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  1. awesome to here...maybe you'll join us online. where do you reside?
  2. enjoy your time around here! if you want to play online...follow the steps in this link. https://nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php and I recommend you join the discord as well. great place to ask for help if needed (the discord link is inside the one i posted)
  3. welcome to the forums! (and i saw you joined the discord also).
  4. Thank you again on behalf of the community. I’ve shared it on the nhl’94 twitter account and in the nhl’94 Facebook group.
  5. Welcome to the site! Saw that you joined classic league. Good luck this season!
  6. Thanks again for this rom. @BigValboskiand I are running a short tournament online. We’re close to being done the round robin and there’s been 6 OT games already!
  7. halifax

    2021 KHL

    Thank you @Jkline3for continuing to make roms like this for the community.
  8. Almost forgot about this. Congrats to @UltraMagnus for winning bud of the year! And best league organize and rom creator. Shoutout to @SammieSmith33 for winning best online streamer!
  9. 2021 has seen massive growth in online play. 30+ leagues and tournaments were completed online in the past 12 months. We've come a long way from having 1 o 2 leagues a year. I'd like to thank everyone for their nominations for different categories as I decide to try something different for one year and add a few new categories. 1. Bud of the year. To the person who’s done more for the community in the last 12 months than any other. 2. Best entertaining bud. The one who provided the best entertainment streaming online 3. Best Rom/ Rom creator. The one who made the best rom for the community in the past 12 months. 4. Best League/ tournament and organizer. The most well run/funnest league/event in the last 12 months they put together. Voting closes December 31st! Previous Winners 2009 - @smozoma (1) 2010 - @smozoma (2) 2011 - @smozoma (3) and @dan_lizhot 2012 - @smozoma (4) and @DaDonch44 2013 - @kingraph 2014 - @chaos (1) 2015 - @McMikey 2016 - @angryjay93 2017 - @slapshot67 2018 - @chaos (2) 2019 - @chaos (3) 2020 - @smozoma (5)
  10. Welcome to the community and thanks for posing your question. The games that get hacked here are sports games for sega genesis and snes. (mostly hockey) While it possible there may be someone here who can help, I would think it's highly unlikely based on your request. I don't have any legitimate suggestions of where you should go for this info. Maybe try here? -> https://www.nintendoforums.com/forums/nes.29/
  11. The Soviet national anthem for opening music!
  12. I thought this year you guys could nominate a bud of the year for some different categories. List who they are and what they did. 1. Bud of the year. To the person who’s done more for the community in the last 12 months than any other. 2. Best entertaining bud. The one who provided the best entertainment streaming online 3. Best Rom/ Rom creator. The one who made the best rom for the community in the past 12 months. 4. Best League/ tournament and organizer. The most well run/funnest league/event in the last 12 months they put together. I’ll leave nominations open until December 10th. Then I’ll set up voting after. thanks!
  13. Thanks for doing this. I Put it on twitter and the Facebook group
  14. Anyone ever use this site to put nhl’94 roms on their sega mini or snes mini console? https://hakchi.net/
  15. The NHL'94 world championship is back for another year and we'll be doing it again online! Register here by Nov.26th -> https://bit.ly/3Fbz8VB Never played in it before? This video can provide guidance -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wkoa_we6zFY
  16. Register HERE For those of you who have registered on the NHL94Online site before, then registration will be easy. You just need to choose "Yes" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?", type in your site user name and password (NOTE: This is different than your forum password and user name, unless you made it the same), and choose the league you will be joining (right now, you can select Genesis or SNES). Then, hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. It's that easy. For those of you who have not registered on the NHL94Online site before, then there is a little more info needed to complete registration. You need to choose "No" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?" and enter a user name and password (it's common to use the same user name as your forum name or Discord user name). You will also be asked to fill out some more information about yourself (email, location, timezone, Discord user name, system preference). Then choose the league you will be joining (GENS or SNES). Then hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. You will then need to play a test game to make sure your connection is set up properly. This does not affect your place on the waiting list, but you cannot play in the league without playing the test game. If you have played in other online leagues before, you are technically confirmed already. Please contact me via Discord post in this thread and I will change you to Confirmed status. Registration deadline will be Saturday, Oct. 9th. That weekend, we will hold a Team Selection Draft. The draft order will be randomized. After the draft is completed for each league, the schedules will be released and the league will begin. If everything goes smoothly, the league will start the following week after the draft. Schedules may be posted before that time, which means you can start playing, but officially the league would start on that Monday. Stay tuned on Discord leading up to October 9th for more information on the Team Selection Draft. NOTE: This season, we will be using RetroArch version 1.8.8 for playing online games. Everyone who is playing in the league needs to make sure they have this set up. I suggest everyone play a test game to make sure it is working. Some of you already have experienced Netplay via RetroArch, so please help the others who have yet to try it out. While the relay server (previously used over the last year) has become unreliable connection-wise, I suggest learning how to set up direct connect (IP reservation and port forwarding on your router). Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions/problems! (either via email, or Discord). For more info on setting up direct connect using IP reservation and port forwarding, please check out this guide. Note: If you are having trouble/issues with setting up direct connect, please post in the #help channel on Discord. I would suggest giving it a shot yourself first, before requesting help, so at least you will be familiar with certain things when those helping are asking you questions. There may also be situations where you cannot do port forwarding on your router (don't have access to it, ISP prevents it, etc). This will be handled on a case by case basis. LEAGUE INFO The season is 40 games. There will be no limit on registration this season; as long as you register and played a successful test game, you will play. We will divide the registrants up into different League Levels based on skill and experience in online leagues. The different League Levels will be decided after registration is over. If you register after the registration period is over, you will be placed on the Waiting List for the league. Don't worry if you end up on the Waiting List, there is a strong chance you will end up taking over a team during the season! 40 game leagues will have the same 8 games/wk checkpoints as the past few seasons. You CAN NOT sign up for multiple league levels (i.e. GENS and SNES). Only those who are reliable will be allowed to do so, at the discretion of us admins. This will allow you to concentrate on one league. For those coaches that are new, I suggest practicing and becoming familiar with a few teams. This way, you will have multiple teams on your "Draft Board" to select from during the Team Selection Draft. Note, there will not be more than 14 teams in a league level, so with at most 14 teams drafting, you will have a good shot at a Tier A or B team. You can contact any veteran coach to play some exhibition games, or practice against the computer. You must join our Discord Server (link at end of post). Whenever you are available, you can post in the #testgame channel on the server and request a test game, or use the #exhibition-games channel for practice. INFORMATION FOR NEW GUYS Read This - Guide for New Members If you are new to the league, welcome! We are a big friendly community here, and there are a number of guys who are always around willing to help the new guys out. First things first, you need to register for NHL94.com (this site), as well as on the nhl94online.com site (registration link at the beginning of this post). It is also required to have a Discord screen name, since that is the main method of communication for scheduling games. Once you are registered, the next step is to set up a test game. You can use the forum links below and post your availability. You can also post on the Discord server, in the #test-games channel and request a game (this is recommended, since there are more active users checking in on Discord). One of the veterans will send you a PM or a message on Discord (or feel free to add some veterans onto your Discord Friend List and message them yourselves). A test game needs to be played in order to make sure your emulator/network settings are correct. Once the test game is played, the veteran will confirm you on the nhl94online site. Once this is done, you are set until the season starts. A few days before the season starts, usually the day after registration ends, we will be holding a Team Selection Draft to choose teams. The draft will be held in the forums, so please make sure you register! An email will be sent out to all registrants before the draft, so it is important to register using an email you commonly check (also check your Spam or Junk folder). Once teams are selected, the schedules will be put up on the site and you can start playing your games. There will be another post announcing the start of the season, with information on how to log games, contact other coaches, and how to make the playoffs. Also, keep an eye on the Discord, as information is usually posted there first. Everything you need to play can be downloaded in one package from the nhl94online.com site. On the main page of the site, the Downloads section is located bottom right. This contains the ROMs used for the league, along with the emulator cores and the current RetroArch frontend. Discord Server (You can register for a new account via the link) - NHL '94 Server Getting Started Online - RetroArch setup and link to Netplay Guide- Getting Started Rules - Rules Genesis Test Games - Post Here or #test-games on Discord SNES Test Games - Post Here or #test-games on Discord View the Waiting List here
  17. yes. still the best post ive ever read. legendary:)
  18. Thanks again for doing this @Sauce! Got er out there on social media.
  19. From what I know. Fightcade was explored by a few people in this community but my understanding was that it didn’t provide a better experience for 94. Maybe it’s changed in the last 12 months and worth revisiting.
  20. Instead of running another league, I thought I'd try something different. I'm hoping to have this as a one night tournament concept on a weekly basis. Perhaps eventually thursday nights when @smozoma is streaming so he could use this as a back up plan if he has nothing else to stream. How will the format work? 1. A minimum of 4 players to start a tournament with a maximum of 7. 2. Players will draft a team, starting with the Nick Sanza division teams only, and the lowest seed drafting first. Lowest seed to be determined initially by lowest online league win percentage. Team ratings available here for reference - > https://snwha.webs.com/teamratings.htm 3. Players will play the round robin and a modified bracket elimination format as scheduled here -> https://bit.ly/2VqoxEP 4. The winner of the tournament will move on the Avco Cup tournament. 5. The remaining players and one new player will draft teams from the andy Brown Division and play another tournament with the same format. The draft will be the lowest finisher from the previous tournament drafting first and so on down the list. The new player will draft last. 6. After the Division tournaments, the 4 champions will play for the Avoc Cup in 3 game round robin with a modified bracket format, using the teams they used to win their respective divisional tournaments. The winner on this will be the Avco Cup champion! Rom-> SNWHA-2021.smc Game settings 5 minutes periods LIne CHANGES ON Penalties OFF
  21. I’m in for A league or wherever I’m needed.
  22. Tom Kurvers - June 21, 2021 - New York Islanders #28, Rating - 59. https://www.nhl.com/news/minnesota-wild-assistant-general-manager-tom-kurvers-dies-at-58/c-325412304 Kurvers finished his career with 93 goals and 328 assists in 659 games. He played on several teams before his career ended. Canadiens, Islanders, Maple Leafs, Canucks, Sabes, Mighty Ducks and Devils.
  23. Dale Hawerchuk - August 18, 2020 - Buffalo Sabres #10, Rating - 74. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/news/sabres-mourn-loss-of-hall-of-famer-dale-hawerchuk/c-318596248 Hawerchuk is a Hall of famer, Scoring 500+ goals and collecting 1400+ points! Don't you dare take him off your starting lineup!
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