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  1. Wonder if someone from EA was just surfing around on here undetected and really pushed for this to happen. Would be a shame if they used somebody's work on here and didn't give them proper credit. I haven't looked to see what the new rewind looks like yet, but I do hope they choose to make it available by itself on the new consoles as a small purchase download option if it's good.
  2. I'm a nobody but I'd love to be included.
  3. it would be cool if they included a season mode or trading option.
  4. Hip hip hooray for @Evan ! Seriously though, this forum is awesome. It's good to know I'm not alone in my obsession with old hockey games. Cheers!
  5. man.. that's nuts! I'm amazed at how long some of those guys can hold their breath for.
  6. PenguinFan1985

    NHL 95

    NHL95PC* is fun to play. @segathon fixed.
  7. A team of NBA players? the 92 dream team or a combination of the original and the more recent one to fill the roster. Comedy TV Show leading Men/Women? Seinfeld, Tim Taylor, Al Bundy.. etc. all character names of course. You have the russian mafia in there... what about an all time Russian All Star team?
  8. @Asher413 what did Ken Wregget ever do to you?
  9. https://www.tsn.ca/tsn-originals/video/tsn-original-the-goat-of-hockey-games~1883180 @aqualizard did you mean this video?
  10. Some cool ideas though... but like @halifax said.. you should try and figure out making these for yourself. A lot of us were right where you are now... not a clue how to start but there's a lot of instructions/help on this site for you to figure it out. Good luck!
  11. @smozoma Do you know if it works with Dosbox?
  12. I've been watching them @halifax. Nice work.
  13. Hello Peeps, Who is the person responsible for doing the Instagram tips lately? Cool idea!
  14. @Kiba can you add the jersey files to the editing & tutorials main page?
  15. @angryjay93 it sounds like it's time to release a NHL94 McIntyre edition.
  16. Here's an update on the rosters for 2019-2020. They're not as biased as before. Enjoy! **Edit - Noticed I had a player duplicated.. took him out. ***2nd Edit - Lines are closer to actual lineups, noticed a couple other players on wrong teams. Make a couple roster changes. ATT.DB KEY.DB TEAMS.DB
  17. I've been working on my own version of this for the past week.. thanks!
  18. @Kiba did you adjust anything for the computers for that video? It looks very aggressive and I never seem to get a good challenge these days. Was it just ratings adjustments?
  19. I originally posted this in a different category back on April 1, 2018. Not sure if anyone really saw it there but since then I've seen some posts about updates and such in the last year or so, this would be a good starting point if someone is thinking about updating for a 2020 version. The All-Star teams are Nashville and Vegas.. Winnipeg is Winnipeg. Keep in mind the stats are pretty biased... Pittsburgh is kinda jacked and I've made the skaters faster than the original game as I prefer it a bit quicker. Just download the attached files, drag them over the original files in your main folder and you should be good to go! If anyone happens to update these roster files to a 2020 version, please share. Have fun! AWAYPALS.BIN CRESTS4 (1).PPV HOMEPALS (1).BIN ATT (1).DB KEY (1).DB TEAMS (1).DB
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