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EA Hockey, NTSC-J cart.

Since I don't own a Mega Drive or an adapter, yet, I'm unable to find out if there are any differences between other regions.

I did look around to see if there was a ROM dump of this cart, but I wasn't able to find one.


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For some reason I was thinking that I couldn't test the game because the cart slot for the Mega Drive and Genesis are different, and that they have to be disassembled or modded to be played. But it's actually the Super Famicom and SNES that have different sized cart slots on the consoles. I have a SFC, and should know better.

Region lockout with Mega Drive games didn't begin until around '93, I think, but I'm not sure if that applies to EA carts.

So, let's see if they're compatible, or if the game is locked out and won't go past the Sega-license screen.


The weather made it worth lugging the HTPC outside. Had to go back in once I remembered how massive the AC adapter is for the

Genesis, and I needed to grab a power strip.


Brought NHL Hockey along to compare, and I couldn't find my PAL, EA Hockey cart.


Haven't played on this since I did the component RGB comparison in 2011.


Twins; should fit fine. The standard size cart with the tan PCB and gold pins is Sensible Soccer, European Champions.


Just wanted to hear the intro tunes and see the menu before I try to do any comparisons.




Moment of truth.


Nice. Looks and sounds the same as the PAL version.


Everything looks normal. Wait, what? Member change?


In case you're wondering, there are no special or different teams between the PAL and NTSC-J version. That means no extra Japanese team, which I was hoping to see.


Good lord. Poland is so boned.

In the PAL version of the match-up screen it has Goalie instead of Keeper.


Since the game doesn't show who scored or assisted, the time after a goal till a center-ice faceoff is really quick, and I couldn't get

pics of the first two goals, but both of them were slappers.


Neutral no more. Taking this pic cost me the scrap.


And this one.


A Winrar is you, Polka peoples!


The PAL version has Stats instead of Status.

I'll update the post if I find any more differences worth noting, but EA Hockey is still as fun as it's always been.


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cool stuff. I love that game. it plays a lot better than '93. I prefer it over Genesis '94. everybody should give this thing a chance.

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Awesome...I think I fell into a 5 minute daydream looking at the first pic. Cool summer breezes, nice drinks, good friends, Genesis...that room! :eyes_droped:

His house's "outside" is nicer than mine's inside :(
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On 8/25/2014 at 11:10 PM, smozoma said:

His house's "outside" is nicer than mine's inside :(

My inside might be "outside", soon. I lost that house and pretty much my whole family. Life can turn on a dime. 

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1 hour ago, clockwise said:

My inside might be "outside", soon. I lost that house and pretty much my whole family. Life can turn on a dime. 

:( Very sorry to hear this bud, that's rough.  Hope you make it out to Vegas in September for KO94 II, your Guinness is on me.

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Thanks all. Probably shouldn't have posted that, but you do things like that when bad things happen. 

10 hours ago, skip said:

That's the Euro version. Maybe there is a dump of the Japanese version, but I've never played it on an emulator. 

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