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A new idea for the NHL 2009 rom

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Feeling bummed out that summer is going to be boring? Do you think you're not gonna get some action after the season ends?

Well, I think I got just the thing. I'm planning a roleplaying NHL 2009 tournament based on this year's playoffs! Now, I should keep in touch with TruePensFan and see if he can get a new version of the NHL 2009 rom finished for this tournament to be made.

Rules and details shall come soon.

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Ok, just so we're straight, I'll explain the roleplaying part.

Basically, each coach is gonna choose one of the 16 qualified teams for this season's playoffs. It's not gonna like RPG table games, no videogame RPG, nothing. It's pretty simple. You simply choose which team you want play as in this tournament and try to beat your opponents to see who wins the Stanley Cup. We play the games as we always do.

As for the rules:

- All the rounds shall be on the best of 7 format. 4 wins net you a pass for the next round. 4 losses and it's adios.

- Line changes are allowed.

- 7 minute periods instead of the normal 5. Not too long and not too short. It gives the games a more authentic feel.

- Penalties on, offsides off.

- Remember to play fair and clean. Do it like the pros.

As for when we can begin, we may do so after the playoffs end. This gives you the chance to practice or rest or do whatever you want. I'll set the dates of the games later.

The qualified teams from each conference:

Eastern Conference

Boston (donnybrook)

Montreal (Freydey)

Pittsburgh (CamKneely)

Philadelphia (orangeblack92)

New Jersey (TubaHero)

Carolina (Carse)

Washington (SEBE)

New York Rangers (shaftman)

Western Conference

San Jose (Houlanov)

Anaheim (hokkeefan)

Chicago (me)

Calgary (sardoc)

Vancouver (IQ25)

St. Louis (FPB)

Detroit (jrodimus)

Columbus (feivelclark)

Any questions?

EDIT: Till we're clear on whether Carse or CamKneely chose the Pens, I'll wait till I designate them as normal.

EDIT 2: Since Houlanov seems to be banned and can't speak here, I'll edit the post and put his name with the Sharks.

EDIT 3: Carse with Carolina, CK with Pittsburgh.

EDIT 4: TubaHero takes the Devils, Jrodimus has Detroit and shaftman has the Rangers. 3 teams left for the Western Conference.

EDIT 5: IQ takes Vancouver. 2 teams to go.

Edit 6: hokkee and feivelclark take the last 2 teams. With this, the teams are not set! I'll do the brackets now.

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Yeah, anyone participating in this tourney will choose which of the playoffs team he wants to play as and go for winning the cup. What you said is a textbook example of what's it about.

Of course, I'll set an apropiate date once the Stanley Cup playoffs are over.

Edited by RedWingDevil
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I'll be the Chicago Blackhawks for this one. :D

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why do i have to be the slimy ducks?

He just mentioned an example, jay. :lol: You can still choose.

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thats fun and short, hopefully u can get 16 guys, i would like to be montreal, if not, il take the canes

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sorry i was logged in on the wrong name, that is Carse as the Pens, I didnt notice i was signed in as voc

Nice try. The IPs will lead me to truth and justice.

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I'll be using team post to ID the guys using the teams thus far.

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Ok, from my understanding, Carse will have Carolina and Cam will have Pittsburgh. You'll be checked now.

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Gimmie Detroit

no weight bug in this rom, correct?

As far as I know, there is no weight bug in the 2009 ROM. I'll check again with TruePensFan, just to be safe.

Only 3 teams left, all from the Western Conference. Better take them while you still can!

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I have a slight idea, to make this a long tournament for everybody why don't we have place matchups for the losers of each round, so they have something to play for or if they just want to play longer?

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