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  1. I just wanted to say that, as of recently, I have picked up a newfound appreciation for your signature. Specifically, the very bottom of it. Cheers to ya.

    1. IceStorm70


      Ignore trudatman sig? Yes highly recommended tho i peak once in awhile lol

  2. Just a heads up, my AIM is wrong on the site.
  3. Looking at this roster it doesn't look like I have most of you guys on my AIM, so feel free to add me up at MeatSkid1. Don't know if I'll be able to be on a whole lot in the next few days, but rest assured I'll be ready by the time the season starts.
  4. Man, now I really wish Halifax was my dad. Happy fathering, GLHF!
  5. 1. Philly 2. Rangers 3. Florida 4. Toronto B league, please and thank you.
  6. I'm in as balls, though I won't be able to start playing until the 3rd, if that's alright.
  7. I choose to avoid problems like these by just wallowing in the depths of the C leagues. Makes everything a whole lot easier.
  8. Wanna get some meaningful games going again, so I'd definitely be in.
  9. Which makes you a double that-word-you-just-used-twice, by the looks of it.
  10. I'd like to add to add a "veteran" "presence" to the wait list. AIM is MeatSkid1
  11. So I just wanted to let you all know that I want to rejoin the world of online 94ing. Don't know how many of you remember me, but all you really need to know is that I was unquestionably the worst player ever to grace these forums. Long story short, if someone (who'd also be willing to bear with me as I relearn the online protocol) would be nice enough to take me on in an exhi so I could shake the rust off, hit me up on AIM at MeatSkid1. Thank you, and goodnight.
  12. Righteous. The era of Tubatude is back upon us, in that case. Hopefully.
  13. ...could I play online against windows-ers? I ask because I recently had to download Parallel for unrelated reasons, and came upon the thought that this could get me back in the game. Does anyone know if this works? If not, no worries.
  14. More than 3 years ago, I made a post with no capitalization, inconsistant punctuation and a really bad attempt at humour. If I saw someone else make that post today, I would write them off as a doucheknocker, and then internet punch them. However, that post, ugliness and all, has led me to where I am today: in great position to win a competition on a forum I no longer frequent dedicated to a game I am horribly shitty at. To Mr. Kudelski and Mr. Datman: good luck, and may the luckiest motherfucker win.
  15. Going to use my yearly post in order to fulfill Hali's wishes. I hereby take back everything I said about Mr. Tavares and recognize that he is an extremely special hockey talent.
  16. Just wanted to say that those pics got me abnormally erect. Thank you.
  18. I'd like to first point out that NHL 94 withdrawl is a real b***h. Now, onto why I'm posting this: first off, a huge apology to Clockwise and the rest of the 91 league. I ditched that horribly, and left a bunch of guys swinging in the wind without even the class to explain. Honestly, I just wanted a break. My consistant sucking horribly was just getting to me. At first it was alright, tbh it was when I got the smallest tastes of winning when it started going downhill, emotion wise, when I thought I should be winning. Long story short, I said to myself, "f**k this s**t". And I did. Which was classless. So I am sorry, and to punish myself I'll be dressing as a fairy princess for Halloween. Now, back to the topic sentence. I am experiencing said withdrawl, will anyone help this poor misguided soul out? Hit me up on AIM, MeatSkid1. Proud to have the most questionably homosexual screen name since '09. May sit out a few leagues, but I'd like to dip my toes back in. Cheers. PS, if anyone actually realized I was gone, which I doubt, you're my new favourite.
  19. Gonna pick up NHL 11 just so I can draft Nats, than abuse him and shatter all his dreams. They included that feature this year, correct?
  20. Guitar Hero guitar. Probably the main reason I lose so much.
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