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  1. Guys, do you prefer the simple hack (weight only) or the improved one (weight+checking)? The improved one definitely looks more sophisticated and makes things more interesting (ligher guys with good checking ability can knock down heavy guys when they suck at checking) but imo the simple one is what was intended by creators of the game. It looks they screw it up with 2A and 2B values with putting them at the wrong place in the code. Something like NHL 96 or 97 and goalies with wrong R/L gloves. What are your thoughts?
  2. Not sure if its possible to allow another person accessing to your hard drive just via emulator :-) About that read-only folder. You as a community can use the same srm file created just for the purpose of online gaming and this srm file make read-only, that should prevent the game make any changes. Run the emulator, opent the original NHL 94 rom, close the emulator, make created srm file read only, add it into the package with the bin and then make it downloadable for other people playing in the online leagues.
  3. Maybe the simple launcher telling the emulator not to store any srm files would be the solution but that's not possible without understanding the code of the emulator :-) It's mabye easier to find what happens in the rom when storing data to memory and tell the rom don't do anything by erasing or rewriting certain values in hex editor like people do with checksums. I would try making folder with the emulator read only on both sides (you-opponent) first, that seems to me like the best solution that costs nothing :-)
  4. The problem is the SWOS autolauncher does not change anything in the game code, its only an emulator with preconfigured setup (that tells the emulator to run the game from hdf=hard drive file) with some cool features added but the game itself is not changed in any way (only the save disk is, but the save disk is not part of the game).
  5. In my opinion it has something to do with rewriting the code from the scratch, 93 is not just an update of the previous version but in many ways a completely new game. It does not use password system anymore but stores data in the memory, players have their individual stats and you can check them, injuries were added, summaries added, lines editing added and the list goes on.
  6. I think 92 and 94 behave differently. 92 uses password system and does not store any information in the memory or as a savestate. In 94 the game stores the information in memory/save state. When you beat Dallas with Buffalo in 94, your game stores the information Buffalo-1:0-BuffaloPlayersStats-etc but your opponent has Dallas-0:1-DallasPlayersStats-etc info stored. That leads to desynch as the roms are different at that point.
  7. The emulator you all use doesnt have something like "do not make a save state" or "disable sram" options? Or put the emulator and the rom to a read only folder to disable the emul to make any save states.
  8. Thanks Pearate, I will compare the best of five rom uploaded by CoachMac with the original one to find the changes and then try to apply them in 94 rom.
  9. Anything more difficult than super simple hack is beyond my skills I am afraid, I'll keep it as it is. Thanks a lot! :-)
  10. I would try to find this on my own, I am not afraid of playing with hex editors and values and offsets and such but the rerecording tool is extremely slow on my computers with Linux distributions. I will try that with Windows installed in the future. Was hoping if someone else already had figured this out. Anyway, thanks for your answer smozoma and especially for your weight bug fix, it makes the Genesis version much much better than the original one! :-) @Pearate, can you give us more info about your findings in 92 rom? I guess it's very similar or exactly the same in 94 rom!
  11. Has anyone figured this out for NHL 94?
  12. I read in some other thread that the rom is not editable anymore in NOSE after applying Y button patch, so be careful and keep a backup of the rom you are working on when applying the patch. 0808/08 (or 0909/09) is ~0.25 and 0A0A/0A is ~0.30, is that right?
  13. Is possible to call icings whenever the puck crosses the goal line? Something like old IIHF icing rule.
  14. I know about two ways how to get rid of center ice logos. First is fast and easy, you have to find the center ice logos palette, like I did here. It shouldn't be much different with Genesis rom. Or you can erase all the logos in TLP, simply overpaint all the logos with the black color. I did with a part of the Flames logo and got this: With adding your own universal logo it is more difficult as you have to (I guess) paint the logo and paint it with the right colors. I suggest you to try every single color in TLP to find out which colors are the ones you want to use. For instance, when editing New Jersey logo yellow in TLP is bluish (just example, I dont know if it is), so you know you have to find the right shade of yellow to have the exact blue from NHLPA 93. Same for the red part. Then you paint the logo instead of the New Jersey logo. Then you will do something like I did here and point all the other team logos to the offstes of the New Jersey one and you have the universal logo used for all the teams. Edit: I went through Genesis-edit forum and realized how great Tile Molester is. With it everything is easier. I use exclusively TLP (can't get TM running on my Linux computers) so painting the NHLPA 93 logos in Molester with the right colors/palettes should be much easier than I expected when writing my post.
  15. I just played 4 Genesis matches (5 mins periods)...and my opponent (CPU) hits the post two times (during the game, not after the play was stopped situation Depch is referring to). Few hours earlier I made my SNES slapshots record, four slapshots goals (Chelios 3, Noonan 1) in 10 mins period game against Buffalo (Fuhr is one of the best goalie in the game) out of ~20 attempts. Btw, I scored only one slapshot goal in those Genesis matches. No slappers in SNES and no posts in Genesis
  16. Can someone reupload the pos_xy.txt please?
  17. The scoreboard: Easy and fast TLP edit and I got this: krevonemezery 0003.bmp I like the scoreboard here much more than the original one, which is too big for my taste. EA logo is annoying under the clock. In TLP I can't find anything similar (except zamboni EA logo). The whole background would go away after erasing the logo in TLP. That's something I would like to have. If you do not like the HAT TRICK! (and PEN. SHOT and GOAL!) popup, it can be changed to something like this by simple hex editing: krevone 0004.bmp I will try this Genesis way in the future, do not have much time these days. I am afraid it won't work as the Genesis version is in many ways very different (goalies roaming is exactly that case). tru, have youtried that? Or do you know where the EA logo is located? Goalies: I tried but no luck here either. I found 2400/DCFF at F315A/F3193, F3182/F319F and F318E/F31A7 but changing to 7C00/84FF or even 4800/B8FF had no affect on goalies roaming. If i remember correctly you wanted to add bleeding after players get injured. It is not possible. I found the sprites in TLP which are used when the player is knocked down on the ice and added blood. Check following pics: krevone 0001.bmp krevone 0000.bmp krevone 0002.bmp All the players are "bleeding", no matter if they are injured or just knocked down and the color is the same as is used as jersey/helmet colors.
  18. Tried this and it's an awesome hack. I got couple of questions. New Rink (Based off NHL 94 Rink) Did you do this in NOSE or you had to use Tile Layer Pro/Tile Molester? AI Boosted How did you do this? What did you change in HexEd? 7 Minute Periods Offset please. Or it was changed in NOSE? Fatigue/Recovery Rates Increased Is this some kind of hex hack or simple attributes editing in NOSE? Player stopping and Turning speeds adjusted to be more Realistic Same question, was this done just by making players slower in NOSE or did it require hex editing? All 30 Teams now work in Playoffs (Thanks Smozoma) What was altered/added in the code please?
  19. Interesting, for me the Genesis version is more arcadish than the SNES version. When playing the Genesis version, I score slappers goals pretty easily with simple pressing the shoot button, scoring with slappers in SNES version is about right timing and aiming (that's imo the reason why Genesis players think it is almost impossible to score with slappers on SNES, they play the SNES version in the same way they do with Genesis and it does not work). Goalkeepers are retarded in Genesis version imo, they sometimes skate around the goal like crazy, SNES goalies are less active waiting for a human player to control them, which is what I prefer. I would not call passing more easier but more accurate in SNES, it should be like that, we control NHL players and they have to have good passing skills.Same can be said about overall control, SNES players are better skaters, Genesis players are extremely clumsy. It's true hitting the post is pretty common in SNES version but in average I hit the post around three times, maybe less, in a 5 mins period game. It's a game from 4th generation era and has its bugs and mistakes, just like the Genesis version. Both versions are pretty far from true ice-hockey simulation and bashing one version for having bugs and mistakes is funny when the other version has plenty of stuff to criticize as well.
  20. Overall. The percentage would be probably higher if I try to score only with the players with good shooting skills but I try to score with slappers with all the players. I'll try to dig the videos and stats asap to post them.
  21. That's a myth ;-) My stats with slappers are around 5%. I made some recording a year ago (don't have idea where all the vids are now, I got many external hard drives) to show how to score and want to elaborate more on this subject. Basicaly it's a matter of right timing and choosing a player with good shooting skills. Surprisingly backhand slappers work pretty well too.