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SDL season 3 coach interest


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Hi every snes fan,

I plan to reduce the number of teams to 12 for the next season and I would like to know what are the coaches still interested in playing in the league ?

List of top 10 coachs played more than 50 games last season :

houly 78 games : confirmed

matticefire 77 games : confirmed

c4outlaws 75 games : confirmed

pondhcky 64 games : confirmed

BoKnowsNHL94 62 games : confirmed

BobKudelski 62 games : confirmed

fank009 : 58 games : confirmed

xot82 55 games : confirmed

mav 53 games : out of the league

Oilers442 52 games : confirmed


Rumcock : confirmed

Salon : confirmed

PlabaxV1.99 : confirmed

jbalicki10 : confirmed

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I am most definitely interested in playing in SDL 3 with the Edmonton Oilers. Edmonton wants the SDL cup!! :)

Also, I just spoke with Houly and he let me know that he would like to play in SDL 3 as well.

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Hey DAN, why am i out of the league?

Probably because you stopped playing at some point. I asked you to play at least 7-8 times after i took over Edmonton and you never answered...

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i dont think its cuz of that dude. everyone on the list including myself has 50 gms played. so again DAN why?

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Mav, your attitude with a lot of coach last season is not acceptable.

For houly, he is a good player and he plays a lot. But it was very disrespectful with other coach in the past. This season, if he make that again, he will be replace without warning.

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