a team. What I want to do it make it so one team has almost all of the players from the game on it but I can't get more than fifteen skaters onto a team. Any ideas? edit: nvm i miscounted. i got 23 on there
  12. Im thinking about making an NHL 94 roster for NHL 2004. Should I make a roster reflecting the actual rosters from 1994 or a duplication of the NHL94 roster as is?
  13. accidently deleted the folder on the other computer that contained what little work I had got done. I may start over but I don't know how likely that is. Right now in rabbinical college I don't have so much time. It is more likely that I will do an olympic rom or something but well see.
  14. Some centers are able to win an overwhelming majority of faceoffs by mashing the speedburst button rapidly instead of attempting to draw the puck. I'm not sure if its connected to speed or weight or some combination of both but I am almost positive of this. Also if you use this technique when going up the screen it is even more likely to work and from the bottom faceoff circles. I have played games before where I didnt lose even one faceoff from the bottom faceoff circles by using this tactic. pretty sure I didn't imagine it
  15. Atlanta wins the cup Kovalchuk, Little, Antropov, Afinogenov, Kubina, and Bogosion all have 100 point seasons and the universe collapses onto itself forming a black hole. As a result Pheonix moves to Hamilton... geographically.
  16. I hate to be the guy who drops out so early but I am having trouble getting a good enough connection at school to be able to play with any type of consistency. I didn't think the situation was going to be this way when I signed up. My sincerest apologies to everyone who was inconvenienced. I hereby withdraw.
  17. Just spoke to Hokkee. I get Chicago. Hokkee takes Tampa. Issue resolved. Thanks to Hokkee for being a good sport.
  18. Why did Hokkee get to pick before me????? I am before him on the list and I told you that I want Chicago if it is available...?
  19. Ive got 99 and an emulator with netplay but I sux at it more than 94.
  20. don't know where the waiting list is but put me on it w00t!