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hi everybody, wanted to give 93 some love. I was able to make some changes to wboy's nhlpa 93 30 team rom, you can now edit the ron barr picture, the in game timer logo, and the hockey night logo, still trying to hack the nhlpa drop down logo. check out the pics.

NHLPA 14_000.bmpNHLPA 14_002.bmpNHLPA 14_001.bmp

ips patch NHLPA 93 - 30 Team Extra Graphics.zip use spatch to apply to your rom

I have also changed the cup sprites and made a bench side judge hack

92 cup sprites

NHLPA 93-92cup_000.bmp

94 cup sprites

NHLPA 93-94cup_000.bmp

bench side judge hack

NHLPA 14_003.bmpNHLPA 14_004.bmpNHLPA 14_005.bmp

I will make an ips patch for these soon

here are some other hacks

Add the last 2 teams into the playoffs, wboy NHLPA 93 DEFAULT ROM ONLY HAS 28 TEAMS FOR PLAYOFFS, TO GET 30 TEAMS

goto 00014492 and change 001B to 001D

goto 00014498 and change 741B to 741D

goto 00013BAC and change 781C to 781E

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93 is getting lots of love.

Thanks Slapshot.

I am working on 3 93 Roms

for 91, using the rosters and ratings for The Original NHL Hockey (92)

for 74, using your your template for ratings.

for 67, using your template for ratings.

Any chance you can remove the NHLPA thing on the playoff page and replace it with the Cup like in '94?

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Any chance you can remove the NHLPA thing on the playoff page and replace it with the Cup like in '94?

hopefully I can figure that out, it is a little different from the other graphics

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pretty cool. thanks.

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I used lunar IPS. I opened up your patch, clicked on it, and it said "select file to patch". I then selected the NHLPA 93 rom from the 93 website. It then said "file patch successful!" or something like that.

I went to open the game...black screen. What am I doing wrong?

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You are amazing.

Love the Stanley Cup on the playoff page.

2 Splash screens is awesome!

Amazing, amazing work.

Will you be posting tutorials on how to edit the second splash screen and hopefully a patch to have the real cup on the playoff page.

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Awesome job as always Slapshot.

This is just amazing.

Can you post or PM me a tutorial on how to:

#1 Add individualized Center Ice logos.

#2 Add the Stanley Cup to the playoff brackets.

I want to do this to some of my historical roms.


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Concerning the matter and factor on editing this ROM for those of you that handle extensive Palette Editing, as I have done with '94, up to now.

I feel that this truly does require to be brought to the attention of the developers because it is kind of an important topic of discussion.

Aside from the usual palettes that require editing in it, the palette that is used for the Hockey Arena will have to be done in HivePal, if you are using the current build of NHLPA Hockey '93: Thirty Team ROM, it is not possible to edit it in NOSE to my knowledge.

I presume that in NOSE, when you edit the palette for the arena, the offset that it is presumably edited is the one that was used in the original ROM of '93, rather than the new offset that is used for it in this one; another revision of NOSE will have to be made to compensate for this trouble, I am positive, so wishfully, this is handled with soon to assure that the basics are able to be completely edited.

In the meanwhile, I will have to look for the offsets in HivePal and make them available in the How To section to assure that you folks will be able to edit the menu and arena palettes without having troubles or lack of knowledge on what to modify.

Doing that for the Thirty Team ROM for '94 was a cakewalk, so I don't think that I will have a trouble doing this for '93 as well; in the event that my notes result in finding duplicate palettes, then I will mention the such accordingly in the thread.

Hoping this helps out anybody who is working on ROM hacks using this particular one, this had caught me off guard when I had first noticed it.

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I updated and fixed a few things, side judges, coaches, team center ice logos, penalty box layout fix, socks fix, nets, and trapezoids.

attachicon.gifHOCKEY 2015.zip

and here is some info on how to edit.


Has anyone made a complete version of this, with the rosters/stats and everything?

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