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sign up below!

YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR AIM NAME (we use AIM to coordinate games)

YOU MUST CONFIGURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE FORUM. I will eventually contact you through the forum's private messaging (PM) system, and this will send you an email notification. If you don't respond to my forum PM, you'll miss your chance to get a team.

Read this to find out more about the Blitz 94 League

The Blitz league has 24 teams, so whenever someone drops out, I'll replace them using this waiting list.

I will have a "farm league" for coaches on the waiting list! It will start soon after the "A"/"B" leagues. If I need replacement coaches in the A/B leagues during the season, they will be drawn from the farm league.

Please expect a message from me through the forum private message system. I may have questions, like what team you want, before I can insert you in the Farm league where you can begin your rise to NHL94 fame...

(There's no more Farm League because I never end up running it and don't want to get your hopes up that I'll ever run it again..)

Active Queue

(if you sign up now, you'll be added here)

  1. weiskg (weis) -- never visits the forums? will be considered as a B midseason replacement, but not new season (pre-draft) replacement.
  2. orangeblack92 ( orangeblack92)
  3. WhalersNHL (Josh)
  4. Plabax
  5. Mike Alonzi (Alonzi41)
  6. Flamingpavelbure (The Russian Rocket)
  7. NHL94shaftman (shaftman)
  8. Fiddy14-hotmail-com ( Fiddy ) - was interested, but didn't respond soon enough
  9. mtspelblogg@gmail.com (MrSandman) - too busy when asked

* currently being invited to take over teams

Desperation Queue

(people who've not accepted previous invitations -- will be removed next time)

  1. JakeTuominen ( TMLTuominen ) (no reply)
  2. killbotsattack ( 53881 ) (no reply)
  4. matt.douglas-live-ca ( SuperMario ) (no reply)
  5. Kenzokid ( jimroletter ) (no reply)
  6. metzgerism ( metzgerism )
  7. louie4teen ( Louie14 )
  8. monkeyjuice1702 ( newjerseykiller )
  9. bartdogg42 ( bartdogg42 )
  10. benszy97 ( BenLittle )
  11. OffsideNHL94 ( Offside94 )
  12. STAN1SH ( STAN1SH )
  13. flasox24 ( flasox24 )
  14. feivelclark ( feivelclark )
  15. Fitzo87 ( Fitzovich )
  16. bastovskij1 ( Bastovskij )
  17. logantessier@gmail.com ( LoganT )
  18. CrazyLazyB0y ( WrabelWrage )
  19. BriGuy9000 ( BriGuy20 )
  20. pavel1294 ( pavel )
  21. finnishflash894 ( finnishflash )

And to give you a sense of hope..

Recent Promotions to A/B!

  1. kedzie92 (da94wookiee) (season 7)
  2. minpind (season 7)
  3. probob38 (season 7)
  4. SicariusFulgur (Sicarius) (T.B season 6)
  5. gretzkyonacold ( LA Robbie ) (DET season 6)
  6. vinniersmith ( kupuck19 ) (QUE season 6)
  7. eggink444 ( eggink444 ) (WPG season 6)
  8. maverickz161-hotmail-com ( mav ) (HFD season 6)
  9. donnybrook94 ( donnybrook94 ) (HFD season 6)
  10. oooraphooo (kingraph) (ANH Season 6)
  11. Sebe82 (Season 6)
  12. xdeathsbloodx (Season 5)
  13. Terrapin4J (Season 5)
  14. danlizhot2010 (Season 5)
  15. Pearate (Season 5)

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Do some of us get to test some of the rookies?

feel free to contact them and play them if you like, but there isn't any sort of official test game system in blitz (though maybe there should be..).

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speaking of which, smoz is the league still on hiatus or will you start it soon?

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Just found this site late last night - what a place! I'd definitely put my name down on a waiting list, or even in just a farm league to start.

AIM: JakeTuominen

I'd love to test an online game with someone as early as this morning...I'm curious to see where I'm at relative to others. Feel free to add me on AIM and we'll do it up!

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Hey, posting my info here. I started giving ppl my old sn, but I'm gonna use this one:


for NHL. I've been tested by redwing, so I know I'm good to go. Wanna play some NHL11 and 2v2 >_<

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I would be interested in joining.

AIM: matt.douglas@live.ca

I haven't played NHL 94 since the 90s so, I am sure I will need to shake of the rust. I am going to buy a controller some time soon. I haven't firgued out, how to play against other people on the internet yet but, without a controller I am pitfull so, it would be embarrasing anyways. I liked Penguins of the 90s if that team is available :)

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well im on the waiting list for the next gdl. what does that tell you? anyways its not up to you its up to smoz so stop trying to be like him

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