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Et Tu Brute Deuce - Season Ends December 3rd


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OK, SEASON ENDS 12/3 at 10 AM central.  There will be no extensions.  It was slated for 12/1, but as season ending on a Monday morning is tradition on my leagues, I'm setting it for 12/3.

ANY GAMES NOT LOADED PRIOR to this time will not count.

You need 31 games or MORE to qualify for playoff eligibility.

@corbettkb & @aqualizard & @MikeGartner22 have all 42 games played. Thank you for being great buds.

@skip has played 38 games, and only needs his 4 games vs @kylewat

@AtomicRaven has 36 games, and only needs @kylewat , @IceStorm70 & @dcicon5148 to finish his season.

@flatcrusher  is playoff eligible at 36 games, and only needs @chaos @IceStorm70  @dcicon5148

@spaceGhost9 has 31 games and is playoff eligible, needing @IceStorm70 & @dcicon5148 & @chaos & @jackandjose to finish his season.

The following coaches are CLOSE to being playoff eligible.

@jer_33 sits at 30 games, and needs 1 game to get in.   @Lupz27 @angryjay93 @dcicon5148@chaos  @chefsuperstar88  currently holding this bud back from playoff contention.

@jackandjose is CLOSE at 28 games.  He needs 3 more games to get in.  @spaceGhost9  @Brutus  @IceStorm70  @chaos  are all keeping J&J OUT.

@Lupz27 is pretty far away but next closest to getting in at 26 games. 

I've frequently seen BOTH @kylewat & @angryjay93 on discord trying to get games, however they both are still not playoff eligible at 20 & 24 games played, respectively. 
At this point in the season, it might be best to try to PM each other in the forum, or I will post a SCHEDULE games thread as well.

The following coaches are not looking good to qualify & are set for the WALK OF SHAME:
@jer_33 30 games played.
@jackandjose  28 games played.
@Lupz27  26 games played.
@Brutus  24 games played.
@angryjay93  24 games played.
@kylewat  20 games played.
@IceStorm7013 games played.
@dcicon5148 12 games played.
@chaos19 games played.
@chefsuperstar88 23 games played.

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