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Welcome to NCAA 2021 News Feed!!!

Ill be using this post to provide updates on the NCAA 2021 Rom (NHL95) as I move along. If there is anything you would like to see or be included let me know. Inspired by @segathon

Here is a little taste.



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22 minutes ago, UltraMagnus said:

More progress!!!! All teams banners completed. Next step, complete the the remaining jerseys (12 teams) and than the rest will be really fast (calendar, trophies, and some text)

Anyone ready for some NCAA!!!!



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This is looking awesome, @UltraMagnus! Great work! Is that a North Dakota State logo I see in there, though? Did you intend for that to be the University of North Dakota? Any chance you could post a listing of the teams you've put in the ROM? Here's what I've been able to decipher; I don't have so much as a guess for 2 of them:

  • Arizona State

  • Nebraska-Omaha

  • Western Michigan

  • Miami (Ohio)

  • Colorado College

  • Denver University

  • Alaska Anchorage

  • Maine

  • Penn St.

  • Bemidji (?)

  • Univ. of Minnesota

  • Minnesota St. - Mankato

  • Providence College

  • UMass

  • UMass Lowell

  • Boston College

  • Boston Univ.

  • Cornell

  • Harvard

  • Michigan

  • Quinnipiac

  • Air Force

  • St. Cloud

  • Princeton or RIT?

  • Wisconsin?

  • Michigan Tech

  • Notre Dame

  • Ohio State

  • Northern Michigan?

  • Minnesota Duluth

  • Yale

  • North Dakota State (should be University of North Dakota)

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  • Jerseys - completed
  • Logos on Ice - completed
  • Player Cards - completed
  • Banners - completed
  • Trophy Names - completed....Hobey Baker....
  • Team Logos - completed
  • Main Screen -  completed
  • Last step is to update the rosters (completed Western Michigan, and Denver University). Don't want NHL players on the rosters, haha. 

Any input would be great.


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A huge thank you to @Jkline3 for the Banner options and roster details (MAAAAASSSIVE help), @wboy for NOSE, @kingraph for the mapping, @smozoma for Ditherer program. This game has provided an apprciation for each one of you and the impact you had on this game.

NCAA 21' is here dawning NHL95!!!

There are 2 options (One with traditional banners and the other with the new and improved).

Let me know what you think regardless.

NCAA'21(95)Alternative Banners.bin NCAA'21(95).bin

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This is really cool!  I'm having some stability issues (haven't made it through a game yet), but this is my first time using RetroArch and I'm on a Mac, so who knows what the issue is.  As a UMass fan, I can't wait to see your "cover" for NCAA22!!  I should learn how to work on the game so I can help with UMass's roster.

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