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Pick 2.10 coming up shortly. I've got it on the block if the right combo is available.

Looking for a packaged value. I've also got 3.6 & 3.15, and 5.6 & 6th beyond picks that can be added/removed for the right combo's.

There are 3-4 names I would love to have here, so I'm not moving for the sake of moving. I know a few guys love to low ball around here.

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If you get deep into the draft, and find yourself F&CKED w/out a GOALIE!!!

I've got the 4th rated one in the game on the block.

I prefer to play w/ a good goalie, but on the right deal, can be tempted to play sans goalie.

At this time, I still need a winger & forward, and have 4.14 & 5.11 for the right package on the block if you see your goalie at one of those spots!

AIM or PM me.

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Looking for a mid to late 7th rounder or early 8th rounder to get a player I looking at. I'm willing to move down in the rest of the draft.

late 8th, early 9th and late 10th can be swapped for 7th, 11th & 12th for anyone up now.

pm or aim me

Just be sure to pm or aim me first (-:

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Looking to have some disparity on my starting D's weights. Now have Coffey (9) and Ellet (9) and looking to trade Ellet or even Coffey if the price is right, but that would require some change on the offence then too than just a 1on1 D for D trade.

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Willing to do combo deals too if that's what it takes. In exchange for Reichel, I'm primarily looking for these lefty's Tikkanen, Larmer, or maybe Joe Murphy.

I might be interested. I'll try him out tomorrow, and maybe we can work something out if he works with my lineup.

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We'll give it till Sunday night 12/21 for the trade deadline.

Should give me some time to work on the divisions. Targeting going with freys idea of divisions based on coaches geography

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